Thursday, June 10, 2010

Son of a Beetch

Well - my redemption was short-lived. 

I love Texas - seriously.  I moved here when I was not quite 10 years old from a state that shall remain nameless, but has produced my favorite football team (hint: Terry Bradshaw, Mean Joe Green, Terrible Towel, Football Polka).  I think living in that state also helped me with my love of hockey, that and Strange Brew (He was in the crease!  Take off you hoser).  And just in case there are any doubt - yes - I am a Southerner - I was born south of the Mason-Dixon Line.  So there! 

But I digress.

I took Monday off.  Ya - I wasn't sick, I wasn't hurt.  I was just tired.  It has been a stressful month and a half for me.  Mystery poo, four dogs, dating new men-type people, closing in on my performance review, parents out of country, lost my favorite flip flops, etc etc etc

And Monday was the culmination of all of these things.  So while I know I SHOULD have run, I just didn't want to.  So instead I watched some old episodes of Deadliest Catch and read a book.  Go Team Lazy!

Tuesday I worked out with my trainer, I hate him.  Kidding!  But I ran the treadmill on inclines and high speeds for about 10 minutes and then jumped on the Precor ADT for 20 minutes at resistance 20 before I let him torture me with squats and arm weights. 

But Wednesday, sweet Hump Day, the day where the weekend is so close you can smell the beer - Wednesday you failed me.

Or maybe I failed you.

Because many of the USA Fit members are running a 5K this weekend the training schedule for the week was slightly off.  We were to run intervals on Monday (I skipped), and a 3 mile run on Wednesday.  When we showed up Annette was asking about the 3 miles, and was promptly told that for our group it was really FIVE.  Really!?  We would run a 1 mile warm-up, followed by 3 miles, and a 1 mile cool-down.  Ya - that's gonna happen!

She negotiated it down to a possible 4 miles and even got the turn around for the 3 miles.  My new hero. 

So I had planned on doing either the 3 or 4 miles depending on how I felt.  I switched on my Garmin while in Fit2Run (thus the lack of satellite tracking for the first 0.3 miles) and we left.  I actually kept up with the crowd for about 30 seconds.  Maybe I started out too fast again.  Damn!

But regardless, it was hot.  I just couldn't hold on - Texas's weather conquered me.  I had to stop and walk.  It was just so hot and the between the humidity and the sunscreen I wear, my sweat just clung ot me.  If you notice above, any up-spike in blue is a walking pace or a Imma Vomit pace - pick one. 

Oddly enough when I run in Texas I never think about the elevation - there is none.  And then you look at something like this and see changes of 10 feet up and down and with the pace overlaid it makes for an interesting analysis.  

But - I ran to the SeaWall.  There was Steve bouncing up and down waiting for me, making sure I was doing ok.  Seems I was the last one to the SeaWall - yea that helps the ole ego!  I told him I was fine, he bolted to catch up to his walk-to runners - seriously - they were ahead of me.  Bye bye self-confidence!

But I made it to the Hotel Galvez where Kim was waiting with the water.  The walk-to-runners were all standing around all chatty and happy.  I showed up and got some water and talked a bit.  They headed back.  I stretched my calves and turned to go back. 

Now here is one of the best parts, I am on the SeaWall near 24th street and I get passed by two of the GoFasters that are on their way back from 5 mile turn around.  Sonofabeetch!  One even told me I was doing good.  Bwahahahahaha - but seriously I did appreciate that - I think I grunted thanks. 

On the way back down 25th street I must have looked like a mad woman.  I was arguing with myself.  For those of you who don't know me that well, or perhaps have never seen me argue - there is flailing involved.  So I am running down the street, I begin to shake me head, I begin to feel nauseous, I stop to walk, I begin to flail my arms and talk to myself OUT LOUD about how I need to run.  I begin to run.  Ya - I'm awesome - I know.

I basically repeated this action until I was passed by another walk-to-runner and had to shape up and become sane again.  I made my turn on to Church street and only had two blocks to go.  I've got my iPod on, I'm grooving to some Beastie Boys, and then I squeak.  I can't hear squat - except my music.  And all of a sudden people pass me on both sides.  Margaret, Leno and another Go Faster are trekking back from their 5 miles and split me.  So I squeaked like a teenager.  Nice.

And then it was over - blessed St. Sebastian received my thanks and gratitude for getting me back in one piece.  Which by the way I find interesting.  I finally looked up St. Sebastian, and it turns out he was tied to a tree and SHOT WITH ARROWS repeatedly.  And he survived only to be beaten to death later - all for being a Christian.  And THIS guy is the patron saint of athletes (and against the plague)- DAMN!

So it turns out I did 3.35 miles in 46:42 minutes, giving me a calculated pace of 13:56/mile overall.  Not my best, but not my worst either. 

So Saturday - 6 miles.  Go team go - rah.

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