Thursday, December 30, 2010

I am Not a Grown Up

I think this is a fair assessment of my life.

The mustache says - DO IT!

I find Icees to be the end-game of any fight or bad mood.  I love cartoons.  I enjoy goofy tee-shirts.  I have under-roos.  I feel that "nu-uh" is an acceptable rebuttal during a discussion.  I sleep with a teddy bear.  I collect and read comic books.  

But sometimes you have to be an adult, suck it up, and get the job done.

Today was one of those days.

I took Tuesday off to mend from Monday.  Ugh!  

So today I was faced with a choice - go run in a torrential downpour and wind up swimming home - or get on the dreadmill.

The lightening and thunder made my choice for me - and on to the treadmill I hopped.  

But this time - I came prepared.

I wanted to get in at least 2 miles - that was all - I am still having an insane amount of pain down my left hip - so all I wanted to do was a little bit to keep limber and running - and then I could relax with a cookie.

This was my plan.

But today instead of music - I had this:

That's right - I downloaded Twilight: Eclipse and watched Bella Swan complain her way into the hearts of two men.  Both of which are HOT - but one is sinful!

It really helped the time just FLY right past!

In the end my Garmin said I did 2.57 miles in just over 30 minutes with a pace of 11:47/mile.  My run times were pretty quick at 10:26/mile, and I only walked about 0.50 miles of that run. 

Not bad.

I am still worried that maybe my foot pod for the Garmin isn't set right because I find it hard to believe that I am moving that quickly, but then again I did a run last Tuesday outside where my running pace was 11:28/mile.

Meh - I don't know!

I am thinking of taking tomorrow off again - but also thinking of bathing in Tiger Balm - I bet it will help me smell all sexy for The Boy!  


Go team go - DO IT! 

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Monday Mayhem

This past weekend was Christmas!  And I made out like a bandit!!!!

A new garden gnome - AGGIE Style!  WHOOPP!
 Some fabulous jewelry from my brother and his family - 13.1!!!

 My eldest dog celebrating in the paper - and PEZ!!!
 Angel earrings, Zumba on the Wii, Under Armour

Not pictured - cashmere scarf; pink, flannel, monogrammed pjs; a picture book of the kids; a Bazinga shirt from Kat; a gift certificate to from Laura; some of my favorite root beer and BBQ rub and sauce from The Shed, along with a pink cooler and gloves from Lee; and from The Boy some magnets and blinky flashing things to keep me safe on my dark runs!  

Like a bandit I tell ya!!!

Midnight mass was awesome and Christmas Day dinner was even better - The Boy joined the family and after we all played a family card game called Pitch - and when Kat showed up she took Dad's spot until it was time to hit the pub.

But that was the weekend - I digress

Monday - I ran

I ran HARD

And now I am limpy again.

But I did 3.52 miles in 40:02.  So I kept an overall pace of 11:22/mile, which includes my walk breaks - seriously I think my Garmin is broke!

I ran 2.98 of those miles with an overall pace of 10:34/mile and walked the rest.  Truly mind blowing.

I honestly think my Garmin is on the fritz.  

But hey - whatever - as a Christmas weekend - the whole damn thing ROCKED!

other than the ooky pain

Oh well -

Go team go - yeee hawww!

Also - just in case anyone was wondering - Ladies and Gentlemen - I give you The Boy:

Home for the Holidays!

Sorry for the delay in posting, but I have been sidetracked with sugar cookies and presents!

The last time we talked it was Tuesday, December 21 and I had gotten up early to go for a short run.

It was a hard run, I felt sluggish and ugh-gy.  Just overall a nasty morning.  My joints felt pretty ok, but my muscles were screaming.  I did have my new racers on - but I think my muscles are just rebelling on principle.

But then I FINALLY uploaded my Garmin and found something awesome out!  I only ran 1.88 miles - meh - not too bad.  My average pace was only 15:35/mile overall - but my running pace was ridiculous



Ok - so it was only 1.36 miles at that pace with some insanely slow walk breaks in between - but damn!

The rest of the day was spent driving to Port Aransas for a meeting, having the meeting, and driving back.  Ugh!  Wednesday was a busy day with closing up a few projects at work and taking the terrible twosome up to Houston for the Christmas season.

Thursday was my return to running.

That's right - a comic book, a gun book, an iPhone and some water - I'm in Heaven!

Except I really wasn't!

