Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mardi Gras Beach Run - also known as Beer is Awesome!

I have great friends - I got lucky somehow.  One of my closest ones is a gal named Laura.  We both belong the the Broken, Old Beetches Running Club.  She and I met in derby, and I was recovering from being broken when she became broken in the area of her knee. 

Here is us a refs - quite fashionable - Tru Shenanigans and Hellbilly Lily

Laura and her husband came to visit me in the great state of Texas and we signed up to participate in the Mardi Gras Beach 5K.  It sounded like a good idea at the time - promise. 

The night before we had dinner at Salsa's on the island (highly recommended) and drank mucho cervezas.  It was a great evening.  Then we returned to the fish camp and went to bed early so that we could be nice and fresh for the 5K the next morning.

We arose and dressed in our running clothes and braces and trotted out of the house to make it there in time.  Apparently we were a little behind schedule as we arrived a few minutes before the gun. 

I had thoughtfully bought some GU fuel in case we needed the extra energy during the 3.1 miles.  Having never partaken of GU before, I bought vanilla - those of you who know GU know what this means the goop looked like.  Also - it did not taste of vanilla.  I spent the 3.1 miles wishing I had gum, praying for death so that I could be rid of that taste.

Another heads up for any of you new runners out there - chose your running buddies well.  While my mom is much faster than I, it was not an unpleasant run as we are roughly the same height.  Laura stands about 4 inches taller than me and has crazy long legs.  There was no possible way for me to keep up with her, or her to slow down to stay with me.  And yet - we tried anyway.

Between the Mexican food, the beers, the GU, and the height differential we would up walking most of the 5K.  But we had a splendid time and God bless Laura for thinking ahead.  Not only did she pack ice for her knees, she packed beer - so after the run we sat on the steps of the pavilion, drinking beer, and watching her husband search for pennies with his metal detector on the beach. 

Afterwards - there was more beer, more Mexican food, and some parades.  Mardi Gras rocks!

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