Monday, January 31, 2011

Another One Bites the Dust

My brother once said that my father is the King of the Island of Misfit Toys.

Dad seems to like buying items that have immense history and craftsmanship, but perhaps are not in perfect working condition.

Example - my brother made the above declaration the day that he, my father, and I were out in our small boat.  We were just motoring around the canals after a holiday dinner, relaxing.  And then the steering went out on the boat.  So at the end of every canal my brother and I physically walk the boat around the end by placing our hands on the bulkheads.

I tell you this story - to tell you this one:

Hurricane Ike struck the Texas coast two years ago and turned many things instead out.  My father's sailboat, his pride and joy, wound up roughly 0.5 miles away in someone else's yard.  It was eventually placed back on it's trailer and moved back to our house.  However, during the reconstruction of the house the boat was moved across the street.

And there it stayed for over a year.

Dad and I tried putting air in the tires a few weeks ago and moving it, but to no avail.  It was properly sunk in the ground and the tires were rotted right off the rims.

So The Boy and I took this weekend and jacked up the boat, removed the tires, and tried to pull it out.  It took two trips to the auto store for tires, much sweat, a can of PB Blaster, a lot of jumping up and down, a neighbor shoveling channels in front of the tires, and TWO vehicles to move it.

My car pulled his truck, which pulled the boat.  I can't believe we actually moved the damn thing!!!

Only to find out that one of the brand new tires was now flat - so we jacked it back up, threw some Fix a flat in it, and went to move it to the side of the house.

We didn't QUITE make it on top of the concrete slabs - well actually we did - but then it rolled off and we just couldn't get it back on the dang things.

And there was much rejoicing!

After The Boy headed back to the land of work and Big City living - I hung my medal holder and first half marathon medal on my wall.

Three of my favorite items now hang over my bed - a sign The Boy gave me, a picture my folks gave me, and my first half marathon medal I earned.

The rest of the week has been low on running, but high on other bits:

Monday - I continued to fight with my work computer and went through some push-up and sit-ups.

Tuesday - I sent my work computer off with the IT guy and tried some yoga and stretches.

Wednesday - I came home from work and climbed into my yoga pants and hid from the world.

Thursday - I pass my required swim test for work that included swimming 25 m underwater in a single breath.  We also got to tread water for 10 minutes, the last 2 with our hands out of the water.  Fabulous!  But the good news is that I was able to maintain proper trim and buoyancy in my double 80s back plate with no extra weight and my 3 mm suit.  I came home happy and exhausted!

Friday - Was another day of diving.  I used the exact same system, but this time went in the water in my 7 mm suit - and was damn floaty!  But instead of losing my cool like I did last time, I worked through the problem fairly calmly.  It was so much easier this time as I knew that the problem was simply the buoyancy of the suit and I would need to figure out the proper weight to keep my trim.

Saturday - I spent 7 hours in a classroom learning about gas laws and decompression diving - and I gotta say - some of the problems that could occur during decompression diving scare the pants off of me.  Ugh!

Sunday - we moved the boat!!

And today - well today I went to the doctor.


It was confirmed that it was an IT band issue, but that no further consult was required with an ortho or a specialist.  So I will begin running again tomorrow!

This weekend I am going to shoot for 6 miles and then Super Bowl!

 My team - my original quarterback! 

and our plans for halftime - bring it on all y'all!  

Go team go - Nerf!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Left Overs and Monday Blahs

Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed!

I slept worth crap last night - tossing and turning - hot and cold - up peeing every hour - UGH!

I crawled out of bed around 0600 and dressed for work.  I made sure to layer my new Spamalot hoodie over my green cashmere sweater.  I thought it would put a little fun in the work day.

Turns out - I would need it!

I had to restart and hard reset my computer 4 times in less than 4 hours.  My CPU has been acting up for well over 2 weeks now - slowing down my productivity and just ticking me off overall!  I have been arguing with IT that it is related to a new motherboard install that occurred just over 2 weeks ago, but keep being told it is all a coincidence.


To top it off the weather BLOWS!  Cold and rainy.  Ugly.

I finally called my boss around lunch time and asked if I could pack my files up and go home to work on a computer that actually worked.  He let me go on home to de-stress and get some work done.

