Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hard Body Heaven - and then not so much

I came into to town this weekend to get rid of two of the four monstrous dogs I have been looking after for over a month.  I drove in last night and enjoyed a restful time with Mom getting my hair highlighted, cut, and even straightened. 

This morning I got up on schedule at 0545, looked outside, saw it was still dark, and rolled back over.  No way in hell was I getting up before the sun.  Just ain't happening.

But I crawled out of bed about 20 minutes later, pulled on my new running dress and my compression socks.  I have been running in compression sleeves, but I had thought that getting the socks would help push the blood out of my ankle and keep it from swelling since I have been doing longer runs and am starting to hear some groans from the ole bones. 

Putting on compression socks is worse than putting on panty hose in August while you are either wet from a shower or sweaty from the heat - or both.  It took about 5 minutes and PLENTY of cuss words - quietly - my parents were downstairs asleep. 

But once the mission was completed, I grabbed up my bat-belt with a third bottle filled with Accelerade, my fancy hat, and my iPod and headed out.  I hit the Park around 0655, and was surprised to see how many runners were out and about.  Parking was insane.  But I managed to squeeze ole Bessie into a spot and slung myself out to run.

I felt pretty good.  And since last week's run went well - I stuck with the run 1.0 mile, walk 0.15 mile plan. 

So there I was surrounded by hot, little hard bodies.  Men with their shirts off running in skimpy shorts.  I think it may have helped my time.  For a while I had a great split because I was following good looking behind. 

But then there were the others.  The people who have tested the limits of spandex, or the people without shirts that ought not ever be shirtless.  Or my personal favorite - the wookie.  It was when these people were near me that I chose to find solace in the scenery.  Butterflies and pretty, happy things to overcome the running nightmares. 

And then there were the hard body hotties with not enough clothing on.  All I can say is that you start to stare because they are good looking, and then you start to think that just maybe those shorts should be a little longer.  Like enough to cover your behind.  I'm just sayin' . . .

But the first couple of miles I felt pretty great.  Well, actually the first mile my body was just waking up, but it was still moving at a decent pace.  Around mile four I began to realize that six miles was a good sized distance.  But I had to get back to Bessie one way or another, so I kept running.  I took my last walking break at around 4.6 miles and ran the rest of the way back. 

It was starting to get hotter, hell - it was 83 degrees when I hit the park before 0700!  But I pushed through and finished out the six miles.  And I must say that my Saturday runs are helping me feel more confident - every Saturday is a new personal best.  Mostly because I have never run more than a 5K before this January and today I ran 6 FREAKIN MILES - maybe not a big thing to you - but for me that's monumental. 

In the end, my average running time was 14:05/mile, with walking breaks that averaged18:23/mile.  I cooled off during the walk to find my car - yes, I had forgotten where I parked her.   So?!  And headed home with a smile on my face and singing along to "Pocket Full of Sunshine."

This is not me singing, this is me at stop light.
I burned about 1000 calories during my run this morning (so my BodyBugg says), and I had bacon for lunch.  Bacon good - how I have missed you.  Tonight - the A-Team and beers with some gal pals, and . . .

Monday - hills.  Go team go - rah.

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