Monday, July 12, 2010

The End of an Era - kinda

I am WAY late on posting this because so much happened last week.  

Monday was a holiday to celebrate Fourth of July, so there was no running group - and I chose to stay home and relax.  On a non-running note - I had a first date with a new boy.  So the day wasn't too bad.

Wednesday was our last meeting for USA Fit.  It was kinda sad; there was a lot of clapping.  

But there we all were for the last time.  

We started off with a 0.94 mile warm-up, and I kept about a 13:15/minute pace.  

Then we came back, did some goofy warm-ups, talked about the upcoming race that was held on Saturday and how to plan for it, and lined up to do our sprints.

Six sets of 30 second sprints with 60 second recovery in between.  Ugh!

Actually - it was one of my favorite days of sprints.  At the top of my sprints I was clocking roughly 6:30/miles.  Now I am sure I didn't hold that for all 30 seconds, but hey - that is twice as fast as I can run on an average mile.  

At some point I gave up, gave all, and felt like my feet were just gonna trip me up and I would go ass over tea kettle into the track.  And there was Coach Leno - telling me that he knew I had another gear in me.  Holy crap!  

Now I just have to figure out how to find that gear again!  

We finished up our run and it was sort-of anticlimactic.  I have really come to enjoy seeing these people on Mondays and Wednesdays.  It was nice knowing that there was a sort-of accountability if you didn't show up to run.  

In the 11 weeks that was this training - I feel like I have brought my average mile time down from 15:30/mile to about 13:30/mile.  I have learned that I have speed hiding somewhere inside, and when really motivated I can dig deep and find it.  I have found that I can smile while running.  I have found running friends, fabulous coaches, amazing support, and maybe - somewhere myself.  

I will miss my weekly emails from Kim reminding us to run through the week.  I will miss Dale and Leno urging us to go further and faster.  I will NOT miss that insane whistle that Leno makes to tell us to sprint.  But I will miss seeing all the Go Fasters and the rest of the group.  

I cannot thank Kim, Steve, Dale, and Leno enough for being who they are - the energetic, supportive people  - pulling us all together and keeping us moving.  Without you guys - I would still be chugging along on a treadmill and never have known what I am capable of.  


And now I am off to motivate on my own!  
Go team go - rah!

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