Saturday, July 31, 2010

Treadmill Trials

Remember my insane week . . . well I forgot to mention that not only was I going through power surges - but I have been without TV for about 2 months and internet for almost 2 weeks.

Soooo - I packed up up the insane dog posse and drove to my parent's house.  The Fit2Run group was planning to run 5 miles this morning at 0545 using the 4/1 method.  I was going to do the same.

However, in all that is classic Brooke - I just couldn't get up that early.  The bed was extra comfy, all three dogs were curled up and cuddly - so I turned off the alarm.

But wait race fans that isn't the end of my story.

I got up around 0720 and decided that since the heat was already moving - I would run inside.  Aside from the internet and cable available to me at my parent's place - they have a TREADMILL - and a nice one too!

So I pulled on some clothes, grabbed my tune-age, and headed up to what used to be my childhood bedroom and now holds the treadmill.  Surrounded by the remains of pink artifacts and puzzles that my mother and I pieced together and framed, I started my run.

I ran my 4 minute intervals at a 12:30/mile pace, and walked the 1 minute at a 20:00/mile pace.

I also discovered something new today.  I hate treadmills.

Now don't get me wrong, they serve a fine purpose - they help Texans run long distances without dying in the heat.  But for some reason I am not a fan.  The treadmill seems to create aches in my bones rather than in the muscles like when I am running on the street.

And there there is nothing to look at.  No flowers, no yards, no people to wave at, no dogs to run from.  Just a white room with a young girl's childhood hanging on the walls.

I even tried a little daydreaming to break up the monotony of the view - and realized that closing my eyes while on a treadmill was the best way to break another bone.

So - that was the end of the daydreaming.

But I finished my run, went just over 5 miles with an average run pace of 12:30/mile (according to the treadmill).  I even averaged an overall pace of 13:21/mile - with the walking!

I think I am totally gonna celebrate with some very unhealthy food and BEER!  I have found that not only do I enjoy running, but I am absolutely thrilled that I can burn 800 calories in an hour and can thus drink me some beers!

Go team go - chug chug

Friday, July 30, 2010

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Weary Wednesday

I haven't slept well all week.

Let me set the scene for you - I am babysitting my parent's dog, as well as living with my two dogs and my cat.  I have a dog who is a little nervous, and a raving, psychotic cat.

Since Monday my house has been undergoing cyclical power surges.  This means that all lights get very bright, and then the power flickers off - leaving the UPSs and the AC units to beep until they flicker back on.  When the lights do come back on, they dim up and down for a while until finding a happy medium.  This happened about 2-3 times every 10 minutes.

So basically I have been afraid that my house was going to burn down around me while I would be herding animals in an attempt to escape.  And not only was I going insane - but my cow dog decided that the beeping and odd lighting was scary and tried to sleep under and behind furniture.  So she would shove her way behind the couch and get stuck, or claw her way under the dresser and sleep on top of my running shoes.  Each time the power cycled off, she freaked and changed hide-outs.

And don't even get me started on the cat - that monster took the beeps as her cue to go into superfreak mode.  So each and every time the power went off she became turbo-charged and ran through the house with a keening wail - leaping off the pillows on the bed (where my head was), over baby gates, under furniture, knocking over anything in her 10 pound way.

So - like I said - I haven't slept well all week.

I came home from work yesterday and met the power company (again).  Fingers crossed that this time they would actually fix the problem.  Happily, they were able to.

However, as my calves were still solid from my run on Monday in my new Newtons and I was exhausted from all of the fun nights I have had this week - the last thing I wanted to do was run.

But I did anyway.

I went out sometime after 7pm in my Newtons to run a few miles.  I still had a full belly from my 6pm feeding, but figured that if I was sick during the run - that was punishment for the pizza I had.  Catholic guilt even covers eating habits - who knew!