My hope is that the IT guy coming tomorrow can be able to fix the machine, but I know he is going to take the computer with him when he returns to headquarters Wednesday.  We both hope that he can pull it apart and find the little gremlin that is terrorizing my poor ballistic armoured laptop.


Ballistic armour.

So my day didn't go quite a planned.

Dinner was super fabulous leftovers.  It seems that with hormones and Girl's Weekend comes lots of takeout!

And some of this:


It could be considered a leftover - there was only a wee bit left and no one would want this to go bad would they??!!!

But I should say that there was something uplifting today.

I started my 100 Pushups and 200 Situps apps this evening, and I can already tell you that I am going to hate these!

Today I got in 15 pushups and 67 situps according to my schedule.  And it has programed reminders so that I can do this all over again on Wednesday.

Also today - 30 minutes of resting and relaxing yoga.  It is about the only damn thing that doesn't hurt my left hip right.

I am seriously worried about the Disney Princess half!

I haven't run since the 10K in the state park a few weeks ago and things have just not gotten any better since then.  I tried to go for a leisurely walk on Saturday, and it still hurt!

I think I might be getting old or something.


Oh well -

tomorrow I send off my laptop to headquarters for an overhaul, try to run 3 miles (fingers crossed), and attempt to shop for a Valentine's Day present for The Boy.

Sounds like tomorrow might be another day to not crawl out of bed.

Go team go - corpse pose

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I Shall Taunt You a Second Time

Last week, Fruitfly put up some random images of her refrigerator showing their lack of free space -

Ladies and Dad - I give you my refrigerator:

On one side is my magnet and postcard collection.  Some are from places I have been, others are just funny, but the one thing on there that means the most to me is a card from my brother.  I have kept this card since 1994 and inside it says, " Saw this card and for some reason thought of you."  Can you guess which it is??

Try looking at the very top, center - see the little redhead with blue eyes and a frog in her mouth - that is the spitting image of me as a child.  Frog and all sadly.

Seriously - I love that card!

The front of the fridge has randomness in schedules, phone numbers, church times (which I seem to never make), tickets to the Rodeo, a Buckees beaver sticker, Einstein duck, a postcard of the Galveston Half, some motivational stickers, and a couple of pictures.  One is the view from the house I currently live in, and one is my brother MEETING THE FREAKIN' QUEEN!!!

But enough randomness -

I give you Disney Princess Half Fashion Show 2011:

Feel free to jump in and vote for your favorite and try not to get offended should I chose to ignore your thoughts!  Also, most of the pics are taken right after I woke up and woke up a friend who was visiting - so pardon the muffin top and quality.

I give you the contending tiaras - I am leaning to the one of the right - mostly because it has more pink!

I bought some EXTREMELY expensive compression tights with pink on them, hoping that they would help get me to the finish line in one piece.  The only problem is that they look ridiculous!

Seriously - look at my ass in these things - who decided to put big lines around them!  Ugh!

I love the top from Skirt Sports with the thumbholes and HELLO - all pink!

I also figured out that one solution to the compression tights was this:


What!  So I just happened to have one laying around - who doesn't!

But I figured I could get one in pink and black and complete the outfit with a tiara.

Then there would be these:

The one on the left is just the pink shirt with some black Skirt Sports (I love that company!) skirted capri set.

The other is a black and pink combo with a sassy little design on the side reminiscent of fairies.  I am currently leaning that way.  I know it isn't the all pink outfit I was hoping for, but I so like it.

In addition to the fashion show - this weekend held some interesting moments:

Drinking with my friend Kat on Friday night while watching old stand-up acts:

Good times!

Also this weekend -

Ya - so I named my guns - WHAT??!!

Kat and I went for a short walk on Saturday on our way to lunch and then back home.  Roughly 2 miles total.  Even just walking I had left hip pain, left quad pain, and a general issue with cussing like a sailor.


But Saturday night was some of this:

Best money I have spent in a very long time!!!

Today I am hoping to slap on some Tiger Balm, suck it up and try to run the same 2 mile loop from yesterday - fingers crossed!!!

