Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Torture - New Trainer

With these few tools, my new trainer almost made me pass out and nearly vomit:

 My old trainer has moved away suddenly and I was assigned to a lady.  I shall call her Lady Pain.

She has an infectious laugh, makes sound effects, and is highly motivating.

However, it is insane how much pain could be inflicted upon someone with such simple items.  An entire gym full of equipment and she had me sore and limping around, begging for mercy and my bed about 30 minutes in.

I think I am going to like Lady Pain.

Go team go - owie

Monday, July 25, 2011

The End of Sanity???

Today I actually looked forward to Boot Camp - perhaps because there was only 3 left.

It was insane - squats, lunges, lunges with weights, squats with weights, spinning, jump rope (modified for me), curtsy lunges (ya - I had never heard of them before either), and it went on and on and on.

It hurt and felt good at the same time - mostly because I know that there was only two left after this session.

And then it was 8 hours of work, 2 hours of guest list prepping and trying not to hurt anyone but staying under our predefined number, and laundry.

So not only did I learn about curtsy lunges (with weights), but I also realized that even though Mom tried and tried, I CAN NOT fold sheets - except I can fold a mean pillow case.

Oh well -
Probably how Martha Stewart does it

What mine always looks like - 
but I hide it by putting perfectly folded pillow cases on top

I might have to practice getting it actually right seeing as how I got the whole wedding thing on the horizon.

Go team go - sheet

Friday, July 22, 2011

Long, Wet Week

After the insane week I had the last handful of days, my week this time around has been pretty not bad.

That's me

Me again (on right) - without my stage bottle - YAY!


All photos credited to Chris from our program

I passed my Technical Diver class with a couple of dives down to 130 feet, assisting a panicked and maskless diver back to the surface, and practicing equipment malfunctions and shut-off drills.  I had to schlept my double (heavy) and a stage bottle around on most of the dives.  Ugh!

The trip went very well - until - bleeeaaaaahhhhhchhhh

The last night of diving I didn't feel too great.  I came up, dried off, and was relaxing in the galley until I managed to sneak away down to my cabin and vomit in secret.  The rest of the trip was miserable for me.  It was not sea-sickness in that it only hit me that one night, but the beginning of a stomach bug.  YAY!

I finally made it home Wednesday night and was excited to see that the cat's wound was beginning to show signs of healing!

So all is well with the world - except this:

I have just never learned how to make grilled cheese.  
Oh well.

Go team go - burnt!

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Breakdown

Have you ever been fully dressed sobbing on a toilet at 0200?


Well I hadn't either until this morning.

Lemme explain -

This week has been just another week of insanity.

Monday I limped my way through boot camp.  My ankle has been feeling a little tweaked again making think more and more about my surgical options - but I would have to wait until next spring anyway - I WILL wear heels at my wedding!

There was a lovely older lady next to me in class.  She had skin the color of chocolate and hair the color of fresh snow - elegant lady.  She was also pounding out full push-ups without a grunt.

I was doing girly push-ups on my knees.  In fact, the instructor came over and told me I had to modify those to something easier as I had a bend in my back while I doing them.


Every exercise that morning had to be modified either because my ankle was cranky or I was too weak.

I couldn't even really tell you what I did Monday at work - I know I was there.  I spoke to people, I sent emails - but I just don't have a crisp memory of the day .

Tuesday I awoke as normal, dressed, let the dogs out, and on my way back noticed bright red blood on the floor.  In large puddles.

Not again!

I worried that one of the dogs had cut a tooth or a pad or something major.

And then I found blood pooled in a chair where the cat was lying.

Now lemme back track and tell you about my cat.  I first got her back in college - my first pet as an adult. She used to sleep curled up in my hair.  She is kinda like a dog in that she comes when you call her, but kinda like a monster in that she likes to bite people.

She is Siamese.

In fact I took her picture with my phone and uploaded to the Google Search Pictures.  This was the result:

My cat is apparently analogous to wild and dangerous beasts.

This will come into play in a second.

I took her to the vet.  She hadn't been to a vet in over 10 years, and she is now over 15 years old.  The last time I took her they wanted to put a net over her just to give her a shot.

Tuesday wasn't going to be any easier.

Thankfully - my vets here are fabulous and all Aggies - Gig 'em!

They made the decision to not examine her until they could sedate her, and already risky procedure for such an old cat.  But in the end, they sedated her, examined her, took a complete blood panel, removed the lesion and abscess that had been the cause of all of the blood, stitched her back up, given her a couple of shots, and put her back in the crate.

When the vet talked to me after it was all over he said that they had thought about putting an e-collar on her, but no one thought that was a good idea given her mannerisms.  He also said the techs liked her tag.

The one that says: "Old Pissy Cat."

I told them it was more of a warning sign, so be forewarned.

We came home late Tuesday afternoon, exhausted and in pain.  I sat down an finished my work day in front of my personal computer while watching the cat out of the corner of my eyes the rest of the day.

