Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Monday Mayhem

This past weekend was Christmas!  And I made out like a bandit!!!!

A new garden gnome - AGGIE Style!  WHOOPP!
 Some fabulous jewelry from my brother and his family - 13.1!!!

 My eldest dog celebrating in the paper - and PEZ!!!
 Angel earrings, Zumba on the Wii, Under Armour

Not pictured - cashmere scarf; pink, flannel, monogrammed pjs; a picture book of the kids; a Bazinga shirt from Kat; a gift certificate to from Laura; some of my favorite root beer and BBQ rub and sauce from The Shed, along with a pink cooler and gloves from Lee; and from The Boy some magnets and blinky flashing things to keep me safe on my dark runs!  

Like a bandit I tell ya!!!

Midnight mass was awesome and Christmas Day dinner was even better - The Boy joined the family and after we all played a family card game called Pitch - and when Kat showed up she took Dad's spot until it was time to hit the pub.

But that was the weekend - I digress

Monday - I ran

I ran HARD

And now I am limpy again.

But I did 3.52 miles in 40:02.  So I kept an overall pace of 11:22/mile, which includes my walk breaks - seriously I think my Garmin is broke!

I ran 2.98 of those miles with an overall pace of 10:34/mile and walked the rest.  Truly mind blowing.

I honestly think my Garmin is on the fritz.  

But hey - whatever - as a Christmas weekend - the whole damn thing ROCKED!

other than the ooky pain

Oh well -

Go team go - yeee hawww!

Also - just in case anyone was wondering - Ladies and Gentlemen - I give you The Boy:


  1. You scored! And oh my gosh - it is The Boy! He exists! :)

    I love the dog in the wrapping paper photo!

  2. Ya - that dog LOVES wrapping paper - honestly, he will eat any paper lying around - gotta be careful with the bills!

    I have seriously had to do the "my dog ate my bill" call.