I went out feeling pretty good, my calves loosened up a little, and I was singing along to my music.  After 4 minutes of running, I walked my 1 minute.  Then I was told to run in 3, 2, 1 - run.  Over and over again.

As I think I might have gone too far on Monday - I only planned for a 2 mile run.  I hit my one mile and turned back to go home.

I hit my driveway, winded and feeling pretty strong.

A nice, short run to end my day.

And the numbers - holy hell!

Overall, for the 4 minute run times I average a moving pace of 11:50/mile.  WTF!

Back in April at the first Fit2Run session we did a time trial.  We had to run 1 mile, tested for 2 miles, and ran back to the store (1 mile) - my time that day was 13:54/mile.  When I first started running on New Year's Eve, my average pace was 15:05/mile.

Now I know that I am kinda cheating with the whole run/walk thing - but anyway you look at this - I got faster!  I am kinda blown away.

Today I plan on cranking out 4 miles.  Should prove interesting.

Oh - and last night - slept like a baby curled up in a full sized bed with two 90# dogs, one 55# dog, and a 10# cat.  Bliss!

Go team go - grrrrrrr!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I am a girl.
I am sometimes a girly-girl.
I LOVE shoes!

I have been running in my Asics since January, and the mileage has been stacking up.  I think those shoes have over 250 miles on them.  I know that is no where near the toss-out number, but the problem is that I no longer have a back-up pair to run in.
Pretty in Pink!

Once I started running I found out that the compression in the shoe needs time to refresh, so running in the same shoes every day would lead to a shoe with no ability to compress.  And someone with my kinda injuries needs the cushion.

I had been fitted for a pair of running shoes at a running store in Houston, and I liked them at the time - jogging back and forth on their inside floor.   They fit me in a shoe that is a full size and a half larger than what I normally wear as they said I would need the room once I started hitting some major distances.  I trusted them, the shoes felt pretty good, so out I went with a pair of Adias Adistars.
Turns out though that they were just too big.  I could never get comfortable in them while running.  I might have needed the length and the width to swell into, but when I wasn't all swollen from the distance I swam in these boats.  The were totally uncomfy.  I even set out one morning to run 4 miles and turned back around completing only 2.5 mile as the pain from these shoes was just too much.

I had been thinking about this whole natural running fad and the Newton Running shoes for a while now.  The concept is to move people away from a heel strike and into a fore-foot strike, which is the more natural way.  This means that the very first thing that takes the impact is your muscles rather than your heels and bones.  My only worry is that if running on my midfoot would cause my calf muscles and already weak ankle to be very unhappy with me.

But given that there is a return policy and that I like to try new things - I came home last Saturday with these bad boys in my bag:

The Newton Lady Isaac.  And sadly - they didn't have pink - but the neon green is pretty sweet.

I was excited about giving them a try, and Monday night I did just that.  Now being that it is me we are talking about I read the enclosed information, and promptly decided to not follow instructions.  

Do you see the bit circled - that is where it says not not do more than a mile or so each time you go out in the first weeks so that your muscles can build up and adapt to the shoes and the new running style.

I did 3.07 miles Monday.

I are an Aggie - I purty smurt.

Now what is pretty awesome is that I ran a full 2.74 miles while walking the remaining 0.31 miles.  I had an average running pace of 13:08/mile (using the 4/1 run-walk method).  I even sprinted out the last of the run with a pace of about 9:40/mile.

However, about two miles into my run my right calf muscle became solid.  It refused to flex and relax anymore.  It was as if it was telling me how it had read the warning in the shoe box and it was going to follow the directions.  But hey - being a smarty - I just kept going.  

So now my calves are on strike.  I look like an ancient person hobbling up and down steps.  I tried to appease them with a hot shower, some icy hot, and slept in my compression sleeves Monday night.  But they are not satisfied.  So I might have to take them out for sushi and try to convince them to work for me, instead of against me.  Maybe I can talk them into to creating a union and supplying me with demands that I mist follow.  Nah - that's too much like rules and we all know how well I follow those!

