Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cicero once said:

"Great is the power of habit. It teaches us to bear fatigue and to despise wounds and pain."

I say - bullocks!

Monday was hills training.  I wasn't really feeling up to going to running club in all honesty.  I had a VERY long weekend, I was still sore from Saturday's race, and I had just picked up my truck and driven four insane dogs back home to the beach.  All I REALLY wanted to do was unpack and relax. 

Instead, I laced up my trusty, and now absolutely filthy running shoes, and left the house.  I know I wasn't hydrated as I should have been, in that I drank soda during the drive back from town, and not water.  So I tried to drink a whole Nalgene bottle on my way to practice.  This comes to play a little later. 

The crowd at running club was noticeably thinner today - I think people were in hiding, and if I had been smart - I would have hid with them!  But I was already there, and then the good news - the warm-up is ridiculously short today.  YAY

Because we are running hills out on East Beach.  Booo

We jogged the 0.4 miles over there, and we even had THREE coaches - crappola this cannot be good.  So there we are with Kim, Leno, and Dale telling us that we are going to start in the parking lot of a condo complex on a down slope, sprint up hill and across the main street, down hill into another complex, flip a U-ey, sprint back up hill, across the street, up a giant hill, run down a fence line, down a grassy hill, up grassy hill, down a fence line, down a hill, across a dried up bayou, and up a monster hill. 

Holy freakin hell!  This was gonna suck - and it did - why do you think the blog is a day late!

Here is our path, the jog from the UTMB track to the condo site. 

In sum total, is was only a 2.49 mile day - BUT - it was hell.  Remember all that water I chugged before I arrived at practice - ya - it tried to make a reappearance on the FIRST set of hills.  Seriously, and we had three circuits to do. 

We ran for 5 minutes of hills, now the Go Fasters were able to complete 2 laps of the hills in the time it took me to make 1 - and that was quite a feat for me - trust me.  Monday was rough. 

It doesn't seem like a lot in elevation, but when you look at the changes up close it really does hit home how hard this kind of training is. 

The green is the change is elevation.  Totally sucked.

Interestingly enough, as we were leaving one of the girls, Kara I believe, said how much fun that was.  And for a second I was thinking what a nut she was - and then it hit me - I actually enjoyed that as well.  Holy crap!  I had fun (other than the slight vomit in mouth bit); I actually liked it!

I was mad, crazy worried about running cross country with my ankle.  I still have this inane fear of falling and hearing that "snap" again.  Some nights I can hear it when I sleep.  Trust me, not a good thing to dream about.  But even with all of the fear, and pain, and general feelings of crap - running that hill felt pretty good.  I even got a sweaty fistbump from Coach Leno as he jogged past me. 

But what made me feel even better was after jogging back to the track to stretch out and do plank (yay! seriously - I like plank), Leno talked to me about my run this past weekend.  He had read my blog, and said that I should be proud of what I have achieved - that I chose to run one of the hilliest courses in Houston (who knew!)

But when I went and looked back, this was the elevation of the course.  No wonder I was exhausted by the time I got back to the finish line.  I went out too hard, pushed too fast, and had nothing left at the end.  It turns out that running is primarily mental (or insane), and that I have to control my mind and keep to a strategy. 

But regardless, I think we can say goodbye to 14:00/mile girl and hello to 13:00/mile girl.  She is still the same whack-a-doo that writes this blog in remembrance of her insanity - but I think she is getting faster, feeling stronger, and a little more confident!

Week 4 of the 12 week training began yesterday - go team go - rah.

Oh and Cicero - shut it!

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