Monday, June 28, 2010

Birthday Blues

Saturday was my 35th birthday!

I had planned for a perfect weekend:
  • pedicure with a friend and massage on Friday
  • a fancy dinner with my parents that night
  • a six mile run at Memorial Park Saturday morning
  • lunch with girlfriends
  • dinner and drinks with the rowdy friends
  • crawl out from under a hangover while watching soccer

It was the perfect plan.  And as with much in life - it didn't go accordingly.

Friday I got up, hit the gym for a quick 30 minute session on the Precor ADT machine.  Then I met a girlfriend for pedicures and a light lunch, followed by a massage.  I arrived at my parent's house refreshed with pretty toenails and the best birthday blessing I could imagine:

May your pedicure last longer than your hangover.

Can you think of a better wish for my birthday celebrations - I can't!

But sadly, all was not well in Parent Land.  The tree guys were 5 hours late so we missed our reservation at the fancy dinner and instead home cooked some steaks to rival that of any hoity-toity place.  Mom had made me a fancy strawberry birthday cake and we have champagne and sinful foods.  What a night!

Saturday I slept in WAY too late - I didn't leave the house to go run until after 0800.  It was already 90 degrees when I left the house - eep!  I also left the house with my Dad's words ringing in my ears.  I had told them about my leg pains and Dad said that if I tried for anything over 3 miles, I was an idiot.

Due to the lateness of the day, I trekked over to a running trail close to home and hopped out of the car ready to run.  I was stiff and sore, but I was ready.

I went out at a modest pace thinking I would make three laps of the loop for the six miles I was hoping for.  I had the usual groans in my head and body through the first mile, but kept a decent 13:00/mile pace even with the heat.

I hit my first walking break, and noticed I was limping - badly.  Not good.

I started back up running and realized that my right calf was trying to separate itself from my bone and split into two pieces.  And there was something in my left ankle that was stabbing me through the back of  my leg - maybe one of my pins moved!!!

Holy mother of all that is good  - and ummm holy - I just wanted to curl up and die - but my car was still about a half mile away.

And in my head all I heard was a broken record about not being good enough, not being able to do this, etc etc etc - any negative thing you can think of - I thought.  And then I hit the reset button - I have recently read that you can help program your mind to overcome the negative thinking by physically tapping your watch and picturing a reset button - so I tried it - and I told myself that pain or no - I was out - I was trying - and it was my birthday damnit - so there would be beer in a few hours.

That helped.

I made it back to the car and sat down to drive home and found that moving the pedals was not easy.  Crap.  I am not a good driver when not cramping and in pain.  But I made the drive home without killing or maiming anyone.  And it wasn't too long ago people feared my car on the road due to my driving, but I am much better now.  See - the power of positive thinking!

At home my Dad made me a perfect guyere and chive omelet while I sat with Aleve in my system, frozen carrots on my legs, and champagne in my hand.

The rest of the weekend went pretty much as planned - lunch, drinks, dancing, drunks, hangover, soccer.

But the good news is that my pedicure still looks fabulous and my hangover evaporated Sunday somewhere around the second half of the Argentina v Mexico game.

The bad news is that my left ankle is swollen, my right calf is tender to the touch, I am limping, and I skipped training with the group today.

And even though my family nickname is "Idiot" (true - my brother's is "Fool") - I have been smart enough to look in on getting an appointment with an ortho to check on my leg.

But I am planning on hitting the gym tomorrow for some light cardio and weights and making it to Wednesday's training session.  We are winding down the Go Fasters program and I want to be there for it.

So now I will take my broken, 35 year old body to bed . . .

Go team go - ow!

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