But regardless - I LOVE my new shoes.  

So Tuesday was an off day for me.  I tried some yoga, but even that the calves balked at.  But today we are running - so suck it up calves!  

Go team go- rah!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday, Monday

Can't trust that day . . .

Or something like that.

Wow - it has been a week since I should have posted this.  But as life usually does to us all - I was swamped.

I worked a long day Monday to prep for a trip to Corpus for work.  Then I carried my tired butt home to try and get a run in.   You see - last week was a nightmare of epic proportions.

Between babysitting my parent's dog (again), the work trip to Corpus to dive transects in strong currents, dating a new boy with his own insane schedule, and my bizarre life - I am wiped out!

But Monday I came home from work, got knocked over by the three huge dogs, fought my way to my room, changed into my running shoes, got knocked over by three huge dogs trying to get back outside, and approached the street.

Now when I say I "approached the street" - what I really mean is that I walked casually toward it while waiting for my Garmin to find a satellite and while spewing some very colorful language.

I had decided that I would continue with the 3 minute run followed by a 1 minute walk - like we did on Saturday at the USA Fit Half training thing (need new acronym - I'll work on that).

Soo - I started out.

I went out in the first three minutes with an average moving pace of 11:00/mile.  Holy hell!  Then I walked.  Then I ran, 11:33/mile pace.  Over, and over again.

I ran roughly 27:45 minutes of a 35:51 minute run, or 2.29 miles of a 2.65 mile run.

Either way you slice it - I average a running pace of 11:48/mile and a walking pace of 20:26/mile.

That is thoroughly insane!  I have never moved that quickly - I even had some leftover at the end for a 9:29/mile sprint down the street I live on.  Seriously - never before.

I am still shocked by my performance, and sadly have not had a chance to repeat it. After that run Monday night, I prepped for and left for Corpus.  Tuesday was a long day of loading/unloading and driving.  Wednesday I spent all day on a boat and almost three hours in the water.  It was rough with a strong current, and a task-heavy dive plan.  So needless to say - I slept great that night and had no time for a run.  Thursday the weather kept us from diving, so we loaded back up and drove back to the office, offloaded and I went home and prepped for seeing the new boy before he headed out on a vacation.

Friday I recovered.

Saturday - I was supposed to run with the group 4 miles in a 4/1 ran/walk split.  But honestly, there was no way I could drag myself out of bed.  I tried - I had three alarms set, but my body would not move.

I did however, make it to the running store and buy a new pair of shoes - I bought some Newtons.

I was so excited about trying them out that I even slept in my running gear last night - yes including the jog bra.  Not very comfy!  And then - at 0400 - the bottom of the sky fell out, dogs went insane, and the rain was a coming.  So no run this morning.

But maybe later today.  Fingers crossed!

And you might have noticed I skipped right over Sunday - well Sunday is my day of rest.  It's in the Bible.  That and I need that day to crawl out from under whatever bus hits me on Saturday nights.  This Saturday was Bus Snakebite from Murphysville.

So as long as the sky isn't throwing down lightening bolts I will be approaching the street this evening.  I just hope the bug spray stays on in the rain!

Go team go - rah?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tempo Run - Holy crap!

This week has been insane.  I have worked out in some form or another everyday.  I am sore in muscles I didn't even know existed!  

I had yet to work out with the half marathon group I signed up with, and I was kinda nervous about going.  My training buddy and I had a plan to get us through to November.  We had planned on upping our long runs by a half mile each weekend.  But then I signed up for coach-led training.  So now I was worried about going down in mileage, and then there is the whole I'm-slower-than-Hentz-ketchup-coming-out-of-a-bottle issue.  

But I went anyway.

My parents were in town, I bailed on them Friday night around 9:30pm - seriously.  I am a party animal.

I was up at 5am, dressing for my run.  This is earlier than I get up for work.  Something is seriously not right here.  

