Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Long Day with Torture

0500 - First alarm goes off - hit snooze
0509 - Alarm beeps and shakes bed (seriously) - hit snooze
0518 - Repeat above
0527 - Smack snooze
0530 - Second alarm clock goes off
0531 - Cuss, chase it down, hit snooze
0536 - Get up from first alarm, turn all alarms off (I had three clocks set)
0537 - Let four dogs out
0542 - Let four dogs back in

Sophie (Mom's Lab), Oliver (my brother's dog), Bobby (my handsome boy), and Beignet (my cow dog that digs and jumps in the pond - and yes, she has Yoda ears - hard to sneak up on her)

0545 - Feed four dogs
0545 and two seconds - Stand back to not get trampled
0545 - 0600 - Dress, wash, makeup
0600 - Let four dogs out
0605 - Put four dogs in garage
0605 - 1640 - Hope dogs don't eat garage
0610 - Drive to work, cuss slow people in high speed lane
0655 - 1545 - Work at desk
1550 - Drive home
1551 - Let four dogs out
1552 - Check garage for damage
1552 - Thank God there is none
1600 - Let four dogs in
1600 - 1630 - Play with dogs
1630 - Dress for running
1640 - Feed four dogs
1650 - Let four dogs out
1655 - Order Garmin Forerunner 305 so that I won't take wrongs turns during this Saturday's long run
1659 - Plan Saturday's 4 miles on

I wrote down directions this time, and notice I even followed through with a plan to "pass out" after the 4 miles!

1710 - Let four dogs in; corral muddy, wet one into the bathroom
1715 - Leave for running
1800 - Arrive just in time for the Crazy Sombrero Contest for Cinco de Mayo - I won (thanks Mom for letting me borrow the hat).  Of course the only other contestants were Kim with her pink, furry, pimp hat; and Leno with his MASSIVE sombrero. 

Hells yeah - I am 14:00/mile girl with a kick ass hat!

1805 - Our 1.2 mile warm-up run - actually could see the Go Fasters the majority of the run - they must be getting slower, because I certainly didn't feel any faster!
1820 - Time for sumbeetches - 25 second sprints, 20 second recovery - oddly these too felt better.  I even jogged (well, shuffled) for the first couple recovery times
1829 - Sumbeetches over - would have done a happy dance if I had the energy!
1830 - Clodhopped through a "cooldown" lap
1840 - Stretching - except now there are push-ups - wait a tick??!!
1900 - Drove home singing to LL Cool J's "Mama Said Knock You Out" - because - why not!
1910 - Hit the Taco Cabana for a little Mexican food in support of the holiday
1930 - Arrived home
1931 - Let four dogs out
1935 - Let three dogs in
1940 - Let fourth dog in as she likes her "privacy" for her business
1945 - Firmly planted on couch with ice packs on both shins, eating tacos, drinking water, watching Monday's Castle.

I plan on spending the rest of my torturous day showering, crying, reading, and fighting the four dogs for space on the bed.  And the good news is that tomorrow is circuit training with my personal trainer at the gym.

Go team go - rah!


  1. At least you get to train with the GF group. Some of us are so old and slow that we had to get special permission to run on the track and not walk in a mall.

  2. Ya - but you are doing it! And I know for me, and I am sure for everyone - that is the best part of all this torture! Doing something previously thought impossible.

    See you Wednesday!