Monday, October 25, 2010

Fetch me the Comfy Chair!

Our chief weapon is surprise  . . .  surprise and fear  . . . fear and surprise . . . Our two weapons are fear and surprise . .  . and ruthless efficiency . . . Our three weapons are fear, surprise, and ruthless efficiency  . . . and an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope . . . Our four . . . no . . .  amongst our weapons  . . . amongst our weaponry are such elements as fear, surprise . . . I'll come in again . . .

I love Monty Python and I firmly believe that there is nothing wrong with a comfy chair.

And the reason for this segue is that on Thursday I had something special happen while I was wearing my favorite long sleeve tee shirt (ragged, faded, brown with a Monty Python quote).  My folks were coming in for a visit and I hadn't bought groceries in over 3 months - soooo I thought I should go pick up some things.

I was roaming the store just launching items into my cart when some random man walked by and asked me if anyone had told me how beautiful I was that day, and then told me.  I was shocked.  And flattered.

I had been feeling kinda bluey lately since I hadn't been running and just kept getting hit from all sides - so having some oddball tell me I was pretty in the middle of a grocery store while wearing a nasty shirt and no make-up was sweet.

It kinda made my day.  Check that - it did.

Well, that and the shirt.

And even better - Friday I got to see my Mom walking WITHOUT a walking boot!  That's right - her doctor finally cleared her to be totally back into shoes - well hiking boots and running shoes - but she is walking fairly well right now - so that was another amazing booster!

And then Saturday I sat through a two hour seminar on injury prevention (need that!), minimalist running, Newton shoes, and even talked with Ian Adamson and Fit2Run's Newton rep - Tim.  Tim spent a lot of time after the seminar talking to me about my injuries and how to work around them.  He also looked at my wear patterns on my shoes and suggested how to improve my gait.

It was awesome!  A two hour seminar turned into an additional 2 hours talking with Tim and Ian.  I did miss the running gait analysis on Sunday morning as I had to drive to Austin - but what a fabulous weekend!

And now it is Monday night - I am in Austin for training AND  . . . .

wait for it . . . .


Well - only about 25-30 minutes.  But I laced up my Newtons, snatched up my iPod, slung on my Garmin (sorry Tim - it's a handicap), and found the treadmill here at the fancy La Quinta.

And now - yoga pants - dancing with the stars - and hummus

Go team go - nudge, nudge, know what I mean??

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

And the fun continues . . .

When we last left off I was extolling the awesomeness that was Chubs.

After returning from Austin work became insanely busy again.  We had a meeting about rebuilding our database structures for all three current databases and I began to work on that.  I also updated some GIS maps and chugged along on the usual daily tasks.

Having spent last week limping along and in pain, I was thrilled when Friday rolled along and I could finally feel my legs and had not a bit of pain in my muscles.  But I am still not in great condition - I have sharp, stabbing pains in the front of my ankle and another form of pain that runs up the back of the ankle.

So after all of the moving and traveling last week I was excited about a nice and quiet weekend.

It was just that.  Perfect!

A friend and I watch How to Train Your Dragon - FABULOUS!!!!

And then we went out to see Red - pretty dang good.

I haven't done much in the way of running mostly because of this:

I have been wrapping my ankle since Friday and limping around.  Anytime I am bare foot I dodder around like a 90 year old invalid.  So I am resigned to wearing some form of shoe at all times.

And check out the wicked awesome ones I wore today.

So instead of running - I am kettlebelling it and doing some basic ab work and Assie pull ups.


Sometime soon I need to break out of this doldrum of injury, sickness, and blues.

Icee anyone???

Tomorrow - more of the same.  Ugh.

Go team go - gimpy

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chubs the Catfish

So today was the final day of my trip to Austin.

I got up this morning at 0600 and dressed for diving in Lake Travis.  Chris and I had planned on doing one "deep dive" and another one with double side-mounts.