I was only able to run just over a mile on Thursday.  Everything hurt - my calves, my ankles, my freakin HIP, even my left glute was cranky.  Holy hell!

But I finished the mile was an overall pace of 13:24/mile and I had to take a couple of walking breaks.  So still pretty quick - even in the pain!


And then I limped around the house for a while.  

I decided to take my Saturday run off in order to try and heal up whatever is causing me this amount of pain.  I also decided to take the advice of EVERYONE and stop wearing stilettos.


But I went shopping with The Boy and found a cute pair of black flats so that I can still wear cute shoes and not be damaging my muscles.  Who knew that in my closet of over 150 pairs of shoes I wouldn't have a single pair of flats!  WTF!

But I do now!

Go team go - new shoes!


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pain Stocks

This just in - the stock levels have my body have been updated:

Joint pain - is at an all time low
Muscle Tightness - has crept up through the margin and is peaking

Just a very short post to say that I woke my lazy butt up at 5:30 and went for a run!  I was supposed to get up at 5:00am, but the dogs just wouldn't let me out of bed - those bums!

But I did manage to pull myself out of bed around 5:30, dress for a run, and go out for it.

It was not the best I have ever done.  I felt all slow and ooky.

Most likely due to the fact that it was INSANELY EARLY!

Regardless, I went to the end of the neighborhood and back - so roughly 2 miles.  I will upload my Garmin once I get home tonight.

The moon was out all shiny and big and some homes still had their Christmas lights up - so it was a pleasant enough looking run - but just ugly leg wise.

I took a few more walking breaks that I am used to and I don't know if that is because my muscles are still tight from my run on Monday or because it was freakin' early.

Anyway - now I get to go work a 14 hour day.

Go team go - whhhheeeeee-haaaaaa

Monday, December 20, 2010

Racing Monday!

I had a fabulous weekend visiting with my friend Lee, but I didn't run once in the entire visit!

He headed back to Mississippi this morning while I headed into the office.

I worked hard, but in the back of my head was the fact that my new pink racers were waiting for me at the house.  I just wanted to go home and pull them on and take off like Speedy Gonzales!

But instead - I had to go to the dentist and then even visited a European Wax Center during lunch.  Talk about a fun-filled day!  There is nothing like having someone stare down your mouth while yanking sharp, metal objects in-between your teeth followed by hot wax on your legs and hoo-haa. 

But I came home from work with clean teeth and smooth skin!

I KT taped my left ankle, grabbed my iPod, pulled on my new shoes and jumped for joy!

While in the store on Saturday, Kim gave me some tips on improving my gait.  She suggested that I needed to do drills everyday - high knees, butt kicks, and donkey kicks.  This will improve muscle memory and might help with my stride.

So as I was waiting for the Garmin to download the satellites, I did a few high knees and butt kicks.  

My Garmin was ready - and so was I!

Off I went - zoom!

And then I hurled to a stop.

The neighbor's adorable black lab puppy, Chloe, and her border collie, Lucy, came charging over to greet me.  They were called home, but when I tried to start back running again - they followed me - jumping around and goofing.  

Finally - they went home and I stopped laughing and got on my way.

I felt pretty quick - but that could have just been in my brain.

I headed down to the main street, turned right, and began the loop back home.  

Around 1.5 miles in I felt some pain in my left ankle, and my right calf was very tight.  But other than that - it was a 

wait for iiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttt:


No joke - I'm back baby!  I may still be maddeningly slow - but I am back with minimal pain!  

In the end I completed 2.44 miles in only 32:08 minutes.  My average pace was 13:09/mile - including my walk times.  I ran a total of 2.16 miles of those 2.44, with an average moving pace of 12:04/mile.  

I went almost a 0.10 mile further than Thursday's run - and did it in nearly 2:30 faster!  My average moving pace overall was roughly 0:30 fast - which is pretty good.  But somehow - I ran faster on Thursday while I was in more pain???

However - that was a full 0.5 miles shorter on Thursday - so maybe that is why I was 30 seconds faster on average during my run times.

Regardless - I am soooo happy!

And now - resting with the dogs and some graphic novels (ok - really just comic books - but had to be all fancy!)

Oh and dig my new purse!


Sloth - it is a deadly sin!

This weekend was a change of pace for me - a very old friend of mine came for a visit.  

