Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Week So Far . . .

Did a little zumba on the Wii -

realized I can't dance - must get better before wedding as his family can SALSA!

Worked out with my trainer - who again kicked my butt with rubber bands and kettlebells -

Actually liked this one.

Rode the bike trainer -

Damn near broke my wrist on the second fall onto the wood floor.  Owie.

Tried another type of bike trainer -

I love how he says at 0:45 that it is "very stable."

Who fell off it???!!!

This gal!

Yesterday on the rollers I was able to crank out about 0.70 miles with my two falls onto the floor before I took my bruised and bleeding body to the couch.

Today I made it just over 13 miles with only 1 fall (I forgot to lock out the support leg - whoops).  It felt great to actually be riding again!

I have missed it.

Go team go - spin

1 comment:

  1. Okay, honestly ..... are we surprised that you fell off? Of course not! ;)

    That mustache is very becoming on you!