Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pain in the Neck

I knew when I woke up this morning I should have stayed in bed.

My neck is killing me. It hurts to look left. I must have slept wrong - but whatever the reason - I have a stiff neck.

I should have known . . .

Work was fine. I finished up a project or two before the holiday, but I had to go try on a new wetsuit for cold water diving.

Could anything be worse?!

Yes - you could hurt yourself while trying on a wetsuit.

You read that right - I totally hurt my hip joint wiggling into a sausage casing.


And then I came home already feeling low and not fully up to a run.

My neck hurt, my right foot and ankle still hurt, and now - my hip!


I come in, let the monsters out, and notice dried blood on the floor.

Clean it up thinking that I would have to check them for a split foot pad.

I then find a large pool of it in Mom's white chair.


So I track down the oxyclean and spray the chair.

Now the dogs are at the door and through the glass I see a huge patch of blood on Bobby's shoulder.


I grab him, call the vet, and run for the car.

It turns out he had a quarter sized hole, down to the muscle, in his front, right shoulder.

So after having a panic attack and rallying the troops (ie: the parents, Kat, Laura, and Potential Boy) via phone for support - I get to the vet and find out that he may have to stay overnight and have general anesthesia.


It wasn't a bite, so the little terror is off the hook, but I have no idea what would cause a big ole puncture like that on a dog that size.

But thankfully, the vet was able to give him the stitches using a local anesthesia - so he is home with me.

He has stainless steel stitches to keep him from chewing them out.  I have to keep him "quiet"  - ya right - and "still" - holy hell!

He has to take pain killers and antibiotics - which means I get to shove these down his throat everyday.


Doped Dog!

Aye - what day - I should have stayed in bed!

So no running - not signing up for the Turkey Trot, all I want is rest.

Go team go - where's the wine???

Sunday - Monday - Meh - same thing

After successfully completing my first ever half marathon, I was supposed to take Sunday off to rest my poor legs.

Ya - that didn't happen!

I felt so good that when the Potential Boy asked if I wanted to take the dogs out for a walk, I said sure.

So I grabbed up my Newtons and the dogs and out we went.

We decided to stay in the neighborhood and just walk the bay side where the state park meets the housing development.  It is crazy pretty on that side, and it saves me the trouble of having to wash down dogs if we had gone to the beach instead.

We each fought with a dog until they settled into the leashes and leads.  I use the Gentle Leader, and while I am liking them so much more than a choke-chain - my dogs fight them HARD for a while.  As my mom would say - I have very poorly behaved and untrained dogs.

Meh - prolly true.

About a half mile into the walk my right foot fired a warning shot off the starboard side.  There was a sharp pain right behind my outside, right ankle bone.  It was like my right leg was saying turn around now.

But as with all redheads - I was stubborn.

So we kept going.

I started limping around 1.5 miles, and was realizing that I should have heeded the warning shot.  The pain had crept to the top of my foot.  And when I say "crept" what I really mean is that someone took a hammer and smacked me so hard across the top of my foot - I was seeing stars.

But in the end, 2.87 miles later, we got the panting dogs and the limping girl back to the house.

So Monday became my rest day.

Today I am supposed to run 30 minutes - easy - so fingers crossed on that one!

And I had hoped to do a Turkey Trot this Thanksgiving, but I am soo nervous about signing up for one.  I was thinking of doing a 10K that morning and then coming back to the house for the full-on feast - but now I am even questioning a 5K.


Anyway - trying for 30 minutes tonight.

Go team go - owwie

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Three Hour Tour

I began my running journey New Year's Eve of this year.  I never in my life thought that I would see this day come to fruition.  Honestly, I thought I would quit before I had the chance.

And I had reasons - injuries, job commitments, sickness, family emergencies, boy issues - all just made me want to curl up in my closet and hide from the world.

But I didn't - I got up early Saturday morning and ran my 13.1 miles!

My close friend Kat had driven in late Friday night and we had an early evening talking girl talk and eating tacos.

Love tacos, and this man!

We got up EARLY Saturday - but to ease some of the pain up the early hour - I slept in my compression tights, heart rate strap, and jog bra.  I figured that might save me some time preparing!  But once I got my KT Tape on my ankle and dressed in the rest of my outfit - I was ready to head out.