Lee and I met roughly 7 years ago when I first was hired on at the NOAA Pascagoula Lab.  Now, he rents my house and has even offered to BUY IT - taking it off my hands entirely (YAY - thank you Lee!)

Lee in a shark cage - bad Lee!

But since I have moved back home to Texas there hasn't been a chance for a visit.

Until this last weekend!

Lee drove over and met me on Friday afternoon.  I left work and met him at the house and then we headed out for EPIC Mexican food - FTW!

But the best part about Friday was that he and I stayed up and chatted until past midnight - catching up on everything that has been going on in our worlds.  Even better - we did early Christmas!

He brought me a six-pack of Abita Root Beer (my favorite), The Shed rub and sauce (oh how I have missed you!), some perfect pink gloves, mini liquor bottles, and a single bottle of Southern Pecan.  All things I have missed since moving back home to Texas!  

What a great early Christmas!

Saturday was burgers and then spending time at Moody Gardens.  We roamed the Aquarium and watch Toy Story 3 in IMAX 3D - Fabulous!

A wolf eel saying howdy, nurse shark lounging, , a rockhopper penguin turboing past the glass, a mother and child seal playing, and a cownose ray zipping by.

Also on Saturday was a dinner of sushi!  WHAT!

 Asian pear sake and the most amazing asparagus roll I have ever had.

 The rest of the debauchery!

We sat next to a lovely couple who told us about the sushi chef's "Jet Fuel."  

No joke.

Apparently it is a VASTLY potent sake.  

We tried it - and while it tasted fruity it has a gasoline afterburn.  


But the best part about Saturday - TA DA!!!

My new Newton Racers 

I have graduated from my training shoe Newtons into the racers - I am giddy with excitement!!!!  Plus - PINK for the upcoming Disney Princess Half!  


And Sunday was a very lazy day - it started with brunch at the country club and then we watched the Texans stink it up.

Chocolate chip, Texas shaped waffle and mimosa - best way to start the day!

While the game was on, I worked on some pending projects for work, and the dog pulled out a Double Elvis:

Thank y' vera' much

Our visit ended with the Festival of Lights at Moody Gardens:


Go team go - good to see you Lee!

Painful Run - Part Two!

Last Wednesday I went for a run - and it sucked!  I ran just under 1.4 miles and hated almost every second of the run.

And as painful as it was - I decided to try again the following day - because why not!

I put KT tape on my left ankle, a brace on my right ankle, pulled on my Newtons - and left the house.

How's that for awesomeness??!!

I wound up limping and cussing somewhere around 1.5 miles.  I was so angry at myself - ugh!!!!

But I did learn that I cannot run in a brace anymore.  They are too thick and pinch in the shoe - KT tape is the only way to go!  That and tequila.

Just kidding.

But in the end I ran for 34:24 and made it a total of 2.36 miles with an average pace of 14:36/mile.  My runs were fairly quick with an average 11:28/mile - but my walk were crazy slow due to the limping.

And this is how I looked when I got home -

Ick - another crappy run

But another run completed so - meh

Go team go - where's the Aleve??

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Son of a . . .

I think it is time to have another session of Things I Have Learned

  1. If it hurts when you walk, it will scream when you run
  2. Do not run after eating a hot dog and pistachios
  3. If your skirt it too big when you walk, you will show your undies when running
  4. Sometimes The Boy is right - but never tell him that
  5. Cussing and crying while sprinting is not the best way to run down the street in the dark

Everything hurts.  My left hip - which seems to be the IT Band - is flaring.  My left ankle is swollen and achy, and my right foot hurts down the side and across the top.

Sooo - in summary - todays run sucked big time.

Exhibit A:  me upon my return from running

Exhibit B: my plan for the rest of the night

But the interesting part is that when you break down the run pace versus the walking pace - I ran 1.38 miles with an average pace of 10:53/mile and walked the rest.  That is a pretty good pace for me!  

So maybe I run better injured????

Go team go - . . . bitch

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Philosophical Insight Into Me

I was tagged recently in Ronda's blog to answer questions in a "who are you and why are you reading my blog" post.  If you guys haven't stopped by her blog - please do so now.  WAIT!

Be sure to come back though!

I have never met her, but I will say that she inspires me in my running and training even from her home in Oregon.  It is my hope that as we are both running the Disney Princess Half in February we can bump into each other and then my blog buddy might become a "real" buddy.

