Monday, June 28, 2010

Birthday Blues

Saturday was my 35th birthday!

I had planned for a perfect weekend:
  • pedicure with a friend and massage on Friday
  • a fancy dinner with my parents that night
  • a six mile run at Memorial Park Saturday morning
  • lunch with girlfriends
  • dinner and drinks with the rowdy friends
  • crawl out from under a hangover while watching soccer

It was the perfect plan.  And as with much in life - it didn't go accordingly.

Friday I got up, hit the gym for a quick 30 minute session on the Precor ADT machine.  Then I met a girlfriend for pedicures and a light lunch, followed by a massage.  I arrived at my parent's house refreshed with pretty toenails and the best birthday blessing I could imagine:

May your pedicure last longer than your hangover.

Can you think of a better wish for my birthday celebrations - I can't!

But sadly, all was not well in Parent Land.  The tree guys were 5 hours late so we missed our reservation at the fancy dinner and instead home cooked some steaks to rival that of any hoity-toity place.  Mom had made me a fancy strawberry birthday cake and we have champagne and sinful foods.  What a night!

Saturday I slept in WAY too late - I didn't leave the house to go run until after 0800.  It was already 90 degrees when I left the house - eep!  I also left the house with my Dad's words ringing in my ears.  I had told them about my leg pains and Dad said that if I tried for anything over 3 miles, I was an idiot.

Due to the lateness of the day, I trekked over to a running trail close to home and hopped out of the car ready to run.  I was stiff and sore, but I was ready.

I went out at a modest pace thinking I would make three laps of the loop for the six miles I was hoping for.  I had the usual groans in my head and body through the first mile, but kept a decent 13:00/mile pace even with the heat.

I hit my first walking break, and noticed I was limping - badly.  Not good.

I started back up running and realized that my right calf was trying to separate itself from my bone and split into two pieces.  And there was something in my left ankle that was stabbing me through the back of  my leg - maybe one of my pins moved!!!

Holy mother of all that is good  - and ummm holy - I just wanted to curl up and die - but my car was still about a half mile away.

And in my head all I heard was a broken record about not being good enough, not being able to do this, etc etc etc - any negative thing you can think of - I thought.  And then I hit the reset button - I have recently read that you can help program your mind to overcome the negative thinking by physically tapping your watch and picturing a reset button - so I tried it - and I told myself that pain or no - I was out - I was trying - and it was my birthday damnit - so there would be beer in a few hours.

That helped.

I made it back to the car and sat down to drive home and found that moving the pedals was not easy.  Crap.  I am not a good driver when not cramping and in pain.  But I made the drive home without killing or maiming anyone.  And it wasn't too long ago people feared my car on the road due to my driving, but I am much better now.  See - the power of positive thinking!

At home my Dad made me a perfect guyere and chive omelet while I sat with Aleve in my system, frozen carrots on my legs, and champagne in my hand.

The rest of the weekend went pretty much as planned - lunch, drinks, dancing, drunks, hangover, soccer.

But the good news is that my pedicure still looks fabulous and my hangover evaporated Sunday somewhere around the second half of the Argentina v Mexico game.

The bad news is that my left ankle is swollen, my right calf is tender to the touch, I am limping, and I skipped training with the group today.

And even though my family nickname is "Idiot" (true - my brother's is "Fool") - I have been smart enough to look in on getting an appointment with an ortho to check on my leg.

But I am planning on hitting the gym tomorrow for some light cardio and weights and making it to Wednesday's training session.  We are winding down the Go Fasters program and I want to be there for it.

So now I will take my broken, 35 year old body to bed . . .

Go team go - ow!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm A Runner!

I had many dreams growing up - I wanted to be a SCUBA Diver (professionally), be a veterinarian, a ballerina, earn a PhD, have a family.  I NEVER once dreamed I would want to be a runner.  My folks ran when I was younger, my Mom still runs every day.  I never really liked it.

