Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Last Few Weeks in Pictures

My first stop before heading into the field - a fisherman's heaven!

My fancy new boots - that'll keep my toes safe from the 8000 pound reefs!

I drove down open highways to the final parts of Texas.

The place where Texas meets Louisiana.  
The part of Texas that I said I would never return to after my Master's research. 

Since I had time to kill before the work began I chose to do a good deed.
There was a mobile blood bank at the . . .  wait for it . . . 
local WALMART.

I stayed at a great hotel where the rooms where comfortable and the black-out curtains were very nice!

 However, it looked like this after I left - 11 days later!

I got up every morning at 0330 and headed to the building below -

 Then I balanced my way across one of the beams on this "dock" carrying a computer bag, camera, and the rest of my gear - wearing my fancy new boots.

When the sun finally came up, I tried to put a smile on my face - ok a smirk - and focus on the work.

Our newest reefs at SALT Reef Site

After working from 0330 - 1630 everyday, I came back to the hotel room to curl up and sleep - but after a long week in the field - I decided for some retail therapy!

 I'll give ya a hint  - 

I LOVE antique stores!

Go team go - boots!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Week So Far . . .

Did a little zumba on the Wii -

realized I can't dance - must get better before wedding as his family can SALSA!

Worked out with my trainer - who again kicked my butt with rubber bands and kettlebells -

Actually liked this one.

Rode the bike trainer -

Damn near broke my wrist on the second fall onto the wood floor.  Owie.

Tried another type of bike trainer -

I love how he says at 0:45 that it is "very stable."

Who fell off it???!!!

This gal!

Yesterday on the rollers I was able to crank out about 0.70 miles with my two falls onto the floor before I took my bruised and bleeding body to the couch.

Today I made it just over 13 miles with only 1 fall (I forgot to lock out the support leg - whoops).  It felt great to actually be riding again!

I have missed it.

Go team go - spin