Saturday, December 17, 2011

Four months! WTF!

How is it that four months have gone by since I last posted here?!

I know that I have lost many readers, by my lack of writing and my dropping out of the runner's field - and for that I am sorry.

I have tried to get into cycling, and I have enjoyed my efforts. The Fiancé and I have done a few rides together.
Our last ride - the 40 mile Donut Ride
(donuts at every water station - yum and ick!)

Mostly the last four months has been an incredible work load and doing a little traveling for my job - conferences and trips to the field, as well as some travels for family and friends.

Some of our trips:
My grandmother's 90th birthday! 
 The small town my mother was born in.

New York City for a friend's wedding and a mini-vacation:
The Statue of Liberty on its 125 anniversary - we climbed to the crown!
Snow! and Gray's Papaya Dogs
My friend's Halloween wedding and our costumes
Top of the Rock and Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark (amazeballs!!!)
Central Park 
 The 9/11 Memorial, Van Gogh's Starry Night, and Love

I have also been trying to pull together the wedding of the century - ours! A bilingual, Catholic full Mass with an additional minister - The Fiancé's uncle!

It has been all quite stressful on top of an already busy life - but so worth it!  And house shopping on top of everything else is just more time and stress - but it's like shopping for the closest of your dreams - so much fun!

However, my brooch bouquet is done. The perfect shoes have arrived - I'd show pictures of both - BUT - I am trying to keep it all a secret for 4 more months!

I can't believe that I will be married in 4 months - holy smokes!

And on top of that I have been dealing with some health issues - nothing major - just feeling exhausted, drained, and ill all around.  I think my doctor has fixed my thyroid medication, so some of that should be going away. But only sleeping 4 hours a night is rough!

I was able to get some Christmas decorations up at the house - but my favorite - the Shrinky Dink Christmas tree!!!

Before and After 

So - to whatever blog buddies I have left - my apologies for leaving you for so long!

I'll try to be better!

Go team go - Merry Christmas!