Go team go - SPAM!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Catching Up

The last time I went running was the 10K at the state park - since then I have been doing some hobbling, feeling sorry for myself, diving, and dealing with some girly-hormone related crankiness.  

I finished the race much slower than I had hoped - but did finish it.  After that I had mucho pain in my left hip and thigh and right calf, in addition to a swollen left ankle.  I swear - even with the shattered leg in roller derby - I don't recall every having this amount of chronic pain.  

OK - the broken back thing still bugs me - but damn running is going to put me in an early grave!!!

I have decided a couple of things - 
  • once I complete the Disney Princess Half Marathon I am swearing off 13.1 miles for a while
  • 10K might be my "top" distance
  • I will return to running for fun; over running for training after February
  • popcorn is the best food group - ever (more on that later)
In lieu of running I have done a bit of yoga, some kettlebelling, and some laying around complaining about bloat and cramps.  

And this last weekend was a three day holiday for most people.  

Me - I worked on Saturday.  

I am enrolled in a Technical Diving class for work.  This means that I get to learn Heliox and Trimix diving on top of the Nitrox diving I already know.  I also get to wear double-80s on a backplate and carry a 40 as a stage bottle under my left arm.  


I could potentially look like the above diver once I successfully navigate the course.

However - I went into the water on Saturday and had "issues."  I was wearing a 7mm wetsuit for the first time, was underweighted, and HATE dealing with double 80s.  I had major buoyancy problems.  

After a bit of time trying to get my buoyancy handled, I began to lose my calm and literally "tapped out" upside down in the water.

For those of you unfamiliar with "tapping out" - the process begins with reaching a high level of frustration.  Then once you reach maximum capacity of dealing with an issue - you clap your hands together twice, swipe them in a across your chest in a baseball "safe" gesture, and then basically leave whatever situation you are currently in.

So there I was - wearing an insane amount of gear, crying underwear due to frustration (but passing it off as water in my mask), upside-down - and I tapped out.

Sadly - I couldn't remove my self from the situation for another hour or so - but I did eventually get my calm back together and finished the day.

The Boy turned a crappy day into a fantastic one with Sake and Sushi Saturday Dinner!!!


And the Sunday there was some of this:

Haak Winery  

On the way home we saw this - and I squealed with delight and whined about wanting to take a picture of this sign - so The Boy slammed on his brakes in his fancy truck, backed up, and obliged.

You're welcome:

 Whatever that is - I want to go!!

Monday was a holiday for most of us - The Boy had to go to work - sooooo sad!!!

I spent the entire day in my pjs and slipper socks.  The pets took a cue from me:

 I have no idea how Bobby sleeps like that!  But Beignet and Soot look soooo comfy!

 But here is the grand finale:

A couple of awesome things happened yesterday:

I received some of my testers for the Princess Half outfit.  The rest should be showing up this week.

I ate a TON of popcorn and received my CHL - watch out!!!

So therein lays a true and faithfully recounting of my week.  I have some new workout ideas while I am recovering and while I am crazy ticked off about not being able to run - I need to get back on the schedule and at least train everyday in some form or another!!

Go team go - mmmmmmm popcorn!

Friday, January 14, 2011

My Boyfriend has Phantom Allergies

It has been a very bad week.

But I do have an awesome new hat - whhhhaaattttt!!!!!!

I am still having pain in my left hip and right quad - so I took it easy this week and cross-trained (ie: thought about yoga) all week.

My work computer has been acting up since the motherboard was replaced - but IT is calling that a "coincidence." So I have been stressed at work.  Awesome!!

Also, my dryer broke last weekend - and The Boy THINKS he is allergic to cats.

Together this becomes problematic in that I own a cat.

So anytime he visits I vacuum the furniture, change sheets, and pin the poor, defenseless 15 year old darling into another room.

Sweet, defenseless kitty

Last weekend when I found out my dryer was broken, I went on a mad scramble and found a spare set of sheets and a comforter.

Not this week.

It must all be washed.

So - here it is - Friday night - after an insanely rough week - and I am at the laundromat.

To make my mood even better, the one thing I have been looking forward to for over a week was my massage today - which I wasn't able to actually get.

