Saturday, July 3, 2010

Pity Party - Table for One

Last Saturday I went for a run.  I had hoped for a nice relaxing, 6.0 mile run near my parent's house.  Instead what I found was pain.  And lots of it!  

This week I have done nothing.  I skipped running on Monday and Wednesday, I cancelled my training sessions on Tuesday and Thursday.  The only activity I did that week was some SCUBA diving on Friday - but we used scooters - so not really very intensive.  

However, I think it is fair to point out that I have been limping all week long regardless of what shoes I wore.  I had sharp pain in my ankle for much of the week, and it has been swollen since I took that small trip down a hill a few weeks ago.

I felt sorry for myself - really I did.  I felt like nothing was going right, that my ankle was going to keep me from my goal.  I basically threw myself my own little pity party and kept it up for a full week - complete with fast food (ugh!) and cartoons.  

My alarm went off this morning at 5:30am so that I could try to get downtown to meet up with the Half Marathon Trainers and Trainees.  They begin their run at 6:10am - period.  I just couldn't make myself get out of bed that early.  But I did get up around 6:30am, and get dressed to go.  I figured that if I could get 2 miles in without pain - I would be content.  

So off I went.  

I got down to the main street (1.0 mile) with a 14:41/mile pace.  Not bad - but hey last weekend I was already in pain after a single mile.  So I took my walking break and re-thought my plan.  Maybe I could get in 6.5 miles today - how awesome would that be!

I turned up Bob Smith and was so happy.  The wind was at my back, the sun was shining, there was shade, it wasn't too hot (only 82 degrees), and I was moving.  Barely - but still moving.

I got to the end of the road and meandered around a little bit to try and add some distance before I turned around.  And look at that view:

Absolutely stunning!  I turned around, started back and by now I was starting to feel tired.  I hadn't worked out nearly the whole week, and my body was showing me how that made it feel.  Ugh!

But I pushed against the wind and kept moving.  I had to stop and walk a little bit to help break the pounding on my legs.  My ankle was now feeling some pain in the back, but unlike last Saturday when it felt like a little elf was following me around with a ball-peen hammer hitting me in the ankle - today was a little more sharp, but less torturous.  It felt manageable.  

Regardless, I made it back home - soaking wet for a grand total of 6.1 miles.  All of the piddling around in the bay streets didn't yield me the extra 0.5 I was looking for - I guess next time I will have to map out my run beforehand!  

I ran 5.03 miles at an average pace of 14:57/mile and walked an additional 1.08 miles at a 20:26/mile pace.  

All in all - not a bad return to running after my pity party.  Next weekend I am supposed to run a 10K on the beach, but if I am still feeling limpy and gimpy - I may downgrade to the 5K.  

Monday should be my return to the Go Fasters training (final week).  

Go team go - rah.

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