I had a stomach of nerves and wasn't sure that I was going to be able to make the 13.1 miles without a problem.

But we loaded up in the car and drove near the entire length of the island to the start line.  On the way there Kat made me laugh somehow over "eskimo pie."  Honestly - I have no idea why this was funny - but I laughed so hard I snorted that morning.

We arrived to a sea of people and Kat snapped out a "before" picture to commemorate the event:
Go Team Orca!

Then I headed into the facilities to for a last minute check and ran across this conundrum:
Priceless - but not as good as eskimo pie

I looked over the map, while Kat snapped a final picture of my shirt for posterity - and was SHOCKED to see what 13.1 miles looks like on Galveston Island.


Then Kat abandoned me at the Start Line and went home to nap while I ran - promising to meet me at the finish line.

The race was a little late starting, and I hadn't stretched - but with my heart and pounding and my head arguing with me - I took off with the rest of the pack for an over 3 hour journey.

But like with the Skipper and Gilligan, things did not go as planned!

Shortly before the first aid station I realized I had to pee.  

Badly.  Again.

But the line at the water stop was just too long to lose time - and I figured that as I sweat - the feeling would go away.

I was wrong.

So I ducked into a Pot O Gold in a construction site and relieved myself.  

Question - do you know how hard it is to pull compression tights back up while sweaty?  Ugh!

Sometime after that I was jogging along with my 4/1 format, grooving to my music and thinking about calling it quits.  

And then - some random lady jogged by me and touched me on my back - right where my iron-on was.  Now I couldn't hear a word she said, as I had Jay-Z telling me about his 99 Problems - but I would like to think that she said something motivational.

In fact for a second I got all teary eyed about my journey from the hospital to that moment.

And then I got over that and got focused on running again.  Seriously - HTFU ya mamby-pamby!

We made it back around to where the start line had been set up - and hour earlier - and I realized that I had just finished 5 miles and felt pretty not terrible.

Didn't want to dance a jig or anything, but I felt ok.

And now we were on the Seawall heading west toward Moody Gardens.

I would like to personally thank the organizers for torturing me that day.  See - when I start on the Seawall you see street number such as 4th Street, or 7th Street.  I had to make it to 83rd Street before I could turn off the damn thing.

Thanks. Not only was I being tortured by running, but also by math as I added and subtracted the streets.

I hit 8 miles and now the pain was in full force.

My back hurt.  My left ankle was throbbing.  My right ankle had shooting pain up the inside and screamed across the foot bones.  My quads were just gone.  And I felt like throwing up.

But I had been taking Laura's advise and had made sure to take some form of supplement every 40 minutes, so I wasn't actually tired.

It was insanely hot.  Somehow here in the middle of November the temperatures reached 80 degrees and there was no wind for a break.  Ugh!

Somewhere between 8 and 10 miles I lost my 4/1 format.  I was just exhausted and lost mentally.  I tired to stay in the 5 minute format so I found that I might run for 2 minutes and walk for 3.  But I was still moving and feeling - meh.

In fact somewhere around 10 miles, I was smiling.  The last time I saw this distance I cried (a little) - this time I was smiling.

And then the best - I had reached 83rd Street.  The cops held traffic, and across I ran.  

Some guys at the bottom of the hill were hollering and saying only 3 more miles.  Thanks ya Jackhole.  

But no - it was soo nice to see people on the street rooting for you and hollering at you.  The cops on this side of town were even clapping and offering encouragement as you passed them

I made it to the second to last turn, and I just couldn't do it anymore.  My feet were HURT.  I seriously thought that if I looked down I would see blood coming up from the mesh.  

So I walked.

I made the last turn onto Moody Gardens property and just kept walking.

At one point I saw Coach Leno in his truck leaving Moody Gardens, and I waved like a mad woman - prolly because at that point I was.

I keep walking, and finally after a 7:30 min walking rest I got to running again.  

For about 3 minutes.

And then some more walking.

But in the end I pulled it out, took my hair down (for photo opps) and ran.

According to my Garmin - my "moving time" was 3:13:52.  I had an overall pace of 15:07/mile.

I ran 9.68 of those miles with a 13:37/mile pace and walked the rest.

