Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cross Country Hills and Clumsy People

My mom once told me that one of the reasons I survived a mugging was because I was so clumsy that when I was hit over the head by my attackers, I fell off of a wall and into a construction site and not at the muggers feet.  True story. 

I trip over my own shoes in the hallways at work.  With that kind of grace and style it is no wonder that I always have a new mystery bruise everyday and aleve in bulk. 

But yesterday was Monday, hills training - my favorite.  It ranks right up there with public embarrassment - ohhh wait - it is public embarrassment - with pain.  Good times.

Actually I don't mind hills training so much - I have strong legs - I am about as fast as a herd of turtles stampeding through molasses - but I do have power and that makes me feel pretty good. 

We all met up at the track and both groups, the walk-to-runners and our group jogged east.  Now here is where my day got better - as we jogged 0.45 miles over to the hills area - I actually passed five people - ok - so they were walking - but I still passed them.  It's the little battles people, work with me here.

We arrive at the scene of the eminent torture.  On the other side of the fence above lies a grassy bayou, all dried up and ready for Leno to push us in hills.  Goody.  We all grab up some water, psych ourselves up, and he counts down. 

First circuit (split 3) I think I did pretty well.  I had an average moving pace of 10:23/mile and my best pace was 8:13/mile.  Not too bad.  My second circuit was even better number-wise (split 5), with my best pace of 7:42/mile. 

We reversed direction and began another circuit - we ran across the top of the bayou, turned to start the first downhill, and DAMNIT - left ankle turned in a hole.  So that circuit and the final one I did a short distance at a slower pace, but I did it. 

If you look closely, you can see the red arrow showing you were the hole where I turned my ankle. 

I hobbled my gimpy ass back to the track, completed the stretches and crunches, and took myself home to a nice relaxing dinner of spring greens with feta and some cheese and crackers while my leg was elevated on my couch with ice wrapped securely applied. 

But the good news is that due to the ice, aleve, biofreeze, and a solid night of sleep - my ankle is not very swollen and I am ready to go running again today. 

And Wednesday - track intervals!  Go team go - rah.

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