Saturday, May 8, 2010

In the Immortal Words of River Tam . . .

I think I swallowed a bug.

I have already learned a few things on my road to the half marathon.  I have learned that if you go to bed before 10:30 on a Friday night you are either a loser, over 45 years old, or in training; and I am only 34 - so guess which ones apply to me! 

I have also learned that my 95 pound lab is scared of my 10 pound Siamese cat. 

This is him, waiting for his turn at the water bowl.  Sad.

But more importantly, I have learned that when running into the wind, SHUT YOUR MOUTH. 

I actually woke up this morning around 0700 - slightly later than I had hoped, but still not too bad.  It was cloudy and looked like rain this morning.  I fed the dogs, let them out, and dressed in my small fortune of gear.  I was super excited because today I was going to try out my new (4 year old technology) Garmin Forerunner 305.  I wanted to track my heart rate and pace.  I have been super jazzed about it all week. 

I geared up, slathered on the 70 spf (yes, even on a cloudy day I burn), bug spray, and icy hot - and walked out the door to stretch.  I turned on the Garmin - and the battery was low - WTF!  I had charged it on Wednesday.  Damn.  Oh well - guess I will have to run tomorrow to play with it!

But I left the house feeling pretty good, running a subliminal message in the back of my head saying that I had already done 4 miles and could do it again.  I hit play on the ipod and took off - ok ok - I clodhopped off.

But still - I was in motion.  It was truly a pretty day.  The weather was nice, a little sun poked through the clouds, the humidity was still fairly low, but the wind - wow!

I turned up Bob Smith and had my eye on the prize, the last house on the street, it was there that I would turn for my loop to come back.  I was out of the full push of the wind and enjoying the view.

Nice view right? 

Well, I made it to Marina Drive (without getting lost), turned to the right, and BAM - hit a wall of wind.  Everything I have read says that runners should breathe through the mouth because they can't get enough air breathing through the nose - for me - it wouldn't matter - I am a mouth breather while running - loud, heavy - not graceful at all. 

See how the palm trees are leaning with the wind - sucks!  And what I was trying to show were the white caps in the canal.  Dang! 

And there I was loudly mouth-breathing, when something hit my lip and I swallowed it.  Truly I think it was a bug.  But hey - I am supposed to have a lot of protein on this traning diet!  Protein and carbs - maybe I will only eat bugs and drink beer from now on. 

That wind was crazy - but it did mean that I would have it at my back on some of the run home - YAY!  I hit two miles, grabbed out a water bottle from my bat-belt, tipped it back to drink, and choked.  Awesome.  So now I have swallowed a bug, and choked on some water.  I nearly swallowed my gum as well, but recovered that with a cough (I am a pro at gum-chewing), spit out the offending water, and tried again.

And folks - the important thing here to note - is that I never once broke stride.  I mean I am not a super-fast person, or even a remotely fast person - but I never stopped to fix the problem - I just kept going.  It might have been my new head band that says - I think I can - and I was channeling the Little Engine That Could - but whatever it was - I made my 2 mile turn. 

The rest of the run was fairly uneventful, and seriously how much more could happen to a person who just swallowed a bug, choked on water, and coughed up her gum?! 

I have decided that I made a mistake when planning the run.  Any time you can see your house twice during the run, but still have a ways to go before you can stop running - there is a problem. 

In the first picture I have about 1.5 miles to go before I can stop moving.  In the second one there is only a yard, a canal, and a second yard keeping me from my couch - but I went around on the roads - stupid expensive gear!

I made it home, stretched, grabbed a Powerade Zero, let the dogs out, and took an Aleve.  Now don't tell Kim and Leno, but I think this whole running thing is getting easier.  I haven't thrown up yet, I was not crying at the end, and I felt pretty good for all four miles.  My ipod says that I average 13:30/mile - but that sounds kinda fast for the Queen of Clodhopping.  

Stay tuned race fans - because Monday we do hills again - go team go - rah! 

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