Sunday, July 18, 2010

Guilt Running

Monday I ran in the morning and stretched out with some yoga that evening.

Tuesday I ran inclines on the treadmill and lifted weights while my trainer yelled at me.

Wednesday was the worst.  I spent nearly 6 hours cleaning up garbage from one of our company's storage sites.   We began working at 0800 hauling beer bottles and other miscellaneous nastiness.  Although I will say it is a tie between the pull-tab can of Miller Lite and the canister of Axe for the best garbage win.  Be the end of the day - I smelled like bug spray, garbage, and sweat - not pretty - I did however, look like this:

Before and After the Garbage Hauling

So Thursday I was a walking zombie.  I even wore a shirt that I promised would never be worn outside of the house - sorry Laura - had to do it.  I came home, only wanting a nap and instead got guilted into a run.

Lemme explain - I have talked some friends of mine into running a 5K or 10K next month on the beach.  Truly it isn't that much of a discussion, it went something like this - if you run, you get free BBQ and beer.  Sold!

So one of my girlfriends calls me from the Academy talking about gear and headlamps (yes, we need them for the beach run - but the embarrassment will be forgiven with the beer), I got kinda excited by talking about running so I decided I would go.  While talking to her the boy called, he tells me he ran four miles that day.  Damn - now I have to go.

So I hang up with both of them, find my shoes and the bug spray, and prep for a short run.  I wound up running down a neighborhood street all the way to the bayside, turning around and coming home.  Not a far run, not a fast run, but still a run.

The view at the end of the street.  Not bad, huh!

So I ran a little less that 3 miles with an average moving pace of 13:48/mile - hey cut me some slack - I was a sore, zombie-like person - came home, cleaned up, and passed out!

Stupid guilt.

And Saturday is running with the half marathon training group - go team go - rah!

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