But lately there is a change in the winds.  I started this year out with some cockamamie idea to finish a half marathon this year.  I began to enter 5Ks, run on treadmills, just putz around and run here and there.  But then I signed up for the USA Fit training on the island and things began to change.

I have gotten stronger, I smile now when I run.  I look forward to my runs, especially my long runs on the weekend - it's insane.  Today was one of those days for me.

My ankle has been irking me all week.  It has been tender, swollen, and crackling more than it usually does.  I was kinda worried about the interval training today - but no way was I gonna back out.  There are only a few weeks left in the program.  So I went.

We started out with a warm-up run of 0.94 miles - which I did in 11:27 minutes giving me a pace of 12:11/mile.  Are you kidding me?! On a bum ankle, hobbling here and there, I kept a decent pace.  I was blown away.  When I started this journey I was running 15:30/miles!

Then we did a few dynamic warm ups and prepped for sprints.  I started out in the back ready to take my honored position.  And the whistle went off, followed by us.  We had to run 45 seconds as hard as we could and then were granted a full minute recovery.  Ten times.  

I'd be lying if I didn't say I hurt.  My ankle was screaming.  But I just kept moving as hard as I could.  Even in the cloudiness and lower temperatures (it was only 88 degrees) I was dripping sweat.  I made it through the first 3 or 4 rounds without dying.  

And then I rounded the back of the track where Leno was standing.  He told me I had to dig deep and find another gear, really push it.  Holy hell - you gotta be kidding me!  But I tried.  He whistled, and off we went again on another 45 second sprint.  I went as deep as I could.  

Who knows what people around me must have thought as I grunted, panted, and pushed myself harder.  Then the 45 seconds were over, I stumbled heavily on my right leg and limped along until it was time to push myself again.

The next time I passed Leno - I swear I heard him say - "Starting to look like a runner."  I was absolutely flabbergasted, and I gotta say - a little proud.  

Of course I am pretty sure a runner should look like this:
All fit and fantastic.

I on the other hand think I look more like this when I run:

But hey - maybe someday I can be the other type of runner!

Anyway you slice it - today was a success.  I didn't rebreak my ankle, I didn't fall, I wasn't mentally pants'd, I felt great, I even ended the session smiling and happy.  

Hey - I'm a runner!

And just FYI - I did get a PhD and I get to SCUBA dive for my job - so dreams can come true.  That whole ballet thing was never gonna happen - I tend to be a lil clutzy!

And Saturday - is not only my BIRTHDAY, but I plan on running 6 miles (that way I can drink endless calories)!  Go team go - rah!!!!!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010


Today I was PANTS'd - not literally - thank God for that - but mentally.

I had hoped for a triumphant return to running club today.  I had hoped that we were not running Cherry Point.  I had hoped to run into John Cusack.  I don't think that is too much to ask.  But alas, only one of these things happened.

Who wouldn't want to run into this guy!  

We ran the garage today - and I honestly never thought I could say that with glee.  But I can, and I did.

We left the track and started running our almost mile over to the parking garage - and I'll be a pickled pig's foot if I didn't keep up with the pack for much of the run.  I actually finished BEFORE they started stretching, so I got to stretch out too!  How awesome is that!

But alas, my pride was short-lived.  We had to run up the parking garage and start our way BACK DOWN in three minutes - four times.  To quote Bill Murray - Mother Puss Bucket!

So up we went, and I felt good.  I felt strong - for about three of the five ramps.  And then I was tired.  We popped out like daisies from the shade of the ramps to the top and were to run all the way around and back down.  I had to stop and breathe a little, but tried jogging again.  Everyone else was gone - back to the land of the shade and downhill ramps.

Now here is where the fun begins - I never got back down those f'ing ramps.  I made the last turn to the bottom and here come the Go Fasters telling me to turn around and go up again.  It was excruciatingly embarrassing.  Like being pants'd in the middle of a high school auditorium and all you have on are underoos.

Kinda like this - but only happening in my head!

I was frozen.  But then I turned around and started back up.  Slowly.  Painfully.

