Monday, June 21, 2010


Today I was PANTS'd - not literally - thank God for that - but mentally.

I had hoped for a triumphant return to running club today.  I had hoped that we were not running Cherry Point.  I had hoped to run into John Cusack.  I don't think that is too much to ask.  But alas, only one of these things happened.

Who wouldn't want to run into this guy!  

We ran the garage today - and I honestly never thought I could say that with glee.  But I can, and I did.

We left the track and started running our almost mile over to the parking garage - and I'll be a pickled pig's foot if I didn't keep up with the pack for much of the run.  I actually finished BEFORE they started stretching, so I got to stretch out too!  How awesome is that!

But alas, my pride was short-lived.  We had to run up the parking garage and start our way BACK DOWN in three minutes - four times.  To quote Bill Murray - Mother Puss Bucket!

So up we went, and I felt good.  I felt strong - for about three of the five ramps.  And then I was tired.  We popped out like daisies from the shade of the ramps to the top and were to run all the way around and back down.  I had to stop and breathe a little, but tried jogging again.  Everyone else was gone - back to the land of the shade and downhill ramps.

Now here is where the fun begins - I never got back down those f'ing ramps.  I made the last turn to the bottom and here come the Go Fasters telling me to turn around and go up again.  It was excruciatingly embarrassing.  Like being pants'd in the middle of a high school auditorium and all you have on are underoos.

Kinda like this - but only happening in my head!

I was frozen.  But then I turned around and started back up.  Slowly.  Painfully.

The second time I made it to the top - there were cuss words.  I made the turn back to the downhill ramps and the shade, and was met by Coach Leno on the second ramp with water.  So I may be slow, I may be broken, but I did get water from my Coach!

Truly - I couldn't have been more thankful to someone than if he had John Cusack in his pocket.  And I drank and turned to go back.  I could wave at the ground floor, but never reach it.  It was like looking at a pair of shoes you really want to buy, but can't afford.

We did two more of these fun drills.  And Mom - ya - I sang me some "Follow the Yellow Brick Road."

But then it was over, and I could finally take my high school mortified self and slink back to the track.  Slowly.

So I averaged my best pace for a mile so far - ever.  I was mentally pants'd in front of the Go Fasters.  I sang showtunes.  And I almost damn near had to be carried back to the car.

But you know what - I had fun today.  Honestly.  I feel stronger, I look healthier, I fit my clothes better - hell - I almost have to buy some new pants.  And I rather enjoy my time alone with my thoughts.

I must be a glutton for embarrassing situations - because I am signing up to train for the half marathon with the running club.  No more be-bopping along on my own.  Now there will be others around while I grunt and sweat my way to 13.1 miles.

And Wednesday - sumbeetches.  Go team go - rah!

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