But I got up, grabbed my gear, said goodbye to my dogs, and snuck out.

I showed up a shade late, but still in time to meet my new coach.  Sorry Leno, but you have been replaced by Tara.  

We were to do a short distance, but a tempo run - running for 3 minutes and then recovering for one minute.  

And off we went.  

Shockingly - I still think there is a glitch in the Garmin - I averaged an 11:25/mile pace for the 3 minute tempos.  I even topped out at an 8:33/mile at some point.  Honestly - it was like having wings on my shoes.  

I was actually enjoying myself the entire time.  

One of the ladies in my group is the wife of one of the Go Fasters who I had been lucky enough to meet at the beach run a week back.  She and I ran together for the first couple of tempo runs, and then I couldn't quite keep up.  But maybe next week!

We made two loops, finished out run with a whopping 2.21 miles, stretched out and Christine and I did some plank just for fun.

I had a great morning.  I know - I am truly as shocked as you.  The run went well, I was shocked at my pace during the run times, I enjoyed talking to my new coach and the new running group, and I am looking forward to next week.

But all that might change between now and then  . . . 

And then I came home and hung blinds, climbed ladders, swept out garages, and stayed dirty until about 6pm.

Who the hell is this new Brooke?!!

Old Brooke liked TV and couches.  New Brooke likes moving, running, and staying busy.  I miss Old Brooke . . . .

But New Brooke is here to stay!

OH - and just in case anyone is interested - I went to see an orthopedics surgeon on Monday and he cleared my bones 100%.  My pins are doing fine, the joint has arthritis, but bone-wise it's all good!  I have one place that never healed correctly which has resulted in my lack of proper extension, but any and all pain I might have is most likely in the soft tissues and that will heal.  So good news!

Next week is another busy one.  I will be spending some time diving, but hope to get some runs in before I hit the water!

See ya on the streets!  Go team go - rah!!

Guilt Running

Monday I ran in the morning and stretched out with some yoga that evening.

Tuesday I ran inclines on the treadmill and lifted weights while my trainer yelled at me.

Wednesday was the worst.  I spent nearly 6 hours cleaning up garbage from one of our company's storage sites.   We began working at 0800 hauling beer bottles and other miscellaneous nastiness.  Although I will say it is a tie between the pull-tab can of Miller Lite and the canister of Axe for the best garbage win.  Be the end of the day - I smelled like bug spray, garbage, and sweat - not pretty - I did however, look like this:

Before and After the Garbage Hauling

So Thursday I was a walking zombie.  I even wore a shirt that I promised would never be worn outside of the house - sorry Laura - had to do it.  I came home, only wanting a nap and instead got guilted into a run.

Lemme explain - I have talked some friends of mine into running a 5K or 10K next month on the beach.  Truly it isn't that much of a discussion, it went something like this - if you run, you get free BBQ and beer.  Sold!

So one of my girlfriends calls me from the Academy talking about gear and headlamps (yes, we need them for the beach run - but the embarrassment will be forgiven with the beer), I got kinda excited by talking about running so I decided I would go.  While talking to her the boy called, he tells me he ran four miles that day.  Damn - now I have to go.

So I hang up with both of them, find my shoes and the bug spray, and prep for a short run.  I wound up running down a neighborhood street all the way to the bayside, turning around and coming home.  Not a far run, not a fast run, but still a run.

The view at the end of the street.  Not bad, huh!

So I ran a little less that 3 miles with an average moving pace of 13:48/mile - hey cut me some slack - I was a sore, zombie-like person - came home, cleaned up, and passed out!

Stupid guilt.

And Saturday is running with the half marathon training group - go team go - rah!

Monday, July 12, 2010

A Case of the Mondays

I love sleep.
I love sleep so much that I would name a child after if I could.

I hate Mondays.  I honestly, don't know anyone who doesn't.

But for some harebrained reason, I was up - at 5:30am - dressing to run.

