Friday, April 22, 2011

Soldiering On

Yesterday was kinda rough.

I got some really bad news and basically waffled between being angry and sad.

Today was slightly better -

It was father-daughter day at the gun range. Dad and I armed ourselves and went a-shooting.

This is Texas people.

He rushed me home in time to catch up with Mom for Stations of the Cross.

Talk about a dichotomy!

Later, Dad and I ran out for some beer and I popped into the local bike store.

I found out that there is a Saturday morning rude at 0730. I am hoping to join them tomorrow.

So it's safe to say I am still crushed, but as with all disappointments - you pick yourself up and move along.

Go team go - biker chick


  1. First thing I talked about to Biker Boy when I woke up this morning was your crappy news. :( This led to discussions of clipping into your bike. That seems waaaaayyyy harder and scarier than running! You deserve a trophy just for figuring it out!

  2. Trust me - I still haven't figured it out, but I am trying.

    And hey if BB has ANY suggestions - lemme hear 'em. I'm kinda new to this whole not running thing!