Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Calves Hate Me

So after boot camp on Monday morning I was limped around the office with a right calf stretched tight like a botox addict's face.

It was insane.

Not even a handful of hours after the session I was already feeling the soreness.  It is possible that my beloved Newtons are not made for jumping and HIIT drills - which breaks my heart.

Today I met with Tony the Trainer and even though I told him I did HIIT on Monday morning, he ran me through another one today.

This is a good representation of Tony - except he doesn't smile

That's more like it

We started with me pressing a 25# weight from a prone position 100 times.  He dared me to do it.

I did.

But I wish I hadn't!

My face was beet red, my muscles were screaming, and I shot Tony the Imma Kill-Ya face.

At some point he commented on my fragrance, to which I replied that Tiger Balm was my new best friend.

Tiger Balm is my Chanel Number 5 - seriously.

If I am going to make it through Boot Camp at 0630 Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays; and training with Tony on Tuesday and Thursdays - I am going to need lots of Tiger Balm and/or beer!!!

I am an addict to this!

But at the end of this week I am thrilled to say that The Boy is taking me away for my birthday - to - New Orleans!

Go team go - sore!!!!

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  1. New Orleans!! Sweet!!! I'll be away all weekend, so I'll wish you a happy birthday now ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

    I couldn't handle this workout you're doing. No way!

    I'm packing my Tiger Balm to Seattle with me. That stuff is amazing!