I hadn't run since the beach race on Saturday.  I have never run on a weekday morning.  I have no idea why I thought today would be a good day to start.

But there I was - even the dogs were still in my bed, looking at me like I was retarded for putting on shoes that early.  Stupid dogs - still comfy on a nice, cool bed.

But I grabbed up the bug spray - used it.  Left off the sunscreen, since it was still dark outside - amazing - going out of doors without sunscreen.

I jogged the first mile with an average moving pace of 12:45/mile.  Not too shabby for an early morning run.  I felt stiff though, and I was wearing my secondary shoes which just felt heavy.

I had a pretty nice run.  I finished up having run 1.73 miles of a 2 mile run.  I had an overall average run pace of 12:17/mile and kept my walking breaks to an average 14:48/mile.

My legs are still stiff from the race this weekend - either that or the stilettos I wore out Saturday night.

I have decided though that I really do not like my second pair of running shoes for running.  They are just too clunky, and hurt my feet.  My arches hurt, and I spent the entire run focused on my feet in my shoes.  I don't have the problem with my other pair.

So I foresee shoe shopping in my future - yum!

I gotta say - running 2 miles in the morning is not the worst way to start your day - if you can just get your booty out of bed!

And to be really ambitious - I took those sweaty clothes off and threw them in my bag so that I can try to run hills on my own this evening.  Yay!

But now - I am off to the orthopedic surgeon.  I haven't seen one since I started this whole running thing, and then with the twisted ankle, and the incessant pounding - well - let's just see how much trouble I am in!  Stay tuned race fans!

Go team go - rah!

Holy Freakin Humid Sand Batman!

Saturday - a day when all should be restful and calm.  Typically, a day when you sleep in after a long week in your box called an "office."  

This Saturday wasn't all that different from some of my other recent ones.  I got up early, pulled on a tech shirt (this one said "If Found on Ground, Drag Across Finish Line" - apt), strapped on shoes, and went for a run.  

However, this Saturday was slightly different.  I was supposed to run a 10K.  My first one.  But due to my left ankle still being dodgy, and my right leg being bruised and cut from a fall down some stairs (I swear my folks should have named me Grace) - I thought I should back off and only run the 5K.  

Plus - this run - SAND.  Uh-huh.

Also - remember that boy that I had a first date with on Monday, well he was coming down to run with me at this race.  Yay!  Multi-level embarrassment!    

I was so glad to hear that he was running the 10K.  I figured that meant we would be crossing the finish line at the same time!  Soo sad.

We arrived at the race site with a cooler filled with ice packs and beers at 7:00am.  The boy and I got ready, sunscreened and bug sprayed up, and went to join the crowd at the start tents.  

We bumped into Coach Leno and he suggested we do a quick warm-up.  So the boy and I went out for a short jog on the beach, stretched out, and we kept asking each other why the hell we were doing this.  It was 7:00am and about 90 degrees already.  Holy hell!

His race started before mine, so we went back to the tents and got some water and waited for them to call the 10K-ers up.  I wished him luck and told him I would see him in about an hour.  

Off they went - and the rest of us just milled along for the 10 minutes between the start times.  

Finally, as the temperatures kept climbing - we were called over to begin.  

I gotta say - this was by far the WORST race ever.  I have run in the rain, run injured, and run sick - but this just sucked!  All I wanted to do was turn around and get a beer from the cooler and be sitting in a lawn chair when the boy finished his race.

But I kept going.  Slowly.  

I swear I think a crab passed me.  

I finished the first mile with a 12:20/mile moving average - and that is really good for me - let's not even talk about the fact that I have never raced on sand before!  I thought I would be much slower.  

Well I was right - sort-of.

I walked for about 0.08 mile, and then kicked my own ass back into running mode.  I made about another 0.75 mile before I took another 0.1 walking break.  By now my running averages were moving down into 14:00/miles, which is where I figured I would be during a race on sand.

