Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Windy Sumbeetches

As I was driving to the track I decided two things - that if the American flag in front of a store is absolutely ramrod straight and you have to actually use two hands to drive your SUV - then it is windy!

I knew that today was gonna suck - big time.

But I was presently surprised!  Today was Crazy Sock Day - now you may know that last week was Crazy Sombrero Day - which I rocked!  And today I was hoping for a win as well - I have been collecting socks since I started my roller derby career, and now that I don't play anymore - I have no use for goofy socks. 

Except - today these precious babies scored me a new pair of high-tech running socks.

Yes, I look like a goob with my compression sleeves on.  It looks like a shark is trying to eat a tube worm - whateva!

So today after the sock-off (Dale won for his toilet paper socks and Margaret for her margarita socks) we started our warm-up lap.  And I would be lying if I didn't tell you I had the group in sight the whole time, and not from across a football field and I had to use a rifle scope to spot them - I mean with my nekkid eyes.  It was again a shock for me!

I mean, let's not lie - I was still way behind them - but I think I might be changing from 14:00/mile girl to 13:30/mile girl.  Fingers crossed!

But man - that last turn was into the wind - and I remembered what happened the last time I turned into the wind, so I kinda ducked my head down, closed my mouth and tried to breathe through my nose - that didn't go well.  But hey - I didn't swallow a bug - so SUCCESS!

Anyway - the standard drills followed the warm-up, and after some stretching we lined up on the track for our sumbeetches.  This time we would have to push through for 30 seconds each.  I know 30 seconds doesn't sounds like a long time - but think of it this way - if someone was beating you with a bat for 30 seconds - it would seem like a long time - right - same concept.

But another surprise today - I actually got ahead of a couple of people and stayed ahead for the most part - I did walk between the sprints - but I pushed hard, fought the wind, and even gave it the finger when it was all said and done.

I walked away with a new pair of socks, and a pat of my back from my coaches!  That is worth the torture any day.  

I tracked today again with my new tech toy - and it is still freakin awesome!   If you look at the time and the heart rate charts you can see everything I did today.  First there was the warm-up, then the warm-up calisthenics, then the sprints, and finally a cool-down lap. Too right - that's awesome!

Anyway, I came home, cooked dinner, ate it sitting on the counter top while my legs were wrapped in ice, and now I am heading to bed!  Good night race fans - and stay tuned - I am hoping to put some of this torture in to practice.

Saturday is my return to the 5K circuit for a run at the Houston Aquarium.  If you feel like it - come meet me at the finish line (with a beer) - I should be crossing at about 0839.  I WILL have a PR, and since my current PR is 40:09 for a 5K at the Azalea Trail Run - I must come in under 40 minutes.  I will make good use of my new tactics, or I will die trying!

See you after Saturday's race - go team go - rah!

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