So we jumped into the new truck and headed through some insanely windy roads to get to the lake.  We prepped out gear and went in for the first dive - past 100 feet.

Our first stop was at a platform around 30 feet - where I met my new friend Chubs the Catfish.  He came right over to me, bumped me in the face, and kept hanging out while Chris and I get situated for the diving.

We headed down the slope of the lake into murky, dark, and COLD freakin water.  Once we hit 120 feet I was so cold I just couldn't focus anymore.  I was shivering - and I'm not gonna lie - I totally peed in my wetsuit to warm up.


We came back up to shallower depths, tooled around a bit, hung out with Chubs some more, got some more catfish kisses, and called the dive.  After that we realized that we wouldn't have time to make the second dive - so we scraped it - packed up - and headed to headquarters.

Once there we picked up the new computers, did some work for the boss, and then we saddled back up and headed home.

I finally returned to my dogs around 7pm and I am pooped!

Another day of no running - BUT -

I am beginning to walk like a normal person
My ankle still does hurt like mad
And SCUBA is more of a work-out that you would assume - trust me!

So - hopefully I can get a few miles in tomorrow.

Go team go - Chubs!!!

Tuesday Trials

Well I know this is a day late - but I thought I would still post about Tuesday.

I got out of bed - with quite a bit of effort - and headed into work.

At work no fewer than 5 people asked me why I was walking like an I'm imbecile. When they heard the reason I became a new source of ridicule.

But then I had load up into the new truck and make my way up to headquarters to drop off my old laptop and pick up my new ballistic armor, water resistant, shake resistant tough book.

After three hours in the truck, we arrive to headquarters and a new round of people picking on my Charlie Chaplin walk. Stairs were quite amusing to others - but crazy painful for me.

After dropping off my laptop so that my files could be pushed to the new one, sitting through 2 hours of Access training, and a brief meting with the boss - we headed over to the hotel and dinner.

After that it was Biggest Loser, more database work that I promised my boss for early the next morning - and finally bed around 1am.

So sorry race fans - no running - still had mad pain and work kept me moving.

Maybe Wesnesday!!!

Go team go - ouch

Monday, October 11, 2010

I Can't Walk

I would like to say that I am exaggerating.

But no - I can't walk.

I woke up this morning and had to pull myself out of bed by the headboard.

All day long I wished for a grab bar in the bathroom so I could get back up.

I slept in my compression sleeves last night and wore them all day. But I am still walking like a bad imitation of a drunk guy doing the Robot.

My training schedule said I was to run 40 minutes "easy." But that obviously did not happen.

Hopefully tomorrow I can walk like a normal person - especially since I have to go to headquarters and see my boss!

But for now I feel stranded in a house on stilts where I can't even leave as I can't maneuver the front stairs!!

Oh well . Tomorrow is another day.

Go team go - owwwwwww

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The race is long, but in the end - it is only with yourself

Me at about mile 6.5 - still kinda smiling

I signed up for a 10 mile race a few weeks ago.  I have no idea what I was thinking at the time, other than I wanted to get my training back on track.  I thought that if I could finish 10 miles - I would KNOW I could do the half marathon in November.

Today was the day.

I went to bed around midnight and tossed and turned for 4 hours - that is all the sleep I got.  I wonder if it was because I slept in my jog bra, heart strap, compression socks, running skirt, and tech shirt last night?

But I also spent those four hours trying to talk myself out of running today.  I kept telling myself that I didn't have to drive the hour into Clear Lake for this run.  Thankfully, my bladder won the argument by tearing me out of bed at 0430.

I headed up to the mainland, picked up my packet, roamed around, warmed up with a short jog, stretched out, and headed to the start line.  In fact - I lined up in the VERY back - figured it would save people from having to pass me.

It was a small crowd of people.  I took that picture from the very back of the grouping, and knew that I would likely be the last person to cross the start line AND the last person to cross the finish line.