The second time I made it to the top - there were cuss words.  I made the turn back to the downhill ramps and the shade, and was met by Coach Leno on the second ramp with water.  So I may be slow, I may be broken, but I did get water from my Coach!

Truly - I couldn't have been more thankful to someone than if he had John Cusack in his pocket.  And I drank and turned to go back.  I could wave at the ground floor, but never reach it.  It was like looking at a pair of shoes you really want to buy, but can't afford.

We did two more of these fun drills.  And Mom - ya - I sang me some "Follow the Yellow Brick Road."

But then it was over, and I could finally take my high school mortified self and slink back to the track.  Slowly.

So I averaged my best pace for a mile so far - ever.  I was mentally pants'd in front of the Go Fasters.  I sang showtunes.  And I almost damn near had to be carried back to the car.

But you know what - I had fun today.  Honestly.  I feel stronger, I look healthier, I fit my clothes better - hell - I almost have to buy some new pants.  And I rather enjoy my time alone with my thoughts.

I must be a glutton for embarrassing situations - because I am signing up to train for the half marathon with the running club.  No more be-bopping along on my own.  Now there will be others around while I grunt and sweat my way to 13.1 miles.

And Wednesday - sumbeetches.  Go team go - rah!

Super Duper State Park

Almost a month ago I attempted to run the beach in the state park nearby - it went quite badly.  I only did 4.5 miles that day, and have no idea how I even finished that!  I averaged a 15:11/mile pace, but I did not get all the way to the end of the park and back.

Saturday I decided to try again.  I am running a 10K on July 10 on East Beach and I wanted to make sure I would be able to run on sand and not be totally embarrassed.  I had taken much of this week off from running to make sure that my ankle was ok.  I twisted is last Monday, and it has been cranky with me all week long.  But I wasn't going to miss this run for anything - I had a plan!

Usually Fridays I stay home and be still, knowing I have to get up early that next morning and perform some kind of torturous event.  But this Friday was a sort-of exception.  This is my birth month - yes, I get an entire month to enjoy - it also happens to be the birth month of a friend of mine.

We had planned a trip to the beach on Saturday, but I invited her down on Friday for a relaxing Girl's Night.  We went out and ate juicy hamburgers from The Spot (think Fuddruckers, but better) while drinking beer and watching waves roll on.  Very relaxing dinner.

Then we headed back to the house to make Skittles Vodka.  So there we were - two June babies, sorting out Skittles by color to mix with vodka, drinking Skinny Girl margaritas, watching Beerfest.  Best Friday Girl's night ever!  But I didn't get to bed until after midnight, so I slept in a little on Saturday.

The alarm went off, and I began to prepare for the morning run -

compression socks - check
geeky bat-belt - check
running hat - check
sunscreen - check
ipod - check
sunglasses - check
shoes - check

And out I went.  I was only about 30 minutes later leaving that house than I had originally hoped for - so not too bad.  Since my first attempt to run the beach was so miserable, I decided that instead of running for a distance - I was going to run for time.  I had chosen to run for 90 minutes - roughly what I have run the last two weekends.  I figured that would allow me to take my own pace on the sand, not get frustrated if I was insanely slow, and just enjoy myself.  And wherever I was at 45 minutes, I would turn around and go home.

So I left the house, full of ideas and last-night's margaritas.  I had 24 oz of fluid with me, my phone, and some GU.  I like to be prepared for the worst, ya know!  I jogged out the first mile with a rough pace of 14:19/mile.  Hit my first walking break right as I hit the sand.

The beaches are currently covered in sargassum and in order to run on the nice, compact sand I could chose to either run in the water or on the smelly stuff.  I chose the smell.  Ugh!

But I had a pretty decent time on the second mile with a pace of 14:31/mile.  I was even enjoying my morning run.  I wasn't hungover, I wasn't tired, I was fine.  And the oddest thing happened - I was running, I was happy, and I looked up and saw the poles delineating the state park from the next neighborhood.