And I got this:

I am a HOT MESS!  But I finished!


And there was much rejoicing!

Kat and I walked around a little bit, I stretched some and drank some Accelerade.  She and I then headed to the car for some of this:

Which lead to this:

Bitches LOVE Tacos!

After gorging on Mexican food and imbibing a few beers - we headed back to the beach house.  I earned a nap!  And so had Kat for giving up sleep to help me out!

Later that evening there was more rejoicing with sparkling wine and beer.  And this morning I took the dogs for a short walk.  

My ankle are still the size of my thighs, my right foot and ankle hate me - but the rest of my body is feeling surprisingly good.  My quads are tight, but I don't need a handicap bar in front of the toilet.  My calves are tight, but not too bad.  

As odd as this sounds - I am not worried about my left ankle for once - now I am concerned that I stress fractured the top of my right foot from all of the pounding.  But I will wait a week and see if it goes away.

If not - x-ray time.  But I'm guessing it will pass.  

Tomorrow I am supposed to run 20 minutes "easy" - let's see how the right foot feels then.

I want to send a GIANT thank you out to my family and friends - without you guys giving me support and encouragement and pushes on bad days - I am not sure I would be here.  I love you guys!

And now - Disney Princess Half Marathon on February 26!

Go team go - holy hell!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Twas the Night Before . . .

my very first half marathon!

And I have picked up my packet

Laid out my outfit tomorrow

Carb loaded

Finalized my playlist

And now - bed time!

Go team go - 13.1 miles!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday - off day

In just a few short days I will embark on a new journey.

13.1 miles

Today I was supposed to run an easy 20 minutes, but instead I did a little of this:

And fancy dinner in celebration of my aunt and uncle's anniversary.

Sleep now, work tomorrow, panic attack Friday night.

Go team go - a day and a wake up!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday weariness

Went to bed after midnight.

Up at 5:30 am - went to work.

Worked to correct a mistake I made on a project submission.

Drove to Port Aransas.

Presented our GIS maps.

Drove back.

Left work 8:40pm.

Commuted home.


Go team go - zzzzzzzzz

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday Follies

It has been an intense handful of days.

This morning I drove to work from Houston during big city traffic.  And I must say - I flipped the bird and dropped the F-Bomb a few times.

There goes my streak of niceness on the road.  Oh well.

I got to work early, pulled up the GIS maps, and began work.

Only to wake up 20 minutes later drooling on my keyboard.


But I got up, walked around, and rejuvenated.

My day ended and I fought my way in traffic back down to the beach house.  I haven't seen the inside of this house in a week - it was nice to be home.

Even if it was for 20 minutes.

I left the house, went for a short 20 minute "easy" run - with a bad time.

My legs hurt, my right calf was just solid - unbending and unforgiving.  It was a rough run.

But I felt I had to go as I would be on the road all day Wednesday and my Half is so close.

I averaged an overall moving pace of 13:47/mile including the walking breaks.  It was much slower than my last few workouts, and it totally sucked.

But I did it.

And then I came home, took a whore's bath, and ran out the door to meet my aunt and uncle for dinner.

Now I am back home, and prepping for a big time meeting that is to take place in Corpus tomorrow.

I am physically tired and hurt.  I am mentally drained.  I am emotionally on edge.  And I have three more days until I have to get up, and line up with a bunch of incredibly fit people to try to prove something to myself.

Why in the world did I have to be born a Type A personality!?

Life would be much simply if I didn't have to compete with everyone.

Oh well.

Go team go - three days and a wakeup

Monday, November 15, 2010

And here comes the pain . . .

The week begins.

Lemme set the scene - it is cold, overcast, rainy - and I am curled up in bed with three dogs.

Getting out of bed to commute this morning was miraculous.

But I did it.

And I worked all day.  Well - I did take a little break at lunch to find some clothes for this weekend's race.  I figured that if I was going to wear the compression tights I outta cover my booty with something!

But I came home to a house full of dogs, in the rain, pulled on my compression tights, put KT on my ankle, got tech'd up, and went upstairs to run an "easy" 30 minute run.

I think it may have taken me longer to get ready than it actually did to do the run!

But I did.

