Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Two Weddings and an Engagement

New Orleans is a city all of it's own - one like no other.

Here people parade down the street after they get married with a small jazz band leading the way.

The day we checked in we saw one of these wedding parades, and another one Saturday evening.

Who would have known it was an omen!!!

We set out for our dinner cruise aboard the Steamboat Natchez.

We had dressed all nice and we can clean up really well.

But then on our walk to the dock, it began to pour.  So by the time we got there we looked like drowned rats.  We waited under a tent until it was time to actually board, and by then we had dried off some, only to have to jump back out into the rain for climb up the gangplank.

But we made it aboard, The Boy found us a few drinks, the rain stopped and the sun came out, so we posed for some pictures while waiting to depart.

Once we were underway, we went up to the bow of the boat and listened to the tour guide point out points of interest as we steam along.  It was the most enjoyable thing we had done all trip, and we had done so much!

Finally, it was time to get a bit to eat and we headed into the fancy ballroom for our turn.  We had a lovely table next to the window and we could see the side of the Mississippi as we sipped our champagne and ate our meal.

Couldn't have been better.

Wait yes - it could.

After dinner, The Boy and I walked along to the stern by the paddle wheel, and there he and I stood chatting. Until I turned around, and he was no standing.  He was kneeling.

I cried.

Oh be quiet - you would have too.

So with that - I end my birthday.

He was holding his glass - I promise I wasn't drinking alone

I had a wonderful day with The Boy - who is now to be called The Fiance.

Go team go - speechless!!!!



    I already knew the end of this, yet my eyes got all watery just reading it and I have goose bumps on my legs and arms. I'm so happy and excited!!!!!

  2. LOL! I told my Mom I cried and she replied that I will most likely cry through the whole wedding.

    Crap - she's right!

    I think I might have to stitch tissues into my dress.

    Thank you so much - I am just giddy!

  3. Congratulations!! I'm so excited for you!

  4. Thank you so much! I'm super excited too! It feels like the date will never get here!!!