Holy freakin' hell!  I made it!  And just as I got to the posts, the ipod says "40 minutes have elapsed."  I thought to myself I could go just a little bit further - and then I decided not to get too crazy and turned back.

Can you see those houses WAY in the distance, that's my neighborhood - looks far huh!

But I made it!  I never thought I would make the state park boundary - that's what people like Lance Armstrong and Coach Leno can do - and I did it!  Granted - slowly, but hey - whatever gets you there!

Overall, I ran 4.84 miles with an average pace of 14:52/mile - much faster than my last attempt.  I walked 0.60 miles with an average pace of 20:54/miles.  And those walking breaks are really helping!

And then I went home, my friend awoke and we finished making the Skittles Vodka and waited for the rest of our friends to arrive.  It was a most happy weekend!

Yum!  And Monday - hills.  I think I will try not to turn my ankle again.  Go team go - rah.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cross Country Hills and Clumsy People

My mom once told me that one of the reasons I survived a mugging was because I was so clumsy that when I was hit over the head by my attackers, I fell off of a wall and into a construction site and not at the muggers feet.  True story. 

I trip over my own shoes in the hallways at work.  With that kind of grace and style it is no wonder that I always have a new mystery bruise everyday and aleve in bulk. 

But yesterday was Monday, hills training - my favorite.  It ranks right up there with public embarrassment - ohhh wait - it is public embarrassment - with pain.  Good times.

Actually I don't mind hills training so much - I have strong legs - I am about as fast as a herd of turtles stampeding through molasses - but I do have power and that makes me feel pretty good. 

We all met up at the track and both groups, the walk-to-runners and our group jogged east.  Now here is where my day got better - as we jogged 0.45 miles over to the hills area - I actually passed five people - ok - so they were walking - but I still passed them.  It's the little battles people, work with me here.

We arrive at the scene of the eminent torture.  On the other side of the fence above lies a grassy bayou, all dried up and ready for Leno to push us in hills.  Goody.  We all grab up some water, psych ourselves up, and he counts down. 

First circuit (split 3) I think I did pretty well.  I had an average moving pace of 10:23/mile and my best pace was 8:13/mile.  Not too bad.  My second circuit was even better number-wise (split 5), with my best pace of 7:42/mile. 

We reversed direction and began another circuit - we ran across the top of the bayou, turned to start the first downhill, and DAMNIT - left ankle turned in a hole.  So that circuit and the final one I did a short distance at a slower pace, but I did it. 

If you look closely, you can see the red arrow showing you were the hole where I turned my ankle. 

I hobbled my gimpy ass back to the track, completed the stretches and crunches, and took myself home to a nice relaxing dinner of spring greens with feta and some cheese and crackers while my leg was elevated on my couch with ice wrapped securely applied. 

But the good news is that due to the ice, aleve, biofreeze, and a solid night of sleep - my ankle is not very swollen and I am ready to go running again today. 

And Wednesday - track intervals!  Go team go - rah.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hard Body Heaven - and then not so much

I came into to town this weekend to get rid of two of the four monstrous dogs I have been looking after for over a month.  I drove in last night and enjoyed a restful time with Mom getting my hair highlighted, cut, and even straightened. 

This morning I got up on schedule at 0545, looked outside, saw it was still dark, and rolled back over.  No way in hell was I getting up before the sun.  Just ain't happening.

But I crawled out of bed about 20 minutes later, pulled on my new running dress and my compression socks.  I have been running in compression sleeves, but I had thought that getting the socks would help push the blood out of my ankle and keep it from swelling since I have been doing longer runs and am starting to hear some groans from the ole bones. 

Putting on compression socks is worse than putting on panty hose in August while you are either wet from a shower or sweaty from the heat - or both.  It took about 5 minutes and PLENTY of cuss words - quietly - my parents were downstairs asleep. 

But once the mission was completed, I grabbed up my bat-belt with a third bottle filled with Accelerade, my fancy hat, and my iPod and headed out.  I hit the Park around 0655, and was surprised to see how many runners were out and about.  Parking was insane.  But I managed to squeeze ole Bessie into a spot and slung myself out to run.

