Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday, Monday

Can't trust that day . . .

Or something like that.

Wow - it has been a week since I should have posted this.  But as life usually does to us all - I was swamped.

I worked a long day Monday to prep for a trip to Corpus for work.  Then I carried my tired butt home to try and get a run in.   You see - last week was a nightmare of epic proportions.

Between babysitting my parent's dog (again), the work trip to Corpus to dive transects in strong currents, dating a new boy with his own insane schedule, and my bizarre life - I am wiped out!

But Monday I came home from work, got knocked over by the three huge dogs, fought my way to my room, changed into my running shoes, got knocked over by three huge dogs trying to get back outside, and approached the street.

Now when I say I "approached the street" - what I really mean is that I walked casually toward it while waiting for my Garmin to find a satellite and while spewing some very colorful language.

I had decided that I would continue with the 3 minute run followed by a 1 minute walk - like we did on Saturday at the USA Fit Half training thing (need new acronym - I'll work on that).

Soo - I started out.

I went out in the first three minutes with an average moving pace of 11:00/mile.  Holy hell!  Then I walked.  Then I ran, 11:33/mile pace.  Over, and over again.

I ran roughly 27:45 minutes of a 35:51 minute run, or 2.29 miles of a 2.65 mile run.

Either way you slice it - I average a running pace of 11:48/mile and a walking pace of 20:26/mile.

That is thoroughly insane!  I have never moved that quickly - I even had some leftover at the end for a 9:29/mile sprint down the street I live on.  Seriously - never before.

I am still shocked by my performance, and sadly have not had a chance to repeat it. After that run Monday night, I prepped for and left for Corpus.  Tuesday was a long day of loading/unloading and driving.  Wednesday I spent all day on a boat and almost three hours in the water.  It was rough with a strong current, and a task-heavy dive plan.  So needless to say - I slept great that night and had no time for a run.  Thursday the weather kept us from diving, so we loaded back up and drove back to the office, offloaded and I went home and prepped for seeing the new boy before he headed out on a vacation.

Friday I recovered.

Saturday - I was supposed to run with the group 4 miles in a 4/1 ran/walk split.  But honestly, there was no way I could drag myself out of bed.  I tried - I had three alarms set, but my body would not move.

I did however, make it to the running store and buy a new pair of shoes - I bought some Newtons.

I was so excited about trying them out that I even slept in my running gear last night - yes including the jog bra.  Not very comfy!  And then - at 0400 - the bottom of the sky fell out, dogs went insane, and the rain was a coming.  So no run this morning.

But maybe later today.  Fingers crossed!

And you might have noticed I skipped right over Sunday - well Sunday is my day of rest.  It's in the Bible.  That and I need that day to crawl out from under whatever bus hits me on Saturday nights.  This Saturday was Bus Snakebite from Murphysville.

So as long as the sky isn't throwing down lightening bolts I will be approaching the street this evening.  I just hope the bug spray stays on in the rain!

Go team go - rah?

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