Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A journey of a thousand miles began with a

ferry ride!

And so it wasn't quite 1000 miles - but it was about 370 miles one way!

When we finally reached New Orleans, The Boy went to try and find a parking spot and I took our stuff up to our room.  I opened the door and was shocked by the sight:

The only reason we chose to go to The Bog Easy was because the price of the hotel room was dirt cheap, so imagine our surprise when we found that we had a full size balcony and our room was overlooking one of the major streets in the French Quarter!

When he got back, we immediately opened up some wine that my Mom had graciously packed us and sat on the balcony.

Our view from our room

After we rested for a short while, we decided to head out and explore the Quarter.

We started out at the famous Piano Bar at Pat O'Briens

From there we took our leftover drinks (his) and then walked along the waterfront until we were hungry.

I was going to crop out my KISS tee-shirt, but I actually think it looks even more romantic with it in!

Finally, we were starving - so we headed to my favorite place - Deanie's Seafood.

We had to wait about an hour, but we got lucky and some seats opened at the bar.  So we chose to just go ahead and eat our dinner there.

Deanie's Barbeque Shrimp



Since we had just eaten enough to pop the buttons on our pants, we decided to go for a short walk before our next stop.

Then when we just couldn't go on without sustenance - we stopped at a place suggested by one of my best friends - the Erin Rose.

Frozen Irish Coffee

After a long day of driving, drinking, walking, and eating - we stumbled back to our room to begin the party the next day - in Abita Springs!!

Go team go - birthday weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Awesome start to a birthday weekend fo sho! And you definitely had to keep KISS in there. I mean who doesn't want a little Gene Simmons' tongue action on their boob?

    You totally scored on the hotel room!!

  2. That hotel room was unreal - especially at the price we paid! And how can you not think Gene Simmons is romantic! I think it makes the picture better :P