Saturday, May 1, 2010

Go Go Gadget Geeky Belt

It's Saturday morning, and in the time honored tradition of enjoying the weekend - I went for a run.  But before I could run today - I had to prepare. 

Yesterday evening I stopped by the running store on the island and talked to Kim and Steven about my calf.  They had suggested some compression sleeves for my calves to run in - and apparently sleep in.  Who knew!

I even bought The Stick to roll over my injured muscles and give them a form of trigger point massage while I watch the TV.  I mean - why run when you have crap like this!

So I spent Friday night, icing my leg while wearing compression sleeves, eating sherbet, and using the stick thingy during a showing of The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (quite good).

You see - I thought derby was expensive - skate boots were a couple hundred dollars, wheels were about $70, and pins in my leg cost $2000 - each.  I really thought running would be a nice, inexpensive way to get fit and have fun. 

And it might be - if I were Steve Prefontaine.  But alas - I am the gimp and require gear.

This wonderful gadget is my new bat-belt.  On it I can carry up to four bottles of fluid or GU.  It has a pocket for a cell phone, ipod, or makeup, a place for your ID and a key, and you can even attach you race bib to it.  What can I say - I like to accessorize!

I also need to hydrate - because as some of your readers know - I am not a camel and need fluids about every mile.  Particularly as the summer begins to heat up.

Now I left the house looking like this:

I was too embarrassed to show my face - but the only nice thing about this look is the Guinness hat on my head. 

I am wearing:

Aisics running shoes : $140
Some non-cotton socks: $10
Compression sleeves: $60
Running tights: $30
15 yr old umbros with a hole in the crotch - priceless
Amphipod Hydro Belt: $65
Tech Shirts: $25
Jog Bra (extra sturdy): $40

And that doesn't include the sunscreen, ipod, earphones, ball cap, and undies.  So for a 3.5 mile fun run around the neighborhood - I was wearing almost $400 in clothes and crap.  WTF!

Which wouldn't be silly - if I wasn't the 14:00/mile girl.  That kinda gear on a fit, fast runner - like the Go Fasters - makes sense and probably looks cool.  On me - well - you can only imagine!

But to the run -

I slept in.

I had intended to get up at 7:00am and be out of the house by 7:30 enjoying the morning breeze and the coolness.  I awoke at 8:30.  I fed dogs, wrangled the muddy ones into a corral, get dressed, scarfed down 210 calories, got suited up in my awesome outfit and finally left the house around 9:30.

But hey man - for about 1.5 miles I was doing awesome - and then I took a wrong turn.  There is a street that runs next to the state park, you can only turn left off of it.  I assumed that there were a limited number of left turns - like say 2 - I was wrong.

I took the first left, dead ended. 
I ran back, took the second left, dead ended.
I cussed - and walked back.
I jogged to the end of the street - there are FOUR left turns off the damn street. 
I gave the remaining two turns the finger as I clodhopped by, hit the end of the street, and turned back.

I began making bargains to myself - run to the palm tree, then you can walk.  And then my mind would begin to argue back - which palm tree, there is one 5 feet away, another 15, another 30, another 35, another 200 feet away, etc.  I then chose a landscaping truck parked on the side of the road as my place to allow myself to walk- it moved 2 houses down.  I cussed.   

Finally, I made the turn back onto my home street and like a rock star pulled out all of the stops.  I had supercharge power for about 5 seconds.  Then I returned to clodhopping.

So let me sum up my morning -

it was hot - I wore all black.
I took some wrong turns - I cussed.
I went insanely slow - what else is new?!
I went out wearing $400 - I came back wearing $400 - SUCCESS!

I can safely say that wearing that kinda money in items and clothes does keep me from jumping in a canal and swimming back to the house.  I would have been cool, faster, and happier - but would have had to spend that money all over again!

Monday - hills!  Go team go.  Rah.


  1. Rah Rah ree - Kick em in the knee!!
    Rah Rah rass - Kick em in the other knee!!
    Seriously. If any of the "Go fasters" gives you a hard time, that "imma punchya" face goes a loooooong way. I seen it, I know it and believe me, they'll learn quickly that you are not one to be trifled with. ;)

  2. Awww - that's sweet - thanks Amber!

    So far the Go Fasters have been nothing but supportive, but let's see what happens after one of them has to get partnered with my slow ass!