Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hot Mess Tuesday

Well - it is the day after Valentine's Day.

Usually the most dreaded day of the year for me, but this year it is February 27.  

For that is the date that I will complete my second half marathon - the Disney Princess Half.


The last time I ran one I hadn't trained fabulously well in that I was ill and lazy before the Galveston Half.  This time I am recovering from an injury and semi-lazy.  

I have made a few decisions though in the process:
  1. 13.1 miles is a long distance for someone with as many old injuries as I have
  2. training for 13.1 miles is tedious at times
  3. I am not a morning person
  4. I have a problem with pink

Yep - this is my probable Disney Princess Half outfit - a pink long sleeve shirt, a pink ruffle-y skirt, some black semi-compression capris with a pink stripe, pink Newton racers, 

and . . . . 

a pink, sparkly headband Jen sent me just for this race.  I think it goes nicely with my pink tiara.

But today wasn't just about the outfit - it was about the outfit and my new hydro belt.

I ran about the same track as yesterday - roughly 2.1 miles in 27:47 - faster than yesterday.

This gave me an overall pace of 13:21/mile including the walking breaks!  I was able to keep in my 4/1 format for the most part - and while it was painful - I was soooo happy at the end of it.

However - my belt and I are not getting along.

It pulls my skirt up in the back, bounces up from my hips, and causes me to cuss


But I will try again tomorrow with the same outfit and see how it goes.

Go team go - PINK!!!!!


  1. I love the outfit! How long have you been running in Newtons? Do you like them? Did you have leg pains when you switched from the Kayanos?

  2. love the tutu! I'm sure you'll sort something out with the belt. My fuelbelt doesn't have water bottles, it just holds "stuff", but I had to wear it on my lower back to eliminate the bounce. I still haven't tried the Princess fanny pack on a run, though. :-)

  3. LOVE the outfit! I hope it works out :-)

  4. Thanks all y'all! I am gonna keep trying this belt with the skirt - but I think that the outfit is set as long as the weather for the race is 65 or below.

    Laura - you HAVE to run in the Princess pack and take a pic - maybe for a Mellow Milers run???

    Courtney -I have been running in the Newton Lady Isaac for about a year now, but moved into the racers a few months ago. It does take a while for your legs and calves to adjust - but i LOVE them - ridiculous LOVE. They don't have to be switched out as they wear from the bottom up, you can put insoles in them if needed, and they are super awesome. Go try some out!!!

  5. I guess the good news is that if you and the belt don't work out, it looks like there are plenty of water stops on the course! I'm really looking forward to finally running without carrying my own water.

    And I LOVE your outfit!! Have no worries - I think the temps will be nice and cool that morning if it is anything like last year.

    Oh man, the butterflies. They are back!