Monday, May 3, 2010



That is all.

Just kidding - but trust me this post will be brief - I have to spend the rest of the night crying and bemoaning my lack of feeling in my legs.

We jogged about a mile from the store to a parking garage off the Strand - because as we all know there are VERY few hills on Galveston.  The Go Fasters (GF) were little specks of people way up ahead, and I finally clodhopped to the garage only to hear Leno say that we would sprint up the ramps for 3 minutes, and then light jog back to the bottom for 5 minutes.  Yah - that's gonna happen.

So - first round up - not too bad on the first ramp out of five - decent, second - still okay, third - ouch ouch ouch, fourth - insane laughter insued, fifth - i grunted to the top.  Oh, and that "light jog" down - I think I walked it.

Second round - actually better than the first, but wound up with a stich in my side on about the third ramp.  Honest to God - I actually started singing that freakin' "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" song in my head - thanks Mom!  Jogged back down with a buddy discussing our kneecaps and how they were no longer in their correct places.

Third round - first ramp - killer, second ramp - walked, third ramp - cussed it, fourth ramp - grunted, fifth ramp - more cussing, grunting, and unhappiness.  Jogged back down trying to focus on my form.

You are supposed to remain upright and keep your arms pumping and chest open.  I tend to drop my chin and stare at my feet in awe and wonder that they are even still moving.  This is incorrect.  I'll work on that.

Then the GFs all jogged back to the store for stretches.  I walked/crawled/clodhopped back, just in time for crunches.  Yea!

But to sum up - hills - suck it.

Go team go - rah.

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