Saturday, May 28, 2011

I Still Live!

I promise!

It has just been one of the busiest months at work and with the family.

I will be back soon - but until then:

Don't You Forget About Me!

And which one were you in school???

The Geek, The Jock, The Beauty Queen, The Freak, The Whack Job?????

I will be back soon!

Go team go - out

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What Day is It??!!!

This month has been insane.

I feel like I have been in constant motion without time to rest.

But I can tell you that I have rested some - I have gained 10 pounds since February.

I am deeply ashamed, but I need to have it out there in cyber world so that I admit that I have gone wrong.  Sure I can blame it on that fact that I was badly hurt, had surgery, and had a recovery period.

I could blame it on a thyroid that doesn't work.  This causes me to be sleepy, depressed, sluggish, cold, and have a tendency to put on weight.

I could blame it on work which has been charging at me full speed.  Not to mention that I have spent quite a bit of time commuting from the Big City, and I just can't seem to find time to breathe.

But enough whinging.

The truth is I have to shoulder this extra burden and quit feeling sorry for myself and get my shit together.

So today I attempted my first day back on a bike.

The wind has been non-stop here for over 2 months - the house flags are flying perpendicular to the ground.  Soo I chose to stay inside and test the rollers.

I now know what they offer these:

I was only on the bike for 25 minutes (amounting to a pathetic 1.32 miles), and five minutes in I was already dripping with sweat!


Oh and just in case you wondered - you can actually fall off a bike while in a doorway.  I'm not gonna tell you how I know this - just trust me.

After I finished my sweaty and slow ride, I realized that Lil Beast has an accessory problem!

And just so you know - the map holder is because I got lost on the Space City 40 miler.

And now here I am two computers open - this one and my work computer.  I have two GIS maps open, and three files sitting on the couch with me.

But I did a workout, I sweat out some of my frustrations and I have another doctor's appointment tomorrow pertaining to my junked up ankle.

Final statement - my ankle is only barely throbbing!  Looks like I might be back in action.

Go team go - blech

Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend Wackiness

This weekend was a bit unusual.

The Boy and I had decided not to visit on Friday as he had a big meeting early Saturday.  So imagine my surprise when he called and told me he was about 10 minutes away Friday and wanted to take me to dinner!

I took my smelly booty to the showers and cleaned up.  And how glad I did because dinner was Mongolian BBQ at Genghis Grill and this:

The poor man picks on me all the time for getting the same thing every time.

Mexican: Beef quesadilla with mushrooms, no onions, no peppers
Chinese: Mongolian Beef, Chicken in Brown Sauce
Pizza: Pepperoni and mushroom - NO SAUCE
Japenese: Gyoza and some form of shrimp and asparagus roll
Marble Slab: Sweet Cream w Reeses peanut butter cups

I haven't had Marble Slab in about 7 years, but I am still in the same ordering rut!  It drives him nuts!!!

But I particularly like the slogan on my cup - nothing says "I shouldn't be eating ice cream because my ass is huge but I like who I am as a person" better than telling someone to "Find Happiness Within"

Saturday after his meeting, he dropped by and picked me up.

We did a little of this:

A pool noddle, a floaty drunk, and a glass of wine floating directly in front - not a bad afternoon!

And that evening - SHUT THE FRONT DOOR

I dragged The Boy and His Mom to Mamma Mia.  

Originally , Dad bought the tickets for Mom and me to go with him.  But Mom had to work, so Dad sold me the tickets and off we went!


Even The Boy was laughing through the musical.  And the scene with the flippers - amazeballs!

Sunday we got up and met my Dad for brunch near the house and then went for a short walk.

The first one since the surgery.

The duck did not like being called "Ducky."  He gave is the Stink Eye!

It took a long time to make a full mile - and we had an option to go the full 2.5 miles - but I just couldn't do it.  

We did stop and goof at the playground in the park.  And lemme tell ya - climbing a rope and trying to do the monkey bars in your 30s is not as easy as it once was!!!

But in the end - I walked a full mile - hand in hand with The Boy.  

It took us almost 23 minutes to make the full mile - but I did it.  Just one week after having my pins out.

And then I went home and took a few Aleve!

And now the moment 9 of you have been waiting for!

I copied your comments and names into Excel.  I ordered your comment posts by date entered*.  I then numbered the comments from 1 to 23 and used RANDBETWEEN to generate a random number between 1 and 23.  

And the winner is: Courtney @ I CAN DO THIS
Congrats Courtney!!!  Send me an email with your contact information and I will send it along to Bondi Band so that you can pick out your winning headband!!!

A special thank you to Rebecca at Bondi Band who supported this giveaway!  And even if you didn't win - go shopping!  

Go team go - WINNER!

* Due to Blogger being goofy - I had to recover some comments posted on May 11, 2011.  So you will not see them if you go back to the blog post, but when a comment is posted I am emailed and I was able to pull them back up into the contest.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

This Just In . . .

The Molly Ringwalds read my blog post about seeing them at House of Blues - I am beyond giddy!

Now all I have to do is not look like a stalker - squuueeeeeee!!!

Also - don't forget about my blog giveaway which ends this Sunday , May 15.

Go team go - giddddddddyyyyyyy

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Home Again Home Again

Jiggity jig!

Sooo today I tried my first day back in the office.

My Dad drove me to work and dropped me off. I then proceeded to hobble around looking like a weeble-wobble.

But in doing so I learned one thing -

the pins used to be exactly where the side of an ankle sock and shoe touch flesh.

I know thus because of the pain I am having now.

But I did get some work done and then Dad picked me up and we wound up smack in the middle of a Thelma & Louise car chase (serious).

