Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pain in the Neck

I knew when I woke up this morning I should have stayed in bed.

My neck is killing me. It hurts to look left. I must have slept wrong - but whatever the reason - I have a stiff neck.

I should have known . . .

Work was fine. I finished up a project or two before the holiday, but I had to go try on a new wetsuit for cold water diving.

Could anything be worse?!

Yes - you could hurt yourself while trying on a wetsuit.

You read that right - I totally hurt my hip joint wiggling into a sausage casing.


And then I came home already feeling low and not fully up to a run.

My neck hurt, my right foot and ankle still hurt, and now - my hip!


I come in, let the monsters out, and notice dried blood on the floor.

Clean it up thinking that I would have to check them for a split foot pad.

I then find a large pool of it in Mom's white chair.


So I track down the oxyclean and spray the chair.

Now the dogs are at the door and through the glass I see a huge patch of blood on Bobby's shoulder.


I grab him, call the vet, and run for the car.

It turns out he had a quarter sized hole, down to the muscle, in his front, right shoulder.

So after having a panic attack and rallying the troops (ie: the parents, Kat, Laura, and Potential Boy) via phone for support - I get to the vet and find out that he may have to stay overnight and have general anesthesia.


It wasn't a bite, so the little terror is off the hook, but I have no idea what would cause a big ole puncture like that on a dog that size.

But thankfully, the vet was able to give him the stitches using a local anesthesia - so he is home with me.

He has stainless steel stitches to keep him from chewing them out.  I have to keep him "quiet"  - ya right - and "still" - holy hell!

He has to take pain killers and antibiotics - which means I get to shove these down his throat everyday.


Doped Dog!

Aye - what day - I should have stayed in bed!

So no running - not signing up for the Turkey Trot, all I want is rest.

Go team go - where's the wine???


  1. Oh, poor little boy. I LOVE that photo. That nose. Priceless! I am a huge sucker for big dog noses.

    And really? You got hurt getting into a wet suit?? I've never tried, so I guess I shouldn't talk. But then it is snowing here right now, so I can't even imagine getting into a wet suit at all!

  2. He does have the best nose.

    And yes - I am prolly the only person in the world who can injure them-self getting into a bit of neoprene.

    Big Ole 'Tard - that's me!

    But snow - I miss snow.

  3. Poor guy - that's almost the same spot where Fenn got his. We didn't see it happen, but figured out that he 'zoomed' too close to a metal outdoor table that had very sharp edges.

    I think Santa needs to bring your mom some non-white machine washable slipcovers. ;-)

  4. LOL Laura! I asked her about that before and she said at least the white can be bleached! But before I move out, I have a feeling I will be buying replacements since my dogs have been the destructors!

    I still haven't found anything in the house with his blood on it - but the bet said it wasn't from his early morning outside call - so it's a mystery!

    Oh well - I am truly exhausted.

    Let the holidays began - rah