Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Last Few Weeks in Pictures

My first stop before heading into the field - a fisherman's heaven!

My fancy new boots - that'll keep my toes safe from the 8000 pound reefs!

I drove down open highways to the final parts of Texas.

The place where Texas meets Louisiana.  
The part of Texas that I said I would never return to after my Master's research. 

Since I had time to kill before the work began I chose to do a good deed.
There was a mobile blood bank at the . . .  wait for it . . . 
local WALMART.

I stayed at a great hotel where the rooms where comfortable and the black-out curtains were very nice!

 However, it looked like this after I left - 11 days later!

I got up every morning at 0330 and headed to the building below -

 Then I balanced my way across one of the beams on this "dock" carrying a computer bag, camera, and the rest of my gear - wearing my fancy new boots.

When the sun finally came up, I tried to put a smile on my face - ok a smirk - and focus on the work.

Our newest reefs at SALT Reef Site

After working from 0330 - 1630 everyday, I came back to the hotel room to curl up and sleep - but after a long week in the field - I decided for some retail therapy!

 I'll give ya a hint  - 

I LOVE antique stores!

Go team go - boots!


  1. I wondered where you have been! I thought maybe you suddenly got way into wedding planning and you were lost somewhere buried until binders full of flower, cake, and dress ideas!

    Your job is seriously just too cool! I mean I just go 8 to 5 and sit at my desk, but you get to wear boots! And walk on beams to get to a dock! And then the water and the reefs and the everything!!

  2. Okay, putting my foot down. It is now almost a month since this last post. I NEED updates, girl!!!