Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Year's Eve 2010

Most people are out drinking with loved ones, kissing at midnight, and celebrating the beginning of another year - I was running a 5K.

Well, in all fairness I jogged and walked it.  But I did not cry.  Bonus points for that!

I drove up to Houston and planted myself firmly in my parent's house while they were out of town.  I had the dogs curled up around my feet, the fireplace going, and things were generally comfy and good. 

And then I had to climb my ass into a car and cross-town to Inaugural Resolution Run out near Sugarland

Let me set the scene - it was roughly 38 degrees, the wind was blowing 11-15 mph - I had on a pair of umbros and a long sleeve tee shirt.  I was cold - honestly - I think that might be the only reason I actually finished this run - I had to get back to the sweatsuit waiting for me in the car.

I was a beautiful run though - someone sang the National Anthem, someone else fired a gun, and off we all went.  Well - off they went.  I lopped along bouncing to my music wishing I had more clothes on.  I rounded a lake, and fireworks were being shot off overhead.  It was quite breathtaking - or maybe that was the wall of wind I hit at the last turn.

My favorite part of this run - all the drunks coming out of their warm houses, holding champagne and telling you how awesome you were all doing! 

When the results came out - I finished 25 out of 29 for ages 30-39 - with a 15:05/mile time.  Not that bad for someone who hadn't run in over 20 years. 

But this was only the first day of 2010 - I had 364 to go! 

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