Wednesday, November 10, 2010

We interrupt this blog for a public service message . . .

I have just completed another round of Defensive Driving.

I may not be the best driver in the world (far from it some would say), but I think I might qualify as one of the most educated ones.

I have taken a sum total of 15 driver's ed courses since the ripe age of 15.  My parents chose to put me in driver's education early because and I quote - "I was going to need the extra time and practice."

Hey - they aren't stupid.

Since I actually received my license I have earned roughly one accident or ticket a year for about 10 years.

And then I came to a slow progression.

Recently I picked up another ticket - but it was my first one in 5 years - oh and my Mom doesn't know yet.  So if you see her - break it to her easy-like.

But I digress . . .

While I am admittedly not a good driver - I do hold strong opinions on the other idiots on the road with me.

For example - did you know it was illegal to sit your ass in the far left lane and just drive your merry heart home while singing to dreadful music.

OK - I made the music part up - but the rest is true.

That lane is strictly for those passing -

so move your happy ass out of that lane!

Yeppers - guy on left just driving along at about 60 mph sitting in the left lane.  And that makes it hard for the rest of us as it is ill-advised to pass on the right.  

So do everyone a favor ya jack-hole - move your Dually outta the left hand lane.

K Thx!

But my favorite this morning was this guy:

No not me - although you can see I am not pleased.

Do you see the white car in the left side of the rearview mirror - hard to see ain't he.

So he is breaking the law by sitting his jolly ass in the passing lane AND guess who didn't turn on his lights in the rain.

Ya - him.  

He also pulled out directly in front of me when he merged onto the highway, thus shrinking down both my "space cushion" and his.  He then parked his little car in the passing lane and continued to stay there for the entirety of the trip.  

He was still there when I exited the highway - using a blinker I might add.

But here is the best part - I haven't flipped anyone off in weeks.

Usually I flip someone off everyday for their bonehead moves during my commute.  But lately I have been using my blinker and confining my middle finger to not make a showing.

Could I possibly be growing up?????

Nah . . . . 

And to continue to prove my immaturity - I will leave you with this to sum up those people who chose to behave like they own the road and enjoy making everyone's lives hell:

Running later - 

Go team go - obey!


  1. Hooray for a driving rant!! I know it is ill-advised, but nothing pleases me more (well, okay, things do please me more) than blowing by someone on the right when they are going at a crawl in the left lane!

  2. And my non-nice streak continues - guess I was on my best behavior when I hadn't completed the requirements for the ticket!