I saw some of the other Go Fasters on their way back and cheered for them.  Ann was pointing behind me, and low-an-behold - a bulldozer.  Nice - maybe I should have asked for a ride - I bet I would have gotten back to the start faster!  

But I made it to the turn-back point - I have no idea how that happened.  I think my brain just switched off and let me legs go.  I was a hot, sweaty mess and there was no water.  The lifeguards were passing out oranges though - so I grabbed up one with a grunted thanks and turned back.

I think I sucked every drop of juice out of that thing, and threw the wasted rind to the sea gulls.  

I could see the Stewart Beach Pavilion in the distance.  It is a huge, yellow building.  Some of the 10K people were coming back and racing by me.  Hud and Norvel were zooming by - I had no energy to say hi to them.  I just watched them blow on by.  

I kept going.  I swear it was just like watching a bad horror movie.  You can see the object in the distance, but no matter how much you run - it never gets any closer.  Ya - that was me and that damn building.  

So I gave up on myself.  I took a walking break.  And then I saw Leno bouncing up and down at the final water table.  I was so disappointed in myself - I started running again.  I didn't find another gear - but at least I did find the go button!

I reached the water stations and they actually had water poured and were holding it out for the runners.  But I was on the high side of the sand, and they were like 15 feet away - there was no way I was making that.  Seriously - I was that tired.  

So I passed it.  And there was Leno running next to me, handing me some water, encouraging me and urging me on.  I couldn't have been more grateful that if they man had handed me a beer, and said they had more at the finish line waiting for you, here - lemme get a wheelbarrow and push you there.  But the water was amazing.  I drank a bit, threw the rest down my back and kept going.

Somehow I found another gear, and pushed it to the finish line.  I found a 9:04/mile pace there at the end - seriously.  My heart rate monitor says I was at 103% of my max heart rate - ya know - it did feel like my heart was going to explode - maybe that was why.

But I crossed their damn finished line.  

They handed me a cold towel, which I promptly applied to my neck; a bottle of water, and a bottle of sports drink.  It was heaven!   

I found some other Go Fasters and chatted with them while waiting for the boy to cross.  He came in just minutes later - a 10K in under an hour.  Amazing!  

We tracked down my truck keys, and immediately headed over to change out of our race shirt and into dry ones (which didn't stay dry long in that heat), bug sprayed up again, and grab beers.  

Overall - I ran 2.79 of the 3.1 mile race with an average moving pace of 13:07/mile.  Tons better than I thought I could do running on sand.  

I was miserable during the race - seriously - wanted to die miserable - but it was now over.  The boy and I had downed two beers each, he ate some pizza, and we went off to find breakfast - local Tex-Mex with margaritas on the side.

Now THAT is why I run!  Go team go - slurp - I mean -rah!

The End of an Era - kinda

I am WAY late on posting this because so much happened last week.  

Monday was a holiday to celebrate Fourth of July, so there was no running group - and I chose to stay home and relax.  On a non-running note - I had a first date with a new boy.  So the day wasn't too bad.

Wednesday was our last meeting for USA Fit.  It was kinda sad; there was a lot of clapping.  

But there we all were for the last time.  

We started off with a 0.94 mile warm-up, and I kept about a 13:15/minute pace.  

Then we came back, did some goofy warm-ups, talked about the upcoming race that was held on Saturday and how to plan for it, and lined up to do our sprints.

Six sets of 30 second sprints with 60 second recovery in between.  Ugh!

Actually - it was one of my favorite days of sprints.  At the top of my sprints I was clocking roughly 6:30/miles.  Now I am sure I didn't hold that for all 30 seconds, but hey - that is twice as fast as I can run on an average mile.  

At some point I gave up, gave all, and felt like my feet were just gonna trip me up and I would go ass over tea kettle into the track.  And there was Coach Leno - telling me that he knew I had another gear in me.  Holy crap!  