I slept poorly and didn't make it to boot camp Wednesday as I just couldn't get out of bed after the previous day.

I made it to the office, actually remember my work day, and headed home at my normal time.  I stopped at the dry cleaners to pick up a dress, got back in the car, and no go.

I had a dead battery.

So there I stood, alone, during rush hour, hundreds of cars zooming around me with none at a location I could ask for help.  The dry cleaner didn't own a car, and I was stuck.

Finally, another person came to get their dry cleaning and he helped me jump start my car.

I drove to the nearest service center and waited for over and hour to get a new one put in.

So another major blip on the cost screen.

Thursday I had a fairly normal day laughing about how things come in three and I wondered when my third event would come across my path.

I didn't have to wait long.

I crawled into bed wearing my clothes for boot camp, the dogs jumped onto the bed.  I was just about to fall asleep when the cat joined us.  I was thankful that she was feeling better and acting more like herself.

And then I noticed that everyone of her stitches had popped.  She now had a gaping, angry red gash over 2 inches long and wide.  I freak.

I call the emergency vet who it turns out is over an hour away from my house.  They say I should bring her in and estimate the cost to be more than what I paid on Tuesday.  I just couldn't do it.

She suggested that I could try to close the wound with band-aids and then get her to my vet in the morning.

Which brings me back to me sobbing on my toilet fully clothed.

I had shut the cat and I in the bathroom so that I could try to get some wound closures on her surgery spot.  She wasn't having any of it.

Between her fighting me, me not trying to hurt her anymore than she already was, the tape not sticking to her, and everything else that happened this week - I just broke down.

And today I had to box her back up and trek her back to the vet.  They didn't even want to examine her given her age, behaviors, and risk for more sedation.  So now I get to try to clean her wound with hydrogen peroxide and then squirt some kind of liquid wound closure in it.

My week is going very well.

Go team go - wahhhhhhhhhhh

Friday, July 8, 2011

Fuzzy Teeth

Soooo this week has not been great workout wise.

I missed Monday for the family barbeque; Tuesday I was driving back into town with three dogs; Wednesday I was gimping around and sinus headed; and yesterday I went to meet my trainer, did 30 minutes cardio and then wound up running out the door after a phone call from home.

So there was NO WAY I was missing boot camp today.

And in order to assure my compliance, I slept fully clothed in today's workout clothes.

Tech shirt, jog bra, bike shirts, shorts - everything but my socks and shoes.

Those I had right under foot so I wound up falling on them when I got up to use the facilities at 0100.

But because I skipped my dressing routine, I wound up forgetting something - my teeth!!

I forgot to brush them.


Guess it is a good thing I keep a toothbrush at the office.

That's right - I've been up since 0515.

I have fed 3 dogs, forgotten to clean my teeth, and have been hammered into the floor by my boot camp trainer.

Now - work.

You can see how much of a morning person I am right????!!

Go team go - crest!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

I Hate Hell's Circles

Well I have disappeared off the face of the planet - AGAIN.

Between boot camp, working out with a trainer, and meeting ALL of the local family of The Fiance; I am exhausted.

My ankle is throbbing, but the last few weeks have been amazing.

July 4th Weekend was so ridiculously fabulous!

I spent some time with my parents, and they joined us at The Fiance's house to meet his family.  The BBQ was a blast.  His family welcomed me and my parents with hugs and smiles.  Best event ever!

This week at work has been busy gearing up for another sampling trip, but I took some time off today to meet with a new orthopedic surgeon.

And here is what I have learned:

I am utterly screwed.

Regardless of what option I chose - no running EVER

Here is this doctor's opinion, which for the most part echos the first doctor's:

At this stage there are only a few ways to treat the damage to my ankle:

  • First level: glucosamine and calcium pills
already taking and have been for years
  • Second level: arthritis pills
started taking them after the last surgery with the first doctor

  • Third level: topical, pain relieving creams
use pretty much every day

  • Fourth level: braces to limit mobility
use when doing hard training

  • Fifth level: cortisone shots for pain
not a big fan of cortisone
  • Sixth level: joint lubricant shots into ankle
not a guarantee, but could help - going to start these soon

  • Seventh level: laproscopic surgery
could remove any debris, bone spurs, scar tissue, but odds are iffy - could even make the joint worse in very rare cases

  • Eighth level: joint fusion
takes away the pain, but I could no longer wear high heels or it may limit my diving ability

  • Ninth level: full ankle replacement
gives me range of motion and everything a real ankle joint has, but they wear out quickly (8-10 years) and need to be replaced

So you can see this is kind of like Dante's Hell Circles - but for ankles.

I know in the past months this blog has taken a turn - but obviously it will no longer relate to running.  I am still hoping to complete a half marathon through walking.  I am thinking maybe the NYC Diva Half or the Champagne and Chocolate Half, but I have to get the pain under control before I can start training again.

And it is possible that boot camp is not helping.

All that damn jumping rope and HIIT workouts.  

Anyway - took a major hit to my ego today .

Go team go - reality is a bitch