The morning started off at about 65 degrees - just cool enough to want a jacket - but not cool enough to actually wear it for the race.  There was fog coming off the fields on the UH-Clear Lake campus, it was a really pretty morning.

And for some reason I was standing in a crowd of people to run 10 miles instead of snuggled up at home with my dogs and my blankets.

The National Anthem was sung, and we were off.

I took off with a plan to go slow, but steady.  I planned to run 4 minutes, walk 1 minute until I got back around to the finish line.  So that's what I did.

I felt pretty ok - I was shocked.

I have not EVER passed over 6.2 miles, and I haven't been running regularly in over a month - and haven't actually run in 2 weeks.  I KNEW this race was gonna be rough.

But I hit the 5K mark at 41:40 - my third fastest time for a 5K - not bad - especially given my last month.

The race was amazingly supported, water stations with costumed volunteers and they were cheering and jumping and hooting and hollering.  It really was nice to see such support.

I was hurting - there is no doubt about that.  And I was burping Pringles from the day before - not the best plan to eat them the day before the race.  Oh well.

I had a GREAT playlist (thank you Laura!) and I was pumped up and moving along.

I was slowing down a little, feeling the hurt in my legs.  But I had promised myself that I would not even think about coming out of my 4/1 plan until after I hit the 10K mark.

When I hit the 60 minute mark I grabbed out a gel pack and ripped it open.  I shoveled the entire pack into my mouth and then tried not to vomit it out.  Apparently, they company's version of chocolate is not exactly a Hershey bar.  Nasty.

I finally hit the 10K mark at 1:27.  That was 10 minutes faster than the Beach Run 10K!  Not bad in my book!  Especially without having been training.  Woot!

And shortly after that is when my world fell apart.

I was maintaining my 4/1, and trying to keep my head from messing up my run - but no go.  I just couldn't keep it up.  I ran for 2 minutes, and walked for 3 minutes.  I needed the break.

After that I was able to get one more round of 4/1 in before the bottom of my plan feel completely out.  I ran for just over a minute and took another walking break - 4 minutes.  Got in one more complete round of 4/1, tried to run again and got a single minute under my belt.

That was it.

I had made it 7.92 miles.  I think I earned my 14 minute break.  So I took it.  I walked for 14 minutes.

During those 14 minutes my entire body decided to mess with me.  My legs no longer hurt, mostly because I couldn't feel them anymore.  My feet oddly hurt - kinda like I was marching along on nails.  My head hurt.  My stomach was staging a revolution against Pringles.  My stupid bat-belt was moving around and driving me crazy.  Even the angle of the sun bothered me.

Not a happy time.

And then - there was this strange man.  A man in a red shirt, standing on a corner - jumping up and down and clapping.  Now - I had been passed by an old lady with a limp (true) - and this guy was clapping for me.

He had water (God love him) and was cheering everyone who passes the 8.5 mile mark.  Actually, there was a group of them - and it was the happiest water station I had ever seen.  I passed through it and one lady cheered and said 'only 1.5 miles to go' - really??!!


I made it through 2 more rounds of 4/1 and was back on the UH campus.  I knew it wouldn't be too much longer.

I began panting.  I made it through 2 more minutes of running and walked for 3 minutes.  And then I saw it - I could see the parking area where the start/finish was located.

I honestly didn't think I was going to make it.  True.

My legs were gone, my lungs hurt, my head hurt, I was running again, my interval trainer told me to walk.  So I took my last walking break.  I made the final turn.  I could see it.  I could see the finish line.

After a minute the little voice inside of my iPod told me to 'prepare for running - in 3, 2, 1 - RUN.'

So I did.  And then I cried.

Just a little.

Because I honestly didn't think I was going to make it to last 0.20 miles of the race.

And a small miracle happened.  There was this lady - in a long sleeve, pink shirt - standing in the middle of the road.


And she started running with me.

She talked to me, told me I was doing great, asked me my name, and just cheered me on.