I showed up all ready to finally have something relaxing happen this week - and nope - my lady was running late.  But no one told me - so instead I sat around 25 minutes waiting and then had to pack up and head home so that I could meet the new potential dog sitter.


Right after the met with the dog sitter (who I am afraid the dogs will knock down) I headed to the laundromat.

And while I still doubt the so-called allergies as he can be in a house where a cat lives and not even sneeze - he is The Boy and I care for the punk - so off to the laundromat I went.

8 washers, $16, and a single laundry basket - EEP!

So here I am, no massage - no dryer, no working computer at work - stressed out with - did I mention PMS - at a laundromat on a Friday night doing laundry because of The Boy's "allergies."

That and my lack of under-roos.

It's ok though because once the clothes hit the washers (8 of them) I hit the local eatery; pounded back a burger, a salad (gotta watch my figure) and 2 beers!

Laundromat Dinner - how romantic!

Makes laundry better I think.

The Boy owes me big time!!!!!  I smell Icees in my future - lots of them!

And that's AFTER they have been cleaned!!!

And tomorrow I get to awake early to attend day one of my Tech Diving course - fab-oooo

Go team go - grrrrrrrrrrr

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

First Race of 2011

Well - this is a little late in coming - but here is my race recap of my FIRST RACE OF 2011!!!

Last year my New Year's Resolution was to complete a Half Marathon - which I freakin' DID!

This year - I had set goals to complete the following:

  • Run a trail race
  • Complete a Warrior's Dash 
  • Get below an 11:00/mile
  • Run a 10K without walking breaks
  • Yoga three times a week
  • Cut down my Icee intake - (this is unlikely)
  • Be more patient - (also unlikely)
  • Finish the Disney Princess Half in under 3 hours
  • Try not to get frustrated by setbacks (like injuries) - also highly unlikely

My first race of 2011 was a 10K and a trail race.  Already one goal accomplished!!!

Kinda . . . 

Jennie and I met up at my place and then drove over to the State Park to get ready for the race - it was incredibly cold - no foolin'.

Seriously - it is damn cold and WAY too early!

But the two of us put on our happy faces and prepared for the fun run.  It was really well marked, excessively organized, and lead me to believe that this would be a race I would keep an eye on for future dates.

And finally - it was time.  Jennie and I started out together, but it didn't take very long for her to pull away from me and run her own race.  I was enjoying my music and going insane over how beautiful of a day it way.  The State Park was amazing on Saturday morning!

I did pretty well for the first 5K of the 10K.  I kept a pretty good 4/1 format and felt happy with how things were going.  We were running on some ugly looking roads, bush-hogged trails, and wooden bridges.  The birds were out, the sun was shining - it was a fabulous day!

BUT . . .

The trails were tearing up my ankle and my right groin was screaming in a concert with the left hip.  


I made a turn to the south and the trails had broken me.

I walked on the high, thick grass and looked out for holes in the trail so that I wouldn't turn my ankle.  

I knew I was the final person in the race.  I could tell be the look on the State Park ranger at the end of the line. But I kept going, and just waved at him and started running again.

I made the turn to the east - and ran smack into a wall of wind.  Holy crap!

Sooooo - I walked much of that part of the race and only started running again when I hit pavement again.  My legs hated me - I hated me.

All I knew was I felt that I had failed.  I had hoped for a finish time of 1:20 - and I just KNEW I had blown it.

And I had.

But I still had some spark left for a smile for the camera - just 20 minutes after Jennie passed him:

Somehow happy faces are all around!

In the end I did come in last - but I finished and felt like I could have done better - but I was still happy with the fact that I got up and joined Jennie for a run that morning.

We were so excited that we posed with one of TPWD's state vehicles:

We were hoping that showing we were in a State Park on a Saturday would let our bosses have the day off on Monday.

It didn't work.

In the end - I earned some Bling!

And I found out something that made me feel a little better about the race:

I ran a total of 4.09 miles with an average moving pace of 12:57/mile - and that may not be too bad considering it was my first trail race ever. (And that I am still kinda gimpy).

I did, however, walk 1.81 miles - and that number needs to come WAY down - so I'll have to work on that.

But essentially - not a bad way to start off the new year!

Welcome 2011!  

Go team go - BLING!