I hopped on, and the pain began.  My muscles are sore.  My brain is yelling at me, but I did do my 30.

And now I have the rest of the week to get all nerv-y and worried about whether or not this whole half marathon was a good idea.


So for now I think I have to listen to Europe's The Final Countdown over and over and over until I am ready to run 13.1 miles.


Go team go - 4 days and a wake up

Sunday, November 14, 2010

It's the Final Countdown . . . .

That's right race fans - at the end of the next weekend I will have completed a 13.1 mile race.

I may run it.  I may jog it.  I may walk it.  I may even take a taxi - but I will finish it.

After a hellaciously busy week at work I came home to visit with my family and my aunt and uncle who are down visiting from Philadelphia.

I even had a - wait for iiiiiiittttttttt -



I came in on Thursday and spent the entire day helping to clean house for the visit.  Friday we all awoke and began the final cleaning.  Basically the game plan was that right before my aunt and uncle arrived I was to pin up the dogs and clean up all of the dog hair.

That took a little bit of time!

After Mom went to work and Dad went to pick up the family, I cleaned house and then went for a short run on the upstairs treadmill.

I was able to get in a 2.74 mile run with a total time of 32:06.  That meant that INCLUDING my walk breaks - I averaged a 13:24/mile pace.  That is pretty dang not bad in my books.  It turns out I ran for 2.38 miles of that workout and at a pace of roughly 11:00/mile.

My fastest workout yet.!

I can only assume that it is due to my new compression tights - I think these make me look like the newest member of Team Orca.

Trust me - I could give a rat's patootie how foolish I look - I feel pretty damn great!

My aunt and uncle arrived and the family joined together to in conversation and wine.

We laughed, we talked, we drank, we reminisced, we drank - did I mention the wine??

But then it was time for the family to head to dinner.  The had chosen BBQ - I had two hours to kill before my date.  Best find something to do  . . . .

I hopped back on the treadmill, dialed up one of my close buds, and I ran while we gossiped.

I did another 1.77 miles at roughly a 13:01/mile pace.

I got in another short, fun run.  I tried to alleviate my blood stream of the wine imbibed early, and I learned something new.

If you are already a clumsy person, who may or may not have had a couple of glasses of wine - perhaps talking on the phone and trying to run are not the best idea.

There were a few times that I nearly weeble-woobled my butt right off the tread!

But I enjoyed the short run, changed out of the Team Orca tights - and got ready for my evening out.

Go team go - 5 days and a wake-up

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

We interrupt this blog for a public service message . . .

I have just completed another round of Defensive Driving.

I may not be the best driver in the world (far from it some would say), but I think I might qualify as one of the most educated ones.

I have taken a sum total of 15 driver's ed courses since the ripe age of 15.  My parents chose to put me in driver's education early because and I quote - "I was going to need the extra time and practice."

Hey - they aren't stupid.

Since I actually received my license I have earned roughly one accident or ticket a year for about 10 years.

And then I came to a slow progression.

Recently I picked up another ticket - but it was my first one in 5 years - oh and my Mom doesn't know yet.  So if you see her - break it to her easy-like.

But I digress . . .

While I am admittedly not a good driver - I do hold strong opinions on the other idiots on the road with me.

For example - did you know it was illegal to sit your ass in the far left lane and just drive your merry heart home while singing to dreadful music.

OK - I made the music part up - but the rest is true.

That lane is strictly for those passing -

so move your happy ass out of that lane!

Yeppers - guy on left just driving along at about 60 mph sitting in the left lane.  And that makes it hard for the rest of us as it is ill-advised to pass on the right.  

So do everyone a favor ya jack-hole - move your Dually outta the left hand lane.

K Thx!

But my favorite this morning was this guy:

No not me - although you can see I am not pleased.

Do you see the white car in the left side of the rearview mirror - hard to see ain't he.

So he is breaking the law by sitting his jolly ass in the passing lane AND guess who didn't turn on his lights in the rain.

Ya - him.  

He also pulled out directly in front of me when he merged onto the highway, thus shrinking down both my "space cushion" and his.  He then parked his little car in the passing lane and continued to stay there for the entirety of the trip.  

He was still there when I exited the highway - using a blinker I might add.

But here is the best part - I haven't flipped anyone off in weeks.

