Monday, May 31, 2010

God Bless Texas!

Texas has the best stuff.  We have a great slogan, fabulous people, great food, lots of history and culture, and we have WEATHER! 

Monday I was sunburned and missed running hills - so sad.

Wednesday I was sick, coughing and vomiting so I missed sprints - what a bummer!

I chose to do my 5 mile long run Friday- without working out the entire week.  Oh joy!

I had been out of the house Thursday from 0500 until 2030 - I had to get to headquarters for a meeting.  So a truly long day.  I arrived home to hose out dog poo from the garage where I had placed all of the animals.  I thought it was a fine end to my day - ugh!

So I scarfed down some food, cleaned up and passed the hell out.  Only to awake at 0600 to a very foul smell.  One of the dogs had been sick, in multiple places and rooms.  And not in the easy clean-up way.  It was utterly disgusting.  So there I was 0600, not running like I hoped to be - but cleaning up dog mess.  It took me a long time. 

So by the time I was cleaned up and ready to go running the scene looked like this:

Not a cloud in the sky, nary a breeze, and the temperature was 93 degrees.  Holy crap!  But even better was that I had to wear long pants to cover my residual sunburn from earlier in the week.  Not the coolest gear to run in. 

I left the house and was moving along at a decent pace, my first mile split was 12:47 - I was overjoyed!  But then I hit a wall.  It was so hot, I was so tired from the week; that I slowed to a walk.  And from there on out the run got bad. 

I had planned on running down to the main road, jogging the shoulder, turning up Bob Smith and heading all the way to the bay, to turn and meander my way back to the house.  I couldn't do it.  I did get my 5 miles in - I forced myself to do.  But I basically watched my Garmin, and when I hit 2.5 miles, I turned around and ran the same route back home.  Well - jogged/walked the majority of it!

So I think I might have walked about half of those 5 miles.  It was insanely hot, my chest hurt, I kept stopping to choke up some bile, swig some water, and keep moving.  Some construction guy actually had the nerve to tell me that "it's a hot one, huh?!"  I could have beaned him with my bat-belt if I had the energy. 

Regardless, I kept going and I didn't take the coward's way out and cut the run short.  I finished the distance, but realized a couple of things.  If you find yourself praying for a big pick-up to pass you too closely on the street where you are jogging so that you can have a breeze - it is too hot to run!

I also realized that it might be time to add another water bottle to the bat-belt since I drank both of the ones I had by the time I was 3 miles in.  I found myself practicing how to ask for water in Spanish in case I ran across some workers with a water jug. 

Soo - sorry for the delay in posting this week - but it has been miserable here being ill while watching 4 dogs - one sickly.  Today is Memorial Day - so remember to honor those who fought for our country and our freedoms.

Wednesday is another round of sumbeetches after a week away - go team go - rah.

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