I felt pretty good.  And since last week's run went well - I stuck with the run 1.0 mile, walk 0.15 mile plan. 

So there I was surrounded by hot, little hard bodies.  Men with their shirts off running in skimpy shorts.  I think it may have helped my time.  For a while I had a great split because I was following good looking behind. 

But then there were the others.  The people who have tested the limits of spandex, or the people without shirts that ought not ever be shirtless.  Or my personal favorite - the wookie.  It was when these people were near me that I chose to find solace in the scenery.  Butterflies and pretty, happy things to overcome the running nightmares. 

And then there were the hard body hotties with not enough clothing on.  All I can say is that you start to stare because they are good looking, and then you start to think that just maybe those shorts should be a little longer.  Like enough to cover your behind.  I'm just sayin' . . .

But the first couple of miles I felt pretty great.  Well, actually the first mile my body was just waking up, but it was still moving at a decent pace.  Around mile four I began to realize that six miles was a good sized distance.  But I had to get back to Bessie one way or another, so I kept running.  I took my last walking break at around 4.6 miles and ran the rest of the way back. 

It was starting to get hotter, hell - it was 83 degrees when I hit the park before 0700!  But I pushed through and finished out the six miles.  And I must say that my Saturday runs are helping me feel more confident - every Saturday is a new personal best.  Mostly because I have never run more than a 5K before this January and today I ran 6 FREAKIN MILES - maybe not a big thing to you - but for me that's monumental. 

In the end, my average running time was 14:05/mile, with walking breaks that averaged18:23/mile.  I cooled off during the walk to find my car - yes, I had forgotten where I parked her.   So?!  And headed home with a smile on my face and singing along to "Pocket Full of Sunshine."

This is not me singing, this is me at stop light.
I burned about 1000 calories during my run this morning (so my BodyBugg says), and I had bacon for lunch.  Bacon good - how I have missed you.  Tonight - the A-Team and beers with some gal pals, and . . .

Monday - hills.  Go team go - rah.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Son of a Beetch

Well - my redemption was short-lived. 

I love Texas - seriously.  I moved here when I was not quite 10 years old from a state that shall remain nameless, but has produced my favorite football team (hint: Terry Bradshaw, Mean Joe Green, Terrible Towel, Football Polka).  I think living in that state also helped me with my love of hockey, that and Strange Brew (He was in the crease!  Take off you hoser).  And just in case there are any doubt - yes - I am a Southerner - I was born south of the Mason-Dixon Line.  So there! 

But I digress.

I took Monday off.  Ya - I wasn't sick, I wasn't hurt.  I was just tired.  It has been a stressful month and a half for me.  Mystery poo, four dogs, dating new men-type people, closing in on my performance review, parents out of country, lost my favorite flip flops, etc etc etc

And Monday was the culmination of all of these things.  So while I know I SHOULD have run, I just didn't want to.  So instead I watched some old episodes of Deadliest Catch and read a book.  Go Team Lazy!

Tuesday I worked out with my trainer, I hate him.  Kidding!  But I ran the treadmill on inclines and high speeds for about 10 minutes and then jumped on the Precor ADT for 20 minutes at resistance 20 before I let him torture me with squats and arm weights. 

But Wednesday, sweet Hump Day, the day where the weekend is so close you can smell the beer - Wednesday you failed me.

Or maybe I failed you.

Because many of the USA Fit members are running a 5K this weekend the training schedule for the week was slightly off.  We were to run intervals on Monday (I skipped), and a 3 mile run on Wednesday.  When we showed up Annette was asking about the 3 miles, and was promptly told that for our group it was really FIVE.  Really!?  We would run a 1 mile warm-up, followed by 3 miles, and a 1 mile cool-down.  Ya - that's gonna happen!

She negotiated it down to a possible 4 miles and even got the turn around for the 3 miles.  My new hero. 