Usually I flip someone off everyday for their bonehead moves during my commute.  But lately I have been using my blinker and confining my middle finger to not make a showing.

Could I possibly be growing up?????

Nah . . . . 

And to continue to prove my immaturity - I will leave you with this to sum up those people who chose to behave like they own the road and enjoy making everyone's lives hell:

Running later - 

Go team go - obey!

Monday, November 8, 2010

And the pain continues . . . .

This was a hellacious weekend.

I spent both Saturday and Sunday hiding from Bike Week and working on the GIS maps for my job.  Very soon I will have to meet my boss and face some angry fisherman about a current hot topic, and it was my duty to compile some of the maps for the presentation.

So after a tiring weekend (where I forwent on my planned run) I came into work and found myself dealing with reporter concerning the same topic I spent all weekend prepping for.


He had been trying to reach my boss, who has been traveling and unreachable but this guy had a deadline and needed a statement from the agency.  I spent all morning prepping a statement, sent it up the chain of command, and finally sent it out to the reporter with my fingers crossed.

I then raced home, grabbed up the retarded duo and took them to the vet.

Here is my favorite part of the trip to the vet -

I hid in the back corner of the vet's office waiting for my turn into the room.  My dogs took this opportunity to bark, snarl, growl, and complain to everyone who walked by them and jumped all around looking like crazed animals.

I was soooo pleased.

Apparently, they barked so loud at one time that a cat inside one of the exam rooms hid under a table, a Chihauhau peed itself, and an ancient golden retriever curled up on the floor and refused to walk past them.


I couldn't have been a prouder parent.


I came home from that - dug out my Newton's and went for a run.


I headed out with the sunset.  And lemme tell ya - everything hurt.  I actually wound up with a stitch in my side  - first time that has happened in forever.  My ankle is still cranky, so lots of pain there.  And my right hip was dodgy.

But I made it.

36:32 minutes of running.  I kept up a running pace of 12:20/mile - which isn't that bad considering that I haven't really run since the 10 mile race in October (except for a short treadmill jaunt while in Austin).

I did take my walking breaks, and I needed them.


I pulled down just over 2.6 miles and feel pretty good about that.  My schedule had me running 30 minutes "easy" - so I think that I qualified.

Oh - and dinner -

Don't worry I will have some chocolate later - I just won't take a picture to document it.

Go team go - Whaaaaattt!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Two Icee Day

It was an excessively long week.

I spent the entire week working on GIS maps and pulling my hair out between varying projections and layers and formats.  But I think that I finally have a cohesive, functional, and pretty map for our projects at work.

The boss was in town and we are gearing up to present some of our strategies to interested parties in the Port Aransas Area.  My whole part in that being the ability to present the fancy maps to the people.

Add to that the fact that it is Bike Week on the island so I have been fighting scores of people trying to get to and from work -

It has been a VERY long week.

I was hoping to come home, relax, and then get back to work tomorrow -

But my big, retarded dog had a different plan. . .

I came home to find that he had dug in the trash and found a fuchsia lipstick and chewed it up all over Mom's rug.

So it became a two Icee day.

And ya Mom - I cleaned it up using the Incredible.  At least it wasn't on the white couch and chair!  

Tomorrow - I have to get the maps done, and pushed back onto the work servers, take the window units out of the house, clean the house top to bottom, find out why the bathroom sink is now leaking, work on my bills

and . . . . 


that's right race fans - with about two weeks to go - I am gonna try my ankle at running.  I don't plan on fighting the bikes to run with the group, so just around the neighborhood - but fingers crossed for no pain!

Go team go - damn dogs

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dating Dilemma

I have recently discovered the concept of No Shave November.

And herein lay my problems:

  1. Can ladies participate or is that too icky?
  2. Should ladies chose to not shave in November, do they get to style their leg/pit hair in December?
  3. If a gentleman I date choses not to shave in November, is it acceptable to get him drunk and shave him?
  4. If the hair growing freakishness is allowed to exist - I personally think that the only acceptable December looks would be those circled in red below.
Personally - I am leaning toward the Super Mario.

Any takers???

Oh - and running - maybe tomorrow - cycling and weights tonight.

