Sunday, February 20, 2011

Trip with The Boy - Part Three

 We got up, ate our breakfast in bed, and dressed for a dreary day walking the Mission Trail.

This would be a departure from Friday at the caverns and the safari, which we ended at the Tower of the Americas.  

After a short drive through some interesting neighborhoods, we arrived at the Visitor Center at the San Jose mission.  We were so lucky in that as we were walking in, the guided tour was walking out - so we joined them and were in for the tour of our life!

Our tour guide, Tatum, was AMAZING!  She really knew that history of the place and brought it to life and I enjoyed every aspect of the tour.

If you ever go there - be sure to ask for her!

Interesting tidbit - while these are National Parks, the Catholic church owns the property of the church buildings and six feet out.  San Jose was under renovation.

Prickly pears over top the native people dwellings.

 The rose window

Me - drenched, but happy

The historically accurate Coke machine.

Spanish officer quarters

We left there and headed to the other three missions:

Mission San Juan:

Mission Espada

Mission Concepcion            

 It was sooo amazing!  These structures are centuries years old, and the stories behind them is fascinating!

We finished up the Mission Trail with

The Alamo!!!

It is the 175th anniversary of the Battle of the Alamo, and it was really cool to visit the place on such an anniversary - almost to the day in our case!

From there it was dinner on the River Walk

And then back to the hotel to rest after a couple of long days walking!

Today we slept late, packed the truck and headed home!

Our first vacation as a couple - no arguments, lots of awesome time spent together, and great memories!

Next week - Disney Princess Half Marathon

Go team go - wheeeeeee

Trip with The Boy - Part Two

It all starts with a door.

We stayed at the historic St. Anthony Hotel in downtown San Antonio.  

Our room with a view of the park.  

I needed a ladder to climb into that bed - seriously.  If I didn't get a running start, I wasn't making it onto the bed without help.  It was an amazing room!!!

We shared the SMALLEST closet in all of Christendom.  

The Lobby of St. Anthony 

Some of the illustrious guests - Grace Kelly and John Wayne!

But after we checked in - we got cleaned up, got the safari smell off of us, and headed back out on the streets!

We made a brief stop on the River Walk and had some chow, and turned to walk to the Tower of the Americas.

Along the way I found the logical reason behind illegal immigration 

See - a Mexican door on American soil with "My home is your home." Sound logic if I ever heard it!  But hey - don't worry - The Boy is here legally.

We finally made it to the tower and saw some AMAZING views!!!

This one is one of my favorites:

We stayed and watch the sunset 

and then headed back down the streets to the hotel for a well deserved rest.

- which we were not able to receive!

We crawled into the monster bed and could not sleep due to loud screaming, hooting, hollering, and cussing from the hallway.  The Boy asked if I was going to do anything - and being a redhead - I got out of bed

well - literally - fell out of bed -

hopped up, and swung open the door to address the issue.  Apparently, it was a Bachlorette party and it seems that is a license to act like animals in public places.  I yelled at them and shot some nasty looks at the youngsters and then headed back to the monster bed.

And the next day - my required part of the trip . . . 

Trip with The Boy - Part One

This has been a HELLACIOUS week!

I started back running again, which while kinda painful at times - was such a relief to me!

And at the end of the week - vacation with The Boy.

So I spent Thursday closing up projects at work, visiting the doctor for my annual, getting my hair did, and my nails made purty, and preparing for the trip.


We packed up the truck, got up early, and headed out to our destination - San Antonio!

We made our required stop at Buckees - the best place on earth (well - at least Texas)

Our first stop was the Natural Bridge Caverns.

We decided to do the Illumination Tour - 180 feet down and 185 steps, but this meant we had some time to kill before the next tour.  So we did this:

And then it was time for the tour!  And how lucky could we get - we were the only ones on the tour!!!!

We headed down into the cavern and into the deep.  This was a superbly cool tour!  You enter and they turn a light on way at the bottom to show you how far down you have to go.  Then they turn on a light before you get to a region, and then turn off all lights after you pass them.  At the bottom you find a huge cavern with a few benches and here you sit and they turn off all of the lights.  

And there you are in the darkness - it was kinda like The Descent, but without the deadly things.


But then we had to climb out of that cavern - climbing all of those stairs was winding!!

A trip that we thought couldn't be topped!

And then we topped it - 10 minutes later.

The Boy had made the Natural Bridge Wildlife Safari his mandatory trip.

I wasn't all that excited about driving around looking at cows and deer from a car.

Boy - was I wrong!

The rams were the first things we encountered and they had a devious plan to get the food pellets each car carried.  The ram would stand in front of your car and refuse to move until you dropped some food.  Too cute!

But the excitement came a little later in the park -

Saul feeding a Zebra

After he fed all the ostriches - I FINALLY had one come to my side of the truck

It was the highlight of the trip and something we are still laughing at days later.

Stay tuned for Part Two!