Well - here are her questions -

1.  Who inspires you with regard to running?
I would say that my Mom is inspirational. She has always been a runner for as far back as I can remember.  Mom has supported me in my endeavors throughout my life, but mostly I have watched her in her trials.  She is fierce!  A lady that cannot sit still, that pushed past her comfort zone, and reaches new levels daily.  Mom's drive and ambition is such a force in my own life.  I owe her so much - including thanks for getting up insanely early to join me in some races this past year.  

2.  Running with music? Running without music? 
WITH!  No doubt about it.  I don't want to hear me breathing, I don't want to hear you talking - I just want to zone out and run.  My music helps keep me motivated and moving down the road. I need beats - but I also need lyrics that I can sing to - and trust me I sing as I run down the road.  Sad - I know!

3.  Do you have any fantasy race/event that you are longing to participate in someday?

I am doing it!  I am registered and preparing to run in the Disney Princess Half Marathon with one of my closest friends.  I never thought that I would EVER be able to run more than a mile - and this last year has been a series of highs and lows with regard to my running.  But the one thing that I have been looking forward to since last December has been going to Orlando and running in the Disney Princess Half.  I plan on dressing up, snapping pictures with Goofy, and crying with joy as I cross the finish line.  Dreams really do come true!

4.  Think back to grade school ... who was your celebrity crush?

My crush ever since I was a young adult was/is John Cusack.  I wavered a bit here and between Val Kilmer, Corey Feldman (shut up), and River Phoenix - but my adoration of John Cusack has always remained!  I have adored him even before he serenaded Diane with his boom-box and Peter Gabriel.  He is the ultimate sexy geek - kickboxing, nerdy, slightly awkward, totally adorable!  

5.  You finally meet your grade school celebrity crush .... what do you do? What do you say?

I think I might freeze with joy! And then I would stutter like a crazy person, jump for joy, and probably attack him.  Would licking his face be over the top???  

Hot guy in a bed with a gun and a science mag - be still my heart!

6.  We don't hear about these guys enough .... Pets! Do you have any? Names? Type? Do they sleep in your bed? Are they in the family Christmas card?? 
Awww - do I ever have pets!  I have a 15 year old Siamese cat named Soot that weighs 10 pounds with a 50 pound attitude. Everyone is scared of her - the dogs, my friends, me (a little).  She flippin' awesome!

Ohh - the pure, evil terror!

I also have a 90 pound, 5 year old labrador - Bobby - with no brain and a goofy smile.  He is his own wrecking ball.  He can destroy the entire living room with one swoop of his tail and a single jump to catch his toy.

Finally, comes in the 3 year old, 60 pound, extremely retarded Catahoula mix named Beignet.  She is very needy, and will come up and push her head under your hand to demand attention.  But her ears - oy!

They all sleep in my bed, I don't get much room.  And all three of them were on the Christmas card last year.  I ran out of time this year, so no photos to send out to the family of the monkeys - but for your viewing pleasure:

So to keep this game going - I now "tag" some fellow bloggers:

Diary of a Midlife Runner
Oregon Trails and Tribulations
Chubby Chicks Run Too
Fat Girl Running the Disney Princess Half Marathon
I Run Because  . .  I Can

If you want to play along - here are your questions:

  1. What's your favorite running tip?
  2. What is your power song, the song that takes your running to the next level?
  3. What race/event are you most looking forward to in 2011?
  4. If you could have any job in the world what would it be?
  5. How and/or why did you start running?

Go team go - query!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday's are Manageable!

Soo - last night I finally returned to my house!

The cat was very happy to see me - she greeted me with a nice, sharp nip on my hand when I went to pet her.

I cannot explain how much I missed my bed, and my teddy bear (shhhhhhh).

Roosevelt has seen better days!

I have a new mystery bruise on my foot, which has set The Boy into a "you shouldn't run right now" stance.  I am disagreeing with him, but letting him think he is winning the battle.

Also - I think my ankle is still freakishly swollen - but don't tell The Boy because that might give him more ammo for the "you shouldn't run right now" stance.

And we are also currently debating whether or not eating a dill pickle slice dipped into melted cheese is gross or AWESOME!  I obviously fall on the awesome side!

So while I am waiting on my ankle to heal up, I have found other methods to amuse myself.  The Cheesy Pickle investigation should suffice for now.  But soon I am hoping for a full return to running - perhaps even tomorrow . . . 

Go team go - cheeeezzzzzz