Monday, May 10, 2010

Hellacious Hills - Part Two

It's Monday night - and I am sitting here with my legs wrapped in ice. 

There are so many things wrong with that statement I don't even know where to begin!  A normal person does not leave the house to have someone push them into running up ramps in a parking garage - and yet - there are a dozen of us that seem to want just that!

I was still reeling from my escapades this weekend - too many cervezas - not enough rest.  I had spent the weekend catching up with high school friends that I hadn't seen in damn near 15 years - so there were quite a few stories being tossed around and beers being tossed back. 

I really could not get excited about this Monday's hills training - EXCEPT - two awesome things happened, which wound up helping pump me up.  First, this was going to be my first time using my Garmin 305 so that I could monitor my heart rate during training - technology truly does geek me out. 

Second - I spent about 20 minutes trying on different tops trying to find one I wanted to wear (this is like a fish looking for water - I have a TON of clothes).  But for some reason, nothing set right.  I pulled on a blue top that coordinated with my headband (hey - I'm a girl) and realized I was late -  ran downstairs, and found a bag of new wicking, running shirts delivered!  YAY!

So now I am zooming down FM 3005 trying to change tops, while eating a granola bar, singing to some Missy Eliot.  But that new purple shirt made me feel happy - it said "If it weren't for me, you wouldn't have anyone to pass."  I think that damn near sums up my running.

But there we all were at 1800, standing around the UTMB track - stretching, chatting, preparing for hell.  Coaches Leno and Dale jogged us over to the parking garage - a 0.9 mile distance - and I couldn't have been more surprised than it monkeys flew out of the Prius keeping time next to me - I could see the Go Fasters the ENTIRE time.  In fact, I think I showed up just a little bit into the first stretch instead of the last one.  But I think they are messing with me - I have a feeling they are all just running slower to make me feel better. 

And then the torture - now - I like my coaches - they seem like nice guys - but anyone who can tell you that you have to charge up parking garage ramps for a full four minutes - WHILE SMILING - ought to be smacked with a running shoe.  But off we went. 

I'm not gonna lie - I felt like I was only gonna barely make it up the first time, and there were two more sets to go.  The wind was insane.  You would think in a parking garage you would be sheltered, but no.  Right as you were straining at the top of a ramp, whammo - wind.  Seriously I think there were times I was stationary between the slant on the ramp and the wind. 

The second set of ramps hurt - I reached the top and walked and there was Leno telling me to keep going.  It got me moving again.  Damnit.

The third set was the hardest and the longest - but I had a goal in my head.  Like all good parking garages once you reach the top, there is a parking area.  In all the the ramp sets we have done I have reached the top, only to walk/jog a couple hundred feet before it was time to go back down.  My goal on this one was to make the full loop up top.  And I swear - freakin Rocky theme!  I made it all the way around - now don't jump out of your cars yet in glee.  I did it at a crawl - but I did it.  Next time I might be able to jog it.

And the hits just keep coming - normally on the jog back to the track or store at the end of the workouts - I walk and shuffle back.  Today I jogged the entire distance - well, clodhopped - but I did it.

And then I came home to download data from my new gadget!  YAY!

Here is a map of the workout today - a total of 3.26 miles.  Very cool!

This one has all of the cool data!  Distance, time, heart rate zones, % max heart rate (and I was actually where I should be for hill training), even elevation (fat lot of good that does in Galveston).

And yea - even though I felt pretty ok today - I was, am, and always will be (hopefully not) 14:00/mile girl! 

But by far the coolest are these charts - You can actually see the hills intervals. 

Sadly, I actually can't wait until Wednesday to wear a new fancy shirt, strap on the heart rate monitor, and run some sumbeetches.  Plus Wednesday is crazy sock day - I SO have this in the bag.  I have a collection of skate socks from my derby days.  Go team go - rah!

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