So after a long, exciting day I am going to sign off and leave you with a picture -

It's like a Rorschach bruise - what does it look like to you???

Don't forget about my Bondi Band giveaway - go check it out and enter to win

Go team go - ink splot

Monday, May 9, 2011


So while I am recovering from my pin removal surgery - I thought I would share some excellent news!

The first is that I am walking again - without crutches

No making fun of the Frankenstein walk!

The second is that I did get my pins from the surgery - these go right in the shadow box with the first two:

And the third is that BONDI BAND has agreed to sponsor a giveaway through my blog!!

In order to enter my very first giveaway you must:
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You have the potential to earn FIVE entries.  The blog giveaway will end Sunday, May 15 at 11:59PM CST. On Monday, May 16 I will randomly select and then post the winner.  The Chosen One can then contact Bondi Band directly to pick out your prize!

Sorry - giveaway limited to only those countries listed in the shipping section on Bondi Bands website

Go team go - good luck!

Friday, May 6, 2011

No Hardware!!!!

Soooo remember a few week ago I was told that I had osteoarthritis - my doctor recommended having the final pins removed.

Because I am exhausted and in pain, I give you my surgery in pictures:

HUGE thanks to my parents, especially my Mom who took me in for surgery today.

I'm back on crutches - but - only for a few days.

Then I'll be able to bike and walk again.

Go team go - metal free!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Guns - Tacos - Fears

I am seriously considering putting a big sign on my car that says:


This way maybe people won't pull out across my lane in their purple escalade and act like they have the right of way and not those that are actually driving in the lane.

If I can't have the sign I might just start waving my gun around.

That'll learn 'em!

It was a hellacious day.

Busy at work, entitled a-hole drivers, cramps, pain in my ankle, hurt feelings between friends, and soon - surgery.

So to make things better today there was some of this:

And this:

Sorry - my tacos were so good they were gone before I could take a picture if them!!

And Friday - final pin removal.

Technically not a big deal. I don't know why I am so nervous about it.

But I am.

Here are my fears:

1. That I won't have in 100% cotton under drawers and they will make me go commando on the operating table.

2. That I will have too much water to drink on Thursday and evacuate my bladder on the table.

3. That without polish on my toenails the surgeon will be critical of my pedicure (or lack of).

4. That they will decide I need a new ankle right then and there.

5. That I re-injure the newly empty pin holes while the bone is trying to fill in.

6. That I will fall on my crutches (again).

7. That they don't give me my pins after they take them out.

I guess that is the majority of my fears, but most of them are unfounded.

This surgery should be easy-peasy.

But for now I get to experience joint pain and female pain tied with stress pain and the pre-op lady said no Aleve!

Go team go - grrrrrrrrr

Monday, May 2, 2011

Enough with the Wind!


This is me - AFTER - the 10 miles.

Don't mind the Flock of Seagulls hairdo.

I commuted down from the Big City this morning into work. 

I left work later than I hoped because I was trying to close out a project for the Boss Man.  Once that was emailed, I grabbed my gear, headed back to the house, pet the Pissy Cat, and changed into bike clothes.

It has been blowing non-stop for over a month, but on the drive home I thought that the wind looked kind of dormant.  So I figured I would chance it!

Wouldn't you know that by the time I left the neighborhood the damn wind was back in full force and I was headed to wrong way!

I had already promised myself that I would do 10 miles - and I wasn't going to skimp on that since I wasn't sure how long I might be out of operation after Friday's surgery.

So I pedaled my way to 5 miles, and it was hard to keep it above 12.5 mph.

And I turned.

Right into a wall of wind.

I had a hard time keeping a steady 10.5 mph.

My legs were still tight from Saturday's ride, my ankle is cranky (and the pre-op lady banned me from Aleve the rest of the week), and trying to get back home was a bear.

I actually wanted to get off and push the bike home at one point.

I even made a deal with myself.

I said that the only way I was not going to ride my bike home was if I physically carried it there.

Finishing the ride won out!

But seriously - why can't I have more friends of family living close by - I would have paid in gold for a wussy pickup.  I was that tired - and on a 10 mile ride. 

I have no idea how I am going to complete a century!

But I made it home, cleaned up, and carb loaded.

My surgery couldn't have hit a better week - I am PMSing with a bum knee and a wonky ankle - and I can't take anything for that.

I feel sorry for The Boy this week!


Go team go - ran so far awwaay

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Molly Ringwalds Come to Houston

I first saw the Molly Ringwalds about five years ago in Mobile, Alabama.

They were amazing!!

Ever since that night at the Soul Kitchen I have gone to every show that was within an hour drive.

I moved back home to Texas over a year ago and thought I would never see them again.

I was wrong!

They came to Houston last night and as soon as the tickets went on sale I bought two - and then I called The Boy to tell him our plans!

I was sooo excited about the show. I went into panic mode with The Boy and feared we would get lost trying to navigate downtown.

Then I was afraid we wouldn't get a parking spot.

But in the end we got there early and I was able to dance around with giddy excitement!

We found our seats and I bounced around in mine pointing at the guys as they took the stage behind a screen.

And then

note: there are piercing screams - sorry - i was very excited!

They were amazing!

Even The Boy was dancing and singing along!

They even played some Michael Jackson, which made The Boy's night!

And then guess who dragged The Boy to the floor at the end of the show just so that I could do this:

Me with Randi Wilde
Me with Devon Nooner, Dickie English, and Sir Liam Thinders in the background

It was a fabulous night!

We had dinner with The Cousin and his lady, drove downtown, and saw a concert that blew us away!

PLEASE COME BACK TO HOUSTON - I promise I'll be there!!

Go team go - 80s