Go team go - shorn

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mamma Should Have Called Me Grace!

I am certain that I have mentioned before that I lack in grace what most people have in their big toes.

For example -

Today on my way out of the office I bent over to turn off my space heater


tripped over my own foot and hit my head on the corner of my desk.


See where the Tylenol bottle is on my desk - ya - right about there.

And people wonder how I can get hurt while "running" - 

just a thought . . . 

Go team go - owie!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hurt or Injured

I know you all know the scene in GI Jane - the one where Flea busts his knee in SERE training and Instructor Pyro asks him if he is hurt or injured.

I never really understood that query.  But I think I do now.

I am hurt, but I will recover.  Injury now means to me something that I have to stop my life to heal up from (like a shattered ankle).  This crankiness in my ankle right now is just me being hurt.

But the worst bit is that I think I am also hurt in spirit.  Not being able to run is killing my heart - I feel so trapped.

I am trying to make the best of things though - yesterday was calisthenics and kettlebell.  Today was some work on the rowing machine followed by a 30 minute stationary bike ride.  

And to that end I have now realized just how absurd stationary biking is.  

Really - all that time and I never moved past my dog sleeping front of me.  Lame.

But I did get to watch Biggest Loser while working out, so I guess that counts for something.

So I will keep up these non-running workout through the week and hope to run this Saturday.  

Just a few more weeks until I line up on the inaugural Galveston Half Marathon Start Line.  

Go team go - ugh

Monday, November 1, 2010

Hellacious Halloween

Soo - it is Monday and I am back.

When I last posted I had some serious guys explain to me what I was doing wrong while running.  To me it seemed simple - what I was doing wrong was actually running!

I should comfortable with my dogs, a beer, and a book - but instead I chose to do this stupid half-marathon.

But alas - I am a not right in the head.

I spent the majority of last week in Austin at a GIS seminar/conference.  I got to learn from specialists what I could do to make my maps easier to share with my boss and co-workers as well as make them easier to manage.

I did manage to squeeze in a short run at the hotel, but I also managed to squeeze in time at a local wine bar and sushi with one of my closest friends.  And can I just give a strong hi-five to the ginger mojito - whatttt!!!

But after the conference closed out, I hopped back into the trusty Equinox that I borrowed from the lab supervisor (which still sports a hole from where I backed it into a fire hydrant 2 months on the job) and headed back to work and home.

Due to insane traffic conditions and a major accident directly in front of the tollway entrance - I was able to stop in for a short visit with my Dad on his birthday.  Hurray!  Now I don't have to buy a present!

I was home when Mom came in wearing her red hiking boots, and got to watch her change into her brown hiking boots for fancy dinner with Dad.  That lady knows shoes!

I headed out assuming that the traffic had cleared out and finally made it home.

Only to turn around and head back to Houston the next morning.  This time in Bessie - my trusted stead.

Friday was another insanely busy day - so no running - but I did DANCE.

I got home, and took my Halloween costume over to a friend's place where we then indulged in Mexican food and skanked ourselves out for the sake of a sacred holiday.

 There was a large group of us attending the Vampire Ball and seeing as how I am a cheapskate -I went as a vampire slayer in my mini black dress from my birthday)

Picture that dress with fishnets, a black leather jacket, black boots, and a stake and cross. 

We had a private balcony at the nightclub hosting the Vampire Ball and since this was the first time I have "dressed" for Halloween since college, or even went out to celebrate it since then - we did it up right!  

And as true to my form - I wound up barefoot stomping through the bar.  I hads me some dirty feet!  

To sum up - I worked all week in Austin, drove back to Galveston, turned back around, drove to Houston, stopped in at my parent's place for a few hours, got Halloween slutty, drank, accidentally drunk dialed my Dad at 3am (kinda funny now - but not so much then), and woke up the next day wishing for death and praying for the room to be still.

It was a rough week in more ways than one - and I am glad that it is now over! 

And ten years from now when I chose to celebrate Halloween again - I am taking Kat's suggestion and going as a Hangover - might as well be comfy and in your PJs before the drinking begins!

I did manage to work out today - but no running.  I have my gym bag packed and hope to hit the treadmill tomorrow.  Less than 19 days to go now!

Go team go - crunch time!