So I had planned on doing either the 3 or 4 miles depending on how I felt.  I switched on my Garmin while in Fit2Run (thus the lack of satellite tracking for the first 0.3 miles) and we left.  I actually kept up with the crowd for about 30 seconds.  Maybe I started out too fast again.  Damn!

But regardless, it was hot.  I just couldn't hold on - Texas's weather conquered me.  I had to stop and walk.  It was just so hot and the between the humidity and the sunscreen I wear, my sweat just clung ot me.  If you notice above, any up-spike in blue is a walking pace or a Imma Vomit pace - pick one. 

Oddly enough when I run in Texas I never think about the elevation - there is none.  And then you look at something like this and see changes of 10 feet up and down and with the pace overlaid it makes for an interesting analysis.  

But - I ran to the SeaWall.  There was Steve bouncing up and down waiting for me, making sure I was doing ok.  Seems I was the last one to the SeaWall - yea that helps the ole ego!  I told him I was fine, he bolted to catch up to his walk-to runners - seriously - they were ahead of me.  Bye bye self-confidence!

But I made it to the Hotel Galvez where Kim was waiting with the water.  The walk-to-runners were all standing around all chatty and happy.  I showed up and got some water and talked a bit.  They headed back.  I stretched my calves and turned to go back. 

Now here is one of the best parts, I am on the SeaWall near 24th street and I get passed by two of the GoFasters that are on their way back from 5 mile turn around.  Sonofabeetch!  One even told me I was doing good.  Bwahahahahaha - but seriously I did appreciate that - I think I grunted thanks. 

On the way back down 25th street I must have looked like a mad woman.  I was arguing with myself.  For those of you who don't know me that well, or perhaps have never seen me argue - there is flailing involved.  So I am running down the street, I begin to shake me head, I begin to feel nauseous, I stop to walk, I begin to flail my arms and talk to myself OUT LOUD about how I need to run.  I begin to run.  Ya - I'm awesome - I know.

I basically repeated this action until I was passed by another walk-to-runner and had to shape up and become sane again.  I made my turn on to Church street and only had two blocks to go.  I've got my iPod on, I'm grooving to some Beastie Boys, and then I squeak.  I can't hear squat - except my music.  And all of a sudden people pass me on both sides.  Margaret, Leno and another Go Faster are trekking back from their 5 miles and split me.  So I squeaked like a teenager.  Nice.

And then it was over - blessed St. Sebastian received my thanks and gratitude for getting me back in one piece.  Which by the way I find interesting.  I finally looked up St. Sebastian, and it turns out he was tied to a tree and SHOT WITH ARROWS repeatedly.  And he survived only to be beaten to death later - all for being a Christian.  And THIS guy is the patron saint of athletes (and against the plague)- DAMN!

So it turns out I did 3.35 miles in 46:42 minutes, giving me a calculated pace of 13:56/mile overall.  Not my best, but not my worst either. 

So Saturday - 6 miles.  Go team go - rah.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Runner Redeem Thyself!

Last Saturday was a miserable run - it was hot, I was sick, mosquitoes were present en masse, and I wound up walking about half of my 5 miles.  I felt kinda defeated.

This weekend I was supposed to for a 1 mile time trial and 2 extra miles, but chose instead to repeat my 5 mile run from last weekend.  I had talked to my training buddy in Alabama and she suggested I add walk breaks into my runs as per the Galloway method.  So that was my plan - take back my pride and my dignity and add short walk breaks to the run.

I woke up around 0630, fed all four dogs (yes, I still have all of them), and dressed for my run.  I laced up my shoes and realized I had forgotten to pull on my compression sleeves.  Crap!  But I was just too lazy to unlace my shoes, take them off, and pull the sleeves on - so I went without them. 

I walked outside, lathered up with big spray and sunscreen and entered my running zone.  Billy Joel's "Pressure" was beating in my ears, my Garmin was on, and I was ready. 