Now I just have to figure out how to find that gear again!  

We finished up our run and it was sort-of anticlimactic.  I have really come to enjoy seeing these people on Mondays and Wednesdays.  It was nice knowing that there was a sort-of accountability if you didn't show up to run.  

In the 11 weeks that was this training - I feel like I have brought my average mile time down from 15:30/mile to about 13:30/mile.  I have learned that I have speed hiding somewhere inside, and when really motivated I can dig deep and find it.  I have found that I can smile while running.  I have found running friends, fabulous coaches, amazing support, and maybe - somewhere myself.  

I will miss my weekly emails from Kim reminding us to run through the week.  I will miss Dale and Leno urging us to go further and faster.  I will NOT miss that insane whistle that Leno makes to tell us to sprint.  But I will miss seeing all the Go Fasters and the rest of the group.  

I cannot thank Kim, Steve, Dale, and Leno enough for being who they are - the energetic, supportive people  - pulling us all together and keeping us moving.  Without you guys - I would still be chugging along on a treadmill and never have known what I am capable of.  


And now I am off to motivate on my own!  
Go team go - rah!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Pity Party - Table for One

Last Saturday I went for a run.  I had hoped for a nice relaxing, 6.0 mile run near my parent's house.  Instead what I found was pain.  And lots of it!  

This week I have done nothing.  I skipped running on Monday and Wednesday, I cancelled my training sessions on Tuesday and Thursday.  The only activity I did that week was some SCUBA diving on Friday - but we used scooters - so not really very intensive.  

However, I think it is fair to point out that I have been limping all week long regardless of what shoes I wore.  I had sharp pain in my ankle for much of the week, and it has been swollen since I took that small trip down a hill a few weeks ago.

I felt sorry for myself - really I did.  I felt like nothing was going right, that my ankle was going to keep me from my goal.  I basically threw myself my own little pity party and kept it up for a full week - complete with fast food (ugh!) and cartoons.  

My alarm went off this morning at 5:30am so that I could try to get downtown to meet up with the Half Marathon Trainers and Trainees.  They begin their run at 6:10am - period.  I just couldn't make myself get out of bed that early.  But I did get up around 6:30am, and get dressed to go.  I figured that if I could get 2 miles in without pain - I would be content.  

So off I went.  

I got down to the main street (1.0 mile) with a 14:41/mile pace.  Not bad - but hey last weekend I was already in pain after a single mile.  So I took my walking break and re-thought my plan.  Maybe I could get in 6.5 miles today - how awesome would that be!

I turned up Bob Smith and was so happy.  The wind was at my back, the sun was shining, there was shade, it wasn't too hot (only 82 degrees), and I was moving.  Barely - but still moving.

I got to the end of the road and meandered around a little bit to try and add some distance before I turned around.  And look at that view:

Absolutely stunning!  I turned around, started back and by now I was starting to feel tired.  I hadn't worked out nearly the whole week, and my body was showing me how that made it feel.  Ugh!

But I pushed against the wind and kept moving.  I had to stop and walk a little bit to help break the pounding on my legs.  My ankle was now feeling some pain in the back, but unlike last Saturday when it felt like a little elf was following me around with a ball-peen hammer hitting me in the ankle - today was a little more sharp, but less torturous.  It felt manageable.  

Regardless, I made it back home - soaking wet for a grand total of 6.1 miles.  All of the piddling around in the bay streets didn't yield me the extra 0.5 I was looking for - I guess next time I will have to map out my run beforehand!  

I ran 5.03 miles at an average pace of 14:57/mile and walked an additional 1.08 miles at a 20:26/mile pace.  

All in all - not a bad return to running after my pity party.  Next weekend I am supposed to run a 10K on the beach, but if I am still feeling limpy and gimpy - I may downgrade to the 5K.  

Monday should be my return to the Go Fasters training (final week).  

Go team go - rah.