That lady was my miracle for this race.  I found just the little bit of steam I had somewhere and picked it up (barely), but I was moving a little faster.

She told me there was a photographer right around the corner before the finish line - so I had better smile.  And then my miracle lady in a pink shirt left me.

I turned the corner and finished the final few steps.

I crossed over the finish line and could hardly believe it.

I was alive.

I had completed 10 miles.

I ran a total of 7.56 miles at an average moving pace of 13:23/mile.  I walked the remaining 2.53 miles.  I snot rocket'ed four times, the Dayquil keep my cough in check, I vomited once after some orange gatorade, and cried near the finish line.

But in the end, I got a hug from my old coach and a congratulations from Margaret (who came in second!!!)  - and I took my broken ass home.

With a plan:

That's right - Taco Cabana and bed.


Go team go - 10 FREAKIN MILES!

Friday, October 8, 2010

It's Friday and I'm in . . .


The sweatpants of my generation.  You can wear these, go to the store in these, and yet not look like a fat slob.  Rather you look like someone who might have just come from a yoga studio.

But I digress.

Today was another day of head pounding, stomach churning, throat soreing, phlegm coughing, and snot sniffling.  It was monstorously awesome.

And after work I made a stop at the local Walgreens to pick up some more Dayquil and Nyquil.

So as a fabulous, hot single in my 30s - I plan to do what makes sense -

I plan to stay my ass on the couch in my yoga pants, take Nyquil, and watch old movies while the dogs snore at my feet.

Tomorrow I plan on doing roughly the same, as Sunday I get to get up at 0400 and find some way to run 10 miles.


Well - back to my movies . . . .

Go team go - zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Behold the Weekend Cometh

It's Thursday Beetches!!

I am still coughing - I am still medicating - I am still wondering why my dog talks like Scooby Doo.


But mostly I am hoping for some grand idea, some form of inspiration.

September was a rough month, but this is October.

A new month - a new plan.

Ten miles on Sunday.

In three days I will be heading to Clear Lake to run the Space City 10 Miler.  The first major run I have entered since the the 10K on the beach back in August.

Here is my plan - follow my 4 minute run, 1 minute walk format, go as slow as I can in order to complete the entire 10 miles, drive to either the nearest bar or hospital - which ever comes first.  Pass out.

I think it is a workable plan.

After this run I hope to restart my running life.  To get off the couch, out of my yoga pants, and back into my Newtons.

October is a new month - the weather has turned, and it is running time.

Go team go - kickass


I was in the midst of posting this last night when the inevitable happened - so here it is now . . .


Two pretty blue pills
Knock my ass right out at night
Drool on my pillow

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Once Again - a Rallying Cry

Well - it appears that once again I have been neglecting my blog and my running.

It is the same story I gave a handful of weeks ago - things just keep hitting me, even when I am trying to stand back up.

Life keeps knocking me down - and now matter what I do - I can't seem to find my footing.

So I have made myself a vow (yet another one) - I will blog daily - good days - bad days - running days - couch days.

Today is Tuesday.

I have been sick since Thursday.  At first it was coughing and sick stomach - then it evolved into a full blown flu. I went into the office on Monday, and was heckled by the supervisor in the office next to mine about bringing a contagion into the office.

But today I am better - I am still hacking and wheezing - so no running.

BUT - I did do 3 sets of 20 situps with a 10 pound medicine ball - as well as 3 sets of 12 of Australian pushups.  I worked out with my 15# kettlebell and feel good.

Even if I am coughing up green stuff.

And now - frozen pizza and Biggest Loser.

I know I know.

But here is the good part - even though I haven't run in just over 2 weeks - I signed up to run a 10 mile race this upcoming Sunday.

Yep - you read that right - also read in there that I am retarded.

So here's me - watching motivational TV, eating pizza, coughing, and planning on 10 miles on Sunday.

Go team go - waahhhhhh!