I ran down the street and finished my first mile feeling pretty good.  The weather when I left the house was about 74 degrees with 91% humidity - welcome to Texas!  I had thought that instead of doing a walk break defined by time I would do it by distance.  So after every mile I would walk 0.15 mile. 

Honestly, I think was my best run since I started training.  I felt really good nearly the whole way through.  There was even shade!  I think I even thanked God for a stop sign at one point, just for the nanosecond of sun relief I got from it.

I started to get hot around mile 3.5 or so, and around mile 4 - I had this pain on my side which I thought was from the tag of my shirt.  Turns out something happened between my hydro belt and my tech shirt, and I have a huge gash along my side from the rubbing during the last 1.5 miles of the day.  Ugh! 

And since I felt just that awesome - I even added another 0.5 miles.  So my total run was 5.5 miles!  I will say that the when I started running the 5th mile I was feeling it.  So I only ran about 0.5 miles, and then walked another 0.15 miles, closing out the 5.5 miles with a 0.25 mile run back to the house. 

If you look at my splits you can see that the actual runs held an average pace of 14:16, which is well within my long distance runs training pace.  According to Runner's World I should be training for a long run at between 15:40 - 17:24/mile - but as slow as I am - I just don't think I could even manage that!

After I stretched and walked upstairs to drown my run in ice water I looked at the weather - in the time I was gone the temperature had climbed 10 more degrees to a whopping 86 by 0840 still with the 91% humidity.  Damn!

After I inspected my new runner's gash, I noticed that my shirt had about 3 dry spots on it after running for about an hour and 25 minutes.  I had a U shaped dry spot where my jog bra was, and two teeny spots over my shoulder blades - nice. 

I think that this past Saturday more than made up for the two previous weeks that led me to think I must have been doing something wrong.  I am not sure I want to complete a half marathon walking - I hope to be able to run the entire thing, but if adding walk breaks gets me to complete my long runs on Saturdays in the middle of a Texas summer home safely - then so be it.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Tuberculosis and Sprints - New Torture!

I apologize for the lateness of this post - but I have been having internet issues.  I hope to have that resolved this week.  But the show must go on . . .

Wednesday was my return to USA Fit training after missing all of last week and this Monday due to Memorial Day.  I was honestly happy to be back, but I was still feeling a little under the weather.

I had cancelled my training this week on Tuesday and Thursday since I was supposed to be at sea those days, but the trip was delayed due to our ship being reassigned for BP clean-up crews.  So Tuesday I went to the gym and used the stairstepper and the precor ADT, and even ran on the treadmill at incline 7 hoping to simulate the parking garage Leno makes us run.  Not a lengthy workout, but still a workout nonetheless.

So I showed up Wednesday in an incredibly mis-matched outfit, looking like a zombie and singing along to EMF - Ohhh - You're Unbelievable!  We did our standard 1.2 mile warm-up and I did pretty well.  I stayed with the pack for a longer period of time, but then I dropped back and even had to walk a few ticks due to a coughing jag. 

Once back at the track we did our silly warm-ups and were then told that our sprints this week would be 1 min on, 1 min rest; 2 min on, 2 min rest; 3 min on, 3 min rest; 3 min on, 3 min rest; 2 min on, 2 min rest; 1 min on, 1 min rest.  Holy hell.

Knowing I was sick - I didn't give it 100% - I am sure of that, but I did give it all could.  At the end of the 1 min sprint, I started coughing and bile was hanging out in my throat teasing me with a full-on vomit.  As it turns out I have shy bile - after the entire sprint sets I still hadn't thrown up, but still had the taste in my mouth and was coughing like a mad person. 

I was asked if I was OK a few times, and even asked if I had TB while we were doing our plank and crunches.  It was a really rough day for me - I gotta say.  But I made it through and felt pretty good about that. 

I also was admonished for looking at my Garmin too often to track my pace, and I need to get better about just running and not focusing on the speed or distance - just do the drills and focus on that.  I will aim to do that on Monday.

Regardless - another fun day of torture and one more training day closer to my half marathon.

Go team go - rah.