Friday, April 30, 2010

Bonehead Ideas Continue

I am 14:00/mile girl.  Nice to meet ya!

I have been 12:15/mile girl, and I have been 15:50/mile girl.  I have perfected the Imma Punchya face and use it interchangeably with the Imma Cry face. 

I am training for a half marathon - I even picked one out - the Rock N Roll Half in San Antonio on November 14, 2010.  Now I have a solid timeline and goal.  I just need to be faster.

Sooo - I chose to sign up for a USA Fit Training program at the local running store (Fit 2 Run).  I chose to do the 5K/10K/Go Faster group.  I figured since I was already "running" 5Ks - this would be the group to join.  The other one was Couch to 5K - and I had already left my couch - damn thing is really comfy though.

I have also been working with a personal trainer at the gym for a couple of months now.  So Tuesday and Thursdays Fred forces me to work and cry.  Now - Mondays and Wednesdays I get to pay other people to make me run and cry.  How stupid am I??

I talked to the running store owner, Kim, and she said that it was a one mile time trial on Monday (04/26).  I figured I had done 3 miles and even 4 miles - 1 was gonna be easy!  How wrong can one person be!

I showed up amidst fit people, and was like the proverbial wallflower at a dance.  I just hung out in a corner and gawked at the fitness of the people in training. 

And then they said that for the Go Faster group it would be a 1 mile warm-up jog, followed by a 2 mile time trial, and then a 1 mile cool down jog to get back.  Are you F'ing kidding me!!!

But it was either that - or stay with the couchers - I chose embarrassment.

So we jogged - or rather they jogged - I did my clodhopper slow-ass thing.  Everyone else was at the sea wall and stretching when I finally arrived - warmed up from a nice, light 1 mile jog in. 

One of our coaches (a 4:20/miler - holy crap!) took off down the sea wall to the one mile turn around.  The other (another 4:20/miler) stayed at the end.  And off we went - we were to run down at 80% our top speed and then turn around at the General Joe's Chinese place and come back.  Top speed - please!  I have three speeds: stop, go, go slower.  That's it!

All I know is that I didn't know where this Chinese food place was, but I was cussing it damn near the whole way.  The other Go Fasters were heading back and cheering on my slow, insane self.  I would be lying if I said that didn't appreciate it, and also that I wanted to punch them (just a little). 

So I found Leno - FINALLY - and God love him - he had water!  I drank a little and he jogged next to me.  Let me re-phrase that.  He jogged up and down in place while I barely maintained a forward motion. 

We started out at Murdoch's Souvenirs.  I know this because one the way back - it was all I could think about.  That damn blue building sitting on piers over the water.  My Mecca - my joy - because there I could stop. 

See that big ball of concrete - that is where we started, and where I finished!  It took me 27:49:99 to make it back - averaging out to a 14:15/mile.  Truly sad.

Everyone - the 7-8 minute milers - stupid Go Fasters - were already back at the store.  Leno stayed with me and we walked back.  I told him my reasoning, and he encouraged me to continue - but that if I wanted to - I could join the other group.  I told him I would like to stay - as long as the coaches didn't mind training someone as slow as me.

Thus ended my first day of running club training.  I was embarrassed, tired, hungry, and had to go home to four dogs.  Go team go!

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