Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nina Simone and a Good Book

I was late to practice.  Not entirely my fault, but apparently if I had watched the news or read a paper - I would have known about the sea wall being shut down.  Oh well - that's what you get for not trusting the media. 

But in being a few minutes late, I didn't get to do the full warm-up mile, so I just jogged a 0.4 mile lap around the track.  Let me tell you how big those tears I cried were - of joy - seriously.  See, I woke up this morning listening to my ankle bones snap crackle and pop like a favorite breakfast cereal.  And my hamstrings were so tight I looked like I was doing the Robot Dance down the hallway at work.  I was a little sore from Monday's and Tuesday's workouts.  Ouch!

But oddly enough, the warm-up lap loosened my leg muscles and I felt pretty good.  I just used my iPod to overcome the bone noises.  What!  There are pins holding that crap together.  I'm not worried. 

It was actually nice to join the group, Jean said hi, and Annette seemed happy to see her fellow back-of-the-pack friend.  Seriously, this lady is way faster than I am.  But in sprints I seem to have the power (thanks roller derby) - just no endurance. 

Anyway - SSDD - warm-up, idiotic looking warm-ups back and forth across the small patch of grass, followed by 8 sets of 45 second sprints around the track.  Oh yea - that's gonna happen.  And Leno said just be patient and hold back for the first sets and you will have something left in the final ones.  Yea - I totally laughed in my head at that. 

And one of the Go Fasters was like you can do anything for 45 seconds.  Let me submit my objections to that argument -

You could not ride Cocktail for 45 seconds
You could not last 45 seconds in a MMA fight (if you were me)
You could not play chess for Stephen Hawking for 45 seconds
You could not walk in a straight line for 45 seconds after a 4 car-bomb night

I'm just saying - there are plenty of things that you can't do in 45 seconds, but there we all were lined up to go for it.  Rah. 

But Dale blew the whistle and we went out, I tried to go slow-ish - but seriously - I don't have that many gears to work through! I actually enjoyed the first couple sprint sets, the ones in the middle I felt - owie, and the final ones, well - let's just say if I had breath - the softball and soccer teams on the field would have heard some very colorful language.

But I made it.

And the best part - we so totally did PLANK and side angle - bring on more yoga and less running please! 

When it was all said and done, I slunk away back to my chariot, cranked up the 80s music, and drove home.  All I wanted to do was immerse myself in ice, biofreeze, aleve, and a book.  But the dogs foiled my plan once again.  Darn pesky kids!  So now my plan is biofreeze, aleve, Nina Simone, and a book. 

Still not a bad plan. 

Stay tune faithful readers (Mom and Dad - hi!) - Saturday is a 4.5 mile run, and I will attempt my first run on sand!  Eeep!  This could be interesting!

Go team go - rah.

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