Monday, May 24, 2010

Redheads do not like the sun!

I need to apologize ahead of time for this post - I did not run hills today - and will have no cuss words for you regarding Coaches Leno and Dale pushing us to run up and down ramps.

I do however, have a story behind the reasons why I did not go to practice today - I am a Celt. 

If that wasn't enough of a background for you lemme 'splain - I am Welsh/Scotch/Irish.  I am a redhead.  I don't tan so much as my freckles begin to multiple and take over the snowy whiteness that is my skin.

I spent this weekend at the beach - both days - for about 4 hours each day.  Now - I did wear sunscreen, 70spf - AND I reapplied.  However I am just that fair that no matter how much sunscreen I wear, I burn. 

Honestly though, I am getting color from all this running around outside like a moron.  I still wear my sunscreen, but my arms and face are losing the glow-in-the-dark whiteness and becoming less sickly pale.  So another nice bonus to all the running!

But even as non-ghostly as I am becoming on my arms, my legs and shoulders were still pasty white.  And now they are fire engine red.  I am fried like a chicken in a rowboat.  My shoulders, legs, knees, feet, and chest are scary red. 

Knowing that I have to be at sea for 4 days next week, and that if I burn on top of this burn my chances of skin cancer climb, as well as the likelihood of a sexy looking peeling - I chose to stay at home, staying away from the sun - hiding in fact - applying some form of aloe about every 20 minutes.  Sucks!

And just in case no one believes me:
Exhibits A,B, and C

My favorite part is the splotchy-ness on my left leg - how the hell that happened - I would love to know!

But I have done some calisthenics at home and plan on using the rowing machine during one of my prime time shows.  So no running hills today, but I think wrestling with four dogs to keep them off my sunburn is enough exercise!  I have been hit with huge paws, smacked right across the reddest part of my thighs with tails, and scratched on my chest from the little monster.  I think I paid my penance!

But Wednesday - sumbeetches!  Go team go - rah.


  1. OK, girl, repeat after me: "I CROSSTRAINED on Monday, I CROSSTRAINED on Monday". It's all a matter of perspective, and does prevent injuries.
    I'll run my first Half-Marathon next Sunday (6/6) in San Diego. Check out my blog Not nearly as entertaining, but full of just as much suffering. My motivation? I thought it would be "fun" to do something "different" and "really big" to honor my 50th year on the planet. To quote you, "WTF???"

  2. LOL! Dale told me about your training program. I read your blog and completely agree with the no-music bit - without it all I hear is my head arguing with my body! I am so glad to hear that your legs are feeling better, and I will be tuning in to see how your half went! Kick some A!