Friday, April 30, 2010

Bumblebees Shouldn't Fly

Wednesday was my second day in running club training.  We were told to meet at the UTMB track and field for our wind sprints, gliders, whatever you want to call them - I think I will call them sumbeetches.  Yep - new name.

A little before 6pm we all started showing up.  The coaches were there, the walkers were there, the Go Fasters (already fast) were there, and I was there.  I was already feeling out of place - before we ran!

One of the owners of Fit 2 Run, Kim was there - and her usual peppy self.  I have met the lady twice now, and she is chipper.  I think that is awesome, and anticipate it being helpful in motivating people in the whole enjoying running concept.

I slathered my self in 70 SPF sunscreen and headed out into the world of fast people.  The field was busy.  There was a game of softball going on (we almost got beaned by a foul ball - and since when do people just stand there and watch it from the field and not yell Head's Up! Losers).  On the other side of the field was a frisbee game, and a soccer game.  So - lots of people to embarrass myself in front of.  Go team go!

Some of the Go Fasters were already running the 0.4 mile loop "warming up."  I walked from my car to the bleachers and put down my water bottle.  I was ready to go. 

There were a few of us ladies standing in a group chatting, and I joked about how slow I was.  Kim then told the story of the bumblebee.  How physically it should not be able to fly - what with the little wings and big butt - and yet, it did.  I looked my my own little legs, and big butt - and felt like the bumblebee.  Just kidding.  But I am TOTALLY wearing black and yellow on Monday to hills training. 

Leno took our group on our 1 mile warm up run around the surrounding neighborhood- seriously - WTF!  The Go Fasters took off.  I clodhopped in the back.  At one point I could see the rest of the group all the way around the other side of the neighborhood, poor Leno did is bouncing in place thing and waited for me.  I finally caught up to the man and we jogged a little while together. 

He went ahead to get the rest of the insanely fast Go Fasters stretched out and I finally made it back to the start line.  Oh - and FYI - I mapped the track on the internet - and it was a 1.2 mile warm up.  Ick!

And then came the fun part - we finished out warm up with some high knees runs, some karaoke (and not the singing) and some gliders before taking to the track.  Hell - if I had known that was the warm-up after the jog - I might have tried to go slower (impossible you say - well I could have walked!).

And now the fun part:

20 seconds of sprinting
20 seconds of recovery

12 times = 8 minutes of sumbeetches

I took my honored spot in the back and prepared to cry.  Leno whistled (really loud, without an actual whistle) and we sprinted.  I grunted.  And then he whistled again, we were supposed to continue with a light jog for recovery - I walked.

On and on - for 8 minutes.  I know 8 minutes doesn't sound like much to you - but to someone like me trying to sprint - it was a LONG freakin' time.

Finally it was over.  And I didn't cry!  Hurrah for the slow team!

We jogged one loop around the track (0.4 miles) as a cool down - seriously I was thinking a nice, cold beer was enough of a cool down for me. 

And then the stretching came.  YAY!  My favorite part of running. 

Now - while I am sure that some of you find humor in my plight of the bumblebee - let me enlighten you as to the funniest part of Wednesday (and no, it wasn't coming home, hobbling, to clean up dog poo and pee).  It was that Leno said next Wednesday he would group us together in pairs. 

Are you seeing the funny yet?  No one in the Go Fasters is a slow as I am.  And some unlucky sap will be my partner next week!  Oh the torture!  He says that it will help push us, and that if one of the partners gets ahead of the other during the sprint, then during recovery they can jog back to the other one to start out equal for the next sprint.  So my partner will be sprinting up and back for the whole 8 minutes! 

I don't think I am going to be making many friends at this running thing!  Oh well.

I am off to ice my legs.  And this weekend - 3.5 miles.  On a Saturday.  For fun